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Is there any hope?

This letter is to clarify the reason why the Democratic Party has LOST Duval County Florida and will rapidly lose the remainder of the State of Florida, not to mention the support of this organization if... steps are not taken to put responsible action oriented individuals into position to benefit the Democratic Party of Duval County and the Registered Democratic Voters of Duval County.

The Democratic Party of Duval County has a genuine LEADERSHIP problem that will only be overcome by bringing these problems to the attention of those in "charge". Namely Terri Brady and Dick Davis need to either be "enlightened" or offered an opportunity to resign.

As an aside, When we did speak to Terri Brady, she was extremely pleasant and eager to effect a web site for the Duval Democratic Party. In fact, she made it quite clear that she was all for it and that it was OK to proceed. She went as far as offering to have her Communications Director, Dick Davis, get in touch with us to assist in gathering information about the Democratic Party here, in Duval County.

Needless to say, had Mr. Davis been as forthcoming and up front as Ms. Brady was, there would have been no problem. Davis, unfortunately, stonewalled and procrastinated for five weeks while we sat waiting for some info relative to the Democratic Party of Duval County and a list of Democratic Candidates running for election this year.

Would you believe that when the Republican Party in Duval was contacted, they were MOST eager to cooperate. They offered the Candidate lists and anything else we desired information wise. What a contrast to the cold manner in which we were treated by the Democratic Party. It was... like Night and Day.

Honestly speaking, this is a genuine indication of a serious problem somewhere. As a result of the way STR was treated by the Democratic Party, we have dropped all plans of providing a FREE, No strings attached, Web site to the Democratic Party of Duval County.  We have instead placed a Bipartisan Political Introduction Page up that will offer identical coverage to both the Democrats and the Republicans. Sad to say... the Democrats have no idea what they blew away. Shame on them and their infernal indecisive inaction.

Ralph F. Mariano
Editor, Publisher STReport Magazine





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