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2002 is the time for Fail-Safe Computerized Voting Machines using Touch Screen Ballots, keeping local machine totals that are encrypted password protected (for audits and recounts) & networked for instant count results.

STReport's Editorial Opinion;

What most people do not realize is that George W. Bush is not an international politician... A prediction; The Middle East is going to go ballistic... and the Bush Administration will abandon Israel.  There will be wholesale bloodshed and it will all be for the desire and ultimately,  the "announced" need of Arab Oil.  Both Bush and Cheney are big time Oilmen.... make no mistake about that.  The "little people" around the world have taken an awesome hit in the head with this US Election.  George W. Bush & Co. are going to eat the world's lunch!  ... and contribute heavily to Israel's suffering and destruction. Not to mention economic woes like a vicious US Recession accompanied by extremely tight "street" money.

The Cornpone Florida Hayseed Goofs.... (AKA Good Old Boys - AKA Ultra Right Republicans) will be the ones to thank.  You'll soon know who they are... these goofs always stand up to be counted.  Their ultra egos would not have it any other way.  "They certainly know how to run an election down here!  Y'all." 

(INSIDER SPECIAL)  When certain Florida GOP members saw McCollum take a beating early on in the elections... they went into action for they KNEW the Democrat vote was heavy.. that was soon fixed.  As we all have seen.  The three heaviest Democrat Counties in the State of Florida go Republican? At the flip of a switch?  But ONLY in the Presidential Race?  The remainder of the contests were decidedly Democrat?  What's WRONG with this picture?)  Jeb Bush's Appoint rather than vote for a Judge defeated... across the State easily... and many Republican Candidates defeated... The "count" and ballots were heavily lopsided in the Presidential Areas?  Nonsense. The FIX was in and in to stay!


By the way, for the record: anyone have a clue as to why Dade, Broward & Palm Beach Counties in Florida went from being Democratic Strongholds to Republican Bulwarks? 

Easy.... Remember Elian Gonzales?  Remember the look on that child's face?    This incident in Little Havana is what cost the Democrats and in particular, Al Gore the Presidency... It truly GUARANTEED Florida's 25 Electoral Votes to the Republicans. 

All to the Credit of Janet Reno.  Reno did more for Bush than all the campaigning, legal wrangling and back room deals could ever do and imagine this; She did it in less than thirty minutes one dark, early morning in Hialeah, Dade County Florida. 

The Killing of a Presidential Election

Elian Gonzales being forcibly removed from his uncle's home in Hialeah, FL.

In this reporter's opinion, Janet Reno, as US Attorney General, and the DOJ under Her direction, have proven to be the most bloody, (ATF/FBI - Waco, Texas), bungling (FBI - Los Alamos Spies - Anti-Trust vs Microsoft) bag of misfits this Nation has ever had to endure in its entire history.  Overkill, Overkill, Overkill.... Crushed American Dreams, Lost National Security, Ruby Ridge, Waco, Texas ...and a little Boy named Elian.  Its no wonder the Democrats lost.

She and her band of out of control Federal Thugs have shocked the Nation and instigated intense voter retaliation strongly felt in Dade, Broward & Palm Beach Counties in Florida and perhaps, many additional counties across the Nation.


11-30-00 - - Now comes another "Judge" Leon County, (Republican Stronghold), Judge N. Sanders Sauls (D)  ...who decides to have tens of thousands of ballots "shipped" to Tallahassee from South Florida.  This effort will consume the best part of a week in time.  Why wasn't the fleet of aircraft reserved for Gov. JEB Bush used to get the ballots to the State Capitol in a hurry?  Why does everything circling around the validation and certification of the true Florida vote seem to be moving in "SLOW MOTION"? Could the good Judge be "Eating up the Clock?"

12/05/00 - Sauls SHOOTS Gore Down in Flames!! - This Judge shows total disregard for fairness and true voter representation.  Sauls makes certain the "Good Old Boy" system survives in Florida.

7 Vote Fraud Claims will Advance - the Criminal Referrals, culled from voter complaints, likely come too late to affect the razor-thin presidential margin.  Yet Judge Sauls feels the outcome will NOT effect the final result in the State of Florida???????  What planet is this "Judge" FROM? Voter fraud, Seminole County Absentee Ballot alteration gimmicks by Republicans and the outcome will not change??  Right!!  And if, I wear my socks three days in a row they will smell sweeter!  Tallahassee picked this Judge randomly with a computer or, was it with a Bozo Gauge? Sauls had better FEAR the voter retaliation when his evaluation vote comes up this year... this "Boss Hogg" has got to go!

[Betcha He don't like them thar high power'd northern sharpie lawyers crowdin' up his little ole courtroom!]

Well folks you'all got a good taste of Good Ole Southern Justice. Justice and common sense means nothing... it all hinges on the connections in the county and State.  In other words; "The Big Dogs Rule"

Wait... until the minorities - Cubans especially, wake up and realize they set this country and especially Florida back twenty years in the Civil Rights and Minority Rights areas.  Forget fair elections... they've proven, beyond a doubt, the fact that if you have the power, you can do anything.  Right up to and including the Supreme Court of the USA got splattered with this garbage called a fair, honest election in Florida... when it the fan. 

Florida's Republican's got caught messing around with the ballots and still were allowed to slide.  Respect for Politics is now at an all time low.  How can we expect our younger generations to do the right thing when the example set by their elders sucks? The 2000 Florida Presidential Elections were and are as crooked as an old, Sycamore Tree branch!  One day the truth will come out and ALL the "double talking" goofball politicians will have to eat crow. (Crow for the want of a better word)


Leon Circuit Judge N. Sanders Sauls, 59, grew up in Monticello in Jefferson County, where his mother was tax collector and his father a clerk of the circuit court. A Democrat, Sauls got his law degree from the University of Florida in 1966. He worked as an assistant state attorney in 1968, as a partner in the old-line firm of Pennington, Wilkinson and Sauls, and as a federal bankruptcy judge from 1978-86 before returning to private practice. Gov. Bob Martinez, a Republican, appointed Sauls to the bench in 1989. He was picked to hear the Gore contest in a random computer selection of the four trial judges in the state's 2nd Judicial Circuit.

The slowdown is a deliberate effort in killing an opportunity at ever getting a true and honest count that will decide the election outcome. Its almost as if the Florida Judiciary is already showing its colors as far as siding with the Bushwackers, (remember the issue that arose with Gov. JEB Bush wanting to appoint all Judges and in fact, having sent a communiqué [click here] around the state requesting Republican Leaders to select "like minded" people for the judicial nominating committees?), after all, JEB Bush has already appointed over 39 Judges across the State of Florida.

Time will tell the true story of the Bushwacker's Theft of the Florida Vote and that State's Integrity.  There is so much more going on "behind the scenes" than most folks imagine.  There are those who are busy mouthing the "Spin Doctor" BS about "we are tired of this mess"... like the US Public has NO patience to work toward the truth....  Don't believe these double talking  nitwits! The Citizens of this country have the patience of twenty Saints.  The truth is exactly what each and every voter wants.  Moreover, they explicitly, in Florida, wish to know that each and every vote has been diligently and honestly counted. Else Floridians will never again trust their local Gov't for anything.  Trust and faith in Politicians has been at an all time low... and this ballot box rigging and vote certification manipulation in Florida has made the US Electoral System an International Spectacle and ensures there is NO TRUST at all in the Electoral process any longer.

Asking most any voter in the State of Florida, a few questions and the answers will amaze you (well maybe)

  1. Do you trust the Ballot Counting in the State of Florida?

  2. Do you think ballot tampering is a factor in the Florida ballot debacle?

  3. Would you consider a new Presidential Election in Florida?

  4. Did you know that many voter ballots were cast aside in most every Florida Election because of the cheap, inaccurate voting devices in use?

NO was the predominate answer to question 1 - Many of those asked stated they didn't care for either candidate but that once they saw Gore called as the winner in Florida... then not called.... they suspected that "something was up".  Many stated they felt the Republican County Leaders throughout Florida were called upon by Gov. JEB Bush to "cause" a George W. Bush win when the National Media called the Florida Election for Gore.  

YES was the instant answer to question 2 - Florida voters, of all party affiliations, feel the executed ballots were tampered with.  Further, many expressed complete distrust of the absentee ballot system. Additionally, they expressed distrust in the Florida Judicial System as not being independent of Politics .

Not Sure was the predominate answer to question 3 - Most expressed a strong desire to have each and every existing Florida vote counted, including all the absentee ballots that could be audited and verified back to the absentee voter. They also expressed misgivings about having the ballots "packed up and transported" by truck to the State Capitol.  Anything can happen during this transportation effort.  It would have been better to keep them under lock and key and have neutral outside parties brought in to do an accurate and honest re-count by hand.  Some even expressed a fear that the ballots may suddenly be destroyed by either an accident,  fire or, an "Act of God" that ALL the ballots are in one convenient easily found location.

 NO was the outraged answer from all asked question 4 - Do you mean that all these years I've been voting, thinking my vote counted, it actually was a crapshoot?  The county election supervisors should've made certain the correct voter apparatus was in place to ensure an accurate, honest ballot count always took place. The consensus was for computerized election machines at the polling places... machines that not only sent the vote to a centralized county count office but kept an encoded, password protected, tally in each remote machine for auditing and recount purposes.  End of ballot stuffing, end of accusations and restoration of the public trust.

In closing, all I can say with great indignation is; The Florida Vote is a JOKE as it stands.... Its a JOKE on ALL the Voters of Florida, its a JOKE on the US National Image and its a tragedy of catastrophic proportions when it comes to US Prestige and this country's ability to offer criticism of other Nation's "Civil Rights" and "Free Elections". 

Never again, will the USA be in a position to criticize or assist in any Nation's elections.  Florida's Rigged Vote Count has and will continue to have far reaching deleterious effects on the State of Florida and the USA as a whole.  . . .Well Done Florida!  The Good Ole Boys have done the job well.  All Yahoos* one and all. 

Florida's judicial (except the Fl. Supreme Court) and executive leaders are left seemingly appearing like a bunch of Yahoos*, all caught with their grubby hands in the cookie jar, now doing most anything smoke and mirrors wise, to confuse, obliterate or otherwise eliminate the fact they deliberately and willfully cheated the Florida voters.  Shame on you Florida. I pray every goof involved in the underhanded handling of the vote in Florida is caught and goes to jail. Under the jail!

I can hear it now.... "Sob, Sob, I was only trying to help...."

*Yahoo - Foul smelling, Immoral, Loud-Mouthed, Pea-Brained Nit-Wit Bully.


Count Every Vote... Each Voting Taxpayer Must Be Heard!!

11-27-00 - - It is now time for the State of Florida to RE-RUN the Election. (If one closely examines the Florida Election Laws, one may find that the margin between Gore and Bush is narrow enough to warrant a mandated run-off election.) This time, under Federal Guidelines with US Marshals protecting the integrity of each ballot box from start to finish.   The Public Trust in Florida Elections must be restored. Why the voting Citizens and Taxpayers of Florida had to be subjected to such brazen underhanded tactics as the setting aside of tens of thousands of Ballots by obviously BIASED State and County Officials is beyond all comprehension.

From North Florida to Key West, ballots were set aside and absentee ballots were played with like so many roulette chips....  Florida's results were, in the opinion of many, manipulated to produce the desired result.  Deliver the State of Florida to JEB Bush's brother George Bush thus assuring George the Presidency.

The disgustingly arrogant disregard of voter interest and egotistical behavior of the Florida Secretary of State was and is abominable.  She, Katherine Harris, was bound, by oath, morally and professionally to ensure a very simple tenet... that is, plainly put; to make certain the certified count was totally fair, honest and representative of the voice of the people. The manner in which she conducted "Her Discretion" ensured her conduct was not representative of the people but of the Bush Clan.  There can be no doubt of Harris' intentions after all, she is a staunch Republican and George W. Bush's campaign Co-Chair.

As it became painfully obvious that Dade County and Palm Beach County would never really come into play in the Florida tally, suspicions arose around the State and nation that something was not quite right in Florida where Bush's brother JEB Bush was Governor.   The suspicions became a given after the election heads in those counties either refused a re-count effort or,  dragged their feet in providing viable accurate re-counts.  One can only wonder with deep amazement about their motivation for such despicable acts.

Palm Beach County should have brought in more people to effect a final count in time for the Sunday 5:00 pm deadline established by the Florida Supreme Court.  That final re-count held defeat for Bush in its results.  But no... they simply didn't finish and the original, totally untrustworthy count was pushed through to certification by the impatient, intolerant Florida Secretary of State, Katherine Harris an avid Republican who campaigned for Bush as his Co-Chair.  Fair and Unbiased governing?  Not a chance!

In Duval County... 22,000 Ballots were set aside by Elections Supervisor Jon Stafford, also a Republican... amazingly, the fact that this occurred in this county was barely discussed.  Long known as a Republican stronghold, Duval County's Republican Leaders have, time and again shown they are capable of most anything to bring about having their way. Jon Stafford.. and how he conducted the Duval County Elections should be thoroughly investigated.  Investigated by the DOJ as the locals, state and county are far too political.

Amazingly, as the re-counts progressed and it appeared Gore may gain and pass Bush, Duval County jumped up and re-counted (you guessed it, those ever so handy absentee ballots) absentee ballots that had previously been discarded for any number of irregularities.

How very convenient!! These Duval County discarded ballots should be reconsidered and included days later as Gore began to edge closer to and completely eroding Bush's lead in Florida. Watch Nassau County become embroiled in a bitter controversy over the manner in which they handled the election.

There is no doubt in this reporter's mind; "The election in Florida was rigged, manipulated and plainly STOLEN - There is no trusting the final count as it stands now. For the future.. one can only wonder if... anyone will bother to vote knowing just how many ballots in each county were thrown away, manipulated or, simply ignored."

Then comes the DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) fiasco... as people registered their vehicles, they were encouraged to register to vote.  A very noble and public spirited effort.

However, something terribly wrong occurred.  Each and every one of those who registered to vote with the DMV, were turned away at the polls throughout Florida!!  How, in heaven's name, can anyone say that the final count from Florida is an accurate and genuine representation of the voice of the People of Florida??

The Florida Voters have been genuinely and thoroughly disenfranchised.  BUSHWACKED!! This TRAVESTY perpetrated upon the taxpayers - voters - citizens of Florida by those trusted to do the right thing must be corrected.

"A victory lap without a victory is just jogging!" _ The Rev. Jesse Jackson at a Tallahassee rally saying Bush claimed the presidency prematurely. "We'll wait for the Supreme Court. I think they'll understand clearly why I certified on time." _ Florida Secretary of State Katherine Harris, replied when asked Wednesday why she didn't accept a late recount from Palm Beach County.

The Florida Voters have been BUSHWACKED!!   ...AGAIN!



Terrie Brady. . .  The Democratic Party "Chairperson" in Duval County... (now thankfully Gone)

Obvious by her dumbfounding silence.... Why don't we "SEE and HEAR" Terri Brady Crying Out for a fair and equitable re-count or run-off?

12/05/00 - Where in Heaven's Name are the Duval County Democrats?  Where the heck is the Democratic Party Chairperson Terri Brady? Hiding her head?  Cavorting with the Republican Victors?  Changing Parties?  Or, simply letting another election injustice slide......  Democrats across the state have been ripped off!  Handily ripped off...

Duval County (Jacksonville, Florida) has an election track record that reads like a comedy of errors yet NOBODY has challenged John Stafford (R) Election Spvsr. and Republican Party Puppet or, Rick Mullaney (R), Mayoral Aid, Republican Hack and Canvass Board Member for Duval County for their conduction of the Elections.  Stafford and Mullaney have claimed everything was on the "Up and Up" in Jacksonville.  Too True ... if you're a Republican!  WHY haven't they been challenged to prove such claims??  Absentee Ballots have long been a "stuffing" tool.

12/07/00 - In Duval County: 27,000 ballots set aside, Absentee Ballots once set aside   conveniently re-Appearing! The NEW Lawsuit filed against the Board of Elections and the Supervisor of Elections, Jon Stafford;

  • Charges that voting machines in Duval County had "an unusually hard plastic backing underlying the punch card," making it harder for voters to punch out chads. The suit also claims that problems with the ballots' perforation and an accumulation of dislodged chads could have interfered with voting.

  • Duval County Supervisor of Elections John Stafford disallowed more than 70 absentee ballots from elderly or disabled voters whose signatures did not match originals from years before. Florida law allows disabled voters to have another person assist them with their ballot.

  • Voters were turned away from polling places in Duval County when they failed to produce picture identification, despite the fact that Florida law allows registered voters to sign an affidavit of their identity in lieu of showing ID.

  • Some Duval County drivers who registered to vote at the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles under Florida's motor-voter law were never actually registered because, the suit alleges, the department failed to forward their registrations to Stafford's office.

  • Duval County Supervisor of Elections John Stafford did not report the large number of invalidated ballots until after the 72-hour deadline for requesting a hand count. Jackson said yesterday that elections officials intentionally misled U.S. Rep. Corrine Brown when she asked how many votes were rejected, telling her 500 instead of the actual 27,000.


Congratulations to the NEW Duval County Democratic Party Chairman.


US Supremes hand White House to Dubya

The US Supreme Court issued an unsigned ruling late Tuesday night which found by a margin of five to four that the state-wide manual re-counts ordered by Florida's Supreme Court violate equal rights on grounds that there is no consistent standard for judging whether a vote was cast; and remanded the case, with considerable irony, to the FLA Supremes, noting that thanks to their own interference there is now not enough time to conduct such a re-count even if the FLA Supremes were to issue a standard.

The Florida Supremes made it clear in ordering the re-counts -- which the US Supremes ordered stopped on Saturday -- that they did not want the dispute to extend beyond the 12 December deadline for states to choose their presidential electors.

"Because it is evident that any re-count seeking to meet the 12 December date will be unconstitutional....we reverse the judgment of the Supreme Court of Florida ordering the re-count to proceed," the US Supremes said. The High Court did, however, reject Bush's claim that the FLA Supremes had exceeded their Constitutional authority in ordering the re-count.

The Court's three Right-Wingers, Justices Rehnquist, Scalia and Thomas, issued their own opinion, damning the FLA Supremes for violating the Constitution by ordering the re-count. Conservative Justices Kennedy and O'Connor, who we believe voted with the majority Tuesday night, declined to add their signatures.

The Court's three Left-Wingers, Justices Ginsburg, Breyer and Stevens, also issued their own opinion, damning the Bush appeal as a "federal assault" on Florida law. Conservative Justice Souter, who we believe joined the minority on Tuesday night, and who had earlier joined in dissenting against Saturday's re-count obstruction, declined to add his signature.

It's now almost certain that Dubya will be sworn in as US President in January. The only glimmer of hope for Al Bore would come if the Florida Supremes should decide that in light of the US Supremes' decision, they have no choice but extend the re-counts into the electoral grey-area between the 12 December deadline for choosing electors and 18 December when the electors must cast their votes -- something which they have repeatedly resisted.

Election Madness

The Florida Court is hardly overreacting in its reluctance to risk hardcore election madness. If the Court should demand re-counts during the December 12-18 window, and Gore should then be found to have won the state, the US will end up with two sets of Florida electors between which the US Congress will have to choose.

While it's true that federal law allows for this situation, the partisan complexion on Capitol Hill almost guarantees that yet another stalemate would result. The House has a Republican majority which will undoubtedly go with Dubya, while the Senate will have an effective Democrat majority, being 50/50 with Veep Bore breaking the tie, obviously in his own favor.

Unless a couple of Senate Democrats 'defect' in order to harmonize the vote with the House (and just imagine the last-minute horse trading behind closed doors in that case), the House/Senate tie would be broken by none other than the Florida Governor, Dubya's brother Jeb Bush.

Of course no one outside the lower reaches of the Third World would wish to win a presidential election in such a manner. So while there is a remote possibility that the Florida Supremes would satisfy the US Supremes' objection by devising a state-wide standard for examining ballots by hand and ordering the re-count to proceed, we rather think they'll prefer not to open that can of worms. And no one can blame them for that.

Winners and Losers

The nominal winner is Dubya, though either way it might have gone, Election 2000 has become a Pyrrhic victory for whoever moves into the White House in January. The tactics on both sides have been low, the rhetoric high, and the competition bitter and relentless. It will be a four-year lame duck administration with a grid-locked Senate any way one cuts it.

The election alone was close enough that there would have been little hope for either president to move legislative proposals without the other party's support, which means that the White House legislative affairs office will become the most important of all, and that anything proposed will have to be palpably centrist. Residual bitterness from the election dispute will only confirm that momentum, leaving us with a Dubya White House virtually indistinguishable from a Bore White House, or vice versa.

The buzz on the street in Washington is that Bore plans to concede the election Wednesday night in a televised speech scheduled for around nine o'clock EST. This will be his last chance to redeem his own reputation which has slid considerably during the protracted contest. He will have to explain his motives exceptionally well -- something he has thus far failed to do -- and concede with grace and dignity. Then, perhaps, he will have a realistic shot at the prize in '04, so long as Hillary lets him.

Perhaps the loser in this whole fiasco, as Justice Stevens wrote in his Tuesday dissent, is not Gore but the judiciary itself. We've already seen profoundly partisan disputes in the local Florida courts, between Florida's Supreme Court and Legislature, and between the state and federal courts.

"Although we may never know with complete certainty the identity of the winner of this year's presidential election, the identity of the loser is perfectly clear. It is the nation's confidence in the judge as an impartial guardian of the rule of law," Justice Stevens wrote.

We might just leave it at that.

Florida's Chosen Electors for National Electoral College


1. Clarence Anthony
2. Jon Ausman
3. T. Wayne Bailey
4. Mitchell Berger
5. Lance Block
Terri Brady
7. Bob Butterworth
8. Buddy Dyer
9. Juanita Geathers
10. Diane Glasser
11. Dalas Guevara
12. Robert Henriquez
13. Tony Hill
14. Daryl Jones
15. Karl Koch
16. Chris Korge
17. Kendrick Meek
18. Les Miller
19. George Platt, Esq.
20. Bob Poe
21. Marta Prado
22. Juanita Scott
23. Patti Wilson Haney
24. Paulette Wimberly
25. Jennette Wynn



1. Charles W. Kane
2. Maria De La Milera
3. Sandra M. Faulkner
4. H. Gray Morse
5. Armando Codina
6. Carole Jean Jordan
7. Tom Slade
8. Marsha Nippert
9. Robert L. Woody
10. John Thrasher
11. Mel Martinez
12. Feliciano M. Foyo
13. Al Hoffman
14. Alfred S. Austin
15. Thomas C. Feeney, III
16. John M. Mckay
17. Cynthia M. Handley
18. Darryl K. Sharpton
19. Dr. Adam W. Herbert
20. Berta J. Moralejo
21. Jeanne Barber Godwin
22. Deborah L. Brooks
23. Dr. Dorsey C. Miller
24. Glenda E. Hood
25. Dawn Guzzetta


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