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** 08/04/00 **

Voodoo5 5500 -- keep an eye on us, we have the card and its in the works at this time

** 04/14/00 **

The latest system is together # 8 has the skinny on the assembly and preliminary tests.

** 04/07/00 **

Check out Dream Machines # 7 in the drop down menu... The new saga begins...

** 03/31/00 **

We are coming closer to the powerhouse Dream Machine setup with every passing day.... as a bonus we are going to go into discussing Overclocking... the pros and cons of such practices.  Additionally, there will be content dedicated to the newest of new in the areas of High Powered Multi-Media Video Cards from one of the TOP makers of same.   

April brings daylight savings time and a myriad of other wonders from the world of computing and Mother Nature.  Mother Nature's is called Spring Fever and the other is... well, Dream Machines.  Stay tuned.  You "ain't seen nuthin' yet!"

** 03/24/00 **

Be Advised.... We are waiting to do the next series of articles for the Dream Machine Series.... We WAIT for certain hardware items and especially for the necessary updated drivers for win2k...

While there are rudimentary drivers in Win2k, certain functions and features are definitely missing.  Most Software and Hardware publishers have promised the new drivers to become available anytime from the release date of Win2k as much as 6 months later!  Where are Diamond's  drivers for the Viper II??? That's just for openers folks... It really is becoming a very sad story.

With six months being the extreme.. We'd love to hear from our readers about their experiences with software and hardware companies as far as the need for drivers is concerned.  We are interested in anything you have to offer... From the expectation of timely delivery of drivers to the actual delivery (if any) and the interaction with the companies as far as their support services and responses are concerned.

This driver circus has occurred with every release of Windows.... with the tardy companies blaming Microsoft... we shall try to get to the bottom of all this finger pointing but we need your help to kick open the secrecy doors...


We are awaiting one item.... as soon as we have it here we will have a stunning addition to our Dream Machine Series.... You want to read this one once its published.

Send in the emails detailing your experiences good or bad.

The Dream Machine Series of articles begins.....

(be sure to check the bottom of each page to forward to the next page...)

Active participants will be listed and their products thoroughly tested. The important points are: There will be five machines in all with basic specific features listed; 

  • Midi Machine

    • TYAN Motherboard s1854 Trinity 400 revision 3

    • Windows 2000 Professional Version

    • Crucial 256mb PC100 Dimm

    • Cakewalk Pro 9

    • AWE32 w/8mb

    • Creative Platinum?

  • Entertainment machine

    • TYAN Motherboard s1854 Trinity 400 revision 4

    • MAXTOR 40GB UDMA33/66 7200rpm Hard Disk

    • Windows 2000 Professional Version

    • Kingston ValueRam 256mb PC133 Registered ECC Dimm

    • Diamond Viper II

    • Voodoo3 3D

    • ATI AIW 128 32mb Rage 3D

    • nVidia Chip Based Products

    • AWE32 w/8mb

    • Creative Platinum?

  • Work Station Machine

    • TYAN Motherboard s1854 Trinity 400 revision 3

    • Western Digital 30gb UDMA33/66 7200 Hard Disk

    • Windows 2000 Professional Version

    • Kingston ValueRAM 256mb PC100 Dimm

  • Graphics Workstation Machine

    • TYAN Motherboard s1854 Trinity 400

    • Matrox?

    • Windows 2000 Professional Version

    • Kingston ValueRAM 256mb PC100 Dimm

  • System Server Machine

    • TYAN Motherboard s1832DL Tiger 100

    • Seagate Barracuda 50gb scsi uw2 Hard Disk

    • Windows 2000 Advanced Server Version

    • Kingston ValueRAM 256mb PC133r Dimm

The "participants" will be those companies wishing to take part in showing the readers the  high points of a DIY (Do It Yourself) machine as compared to the pre-packaged variety of disposable computers.  We plan to inform the reader about every instance of acquisition of components, construction of the machines and ultimately the use of those machines.

Additionally, there will be individual reviews of each product utilized and the drivers used will be listed and made available through our ftp site. This listing above is but a partial listing with many additions sure to come as this series gets under way.

Be advised, we will also show those companies/publishers who declined to take part in our invitation only Dream Machine Series.  Some of whom were expected to behave negatively and others whose behavior came as a complete shock. That is, until we did some digging.  All will come to pass.

Our readers will have the opportunity to "use" the server machine via our connection to the Internet we plan to place it in service to show both speed and reliability. Discussions relative to the products involved will be carried in NEW NewsGroups set up at

Computers are a necessity not a luxury.  Once that fact of life is fully accepted and the transition completely takes place people must accept the fact that at least one computer utilizing the internet will be found in every household in use by every member of the family especially the youngsters in the pursuit of their education.

Be sure to check back here Next Week and every week thereafter for each installment of our Dream Machine Series.  You are guaranteed to learn quite a bit about the computer, what's up with the pre-packaged deals and where the real, bottom line quality is.

Article 1 - Preface & Intent


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