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Entertainment Machine

s1854 Trinity 400


Supports socketed Intel Celeron (PPGA-370)
 processors, up to 533+ MHz
Supports slot 1 Pentium II / III up to 600+ MHz
Up to 768MB of memory; 3 DIMMs (3.3V only)
PC100/PC133 SDRAM with SPD support
66/100/133 Mhz bus speeds

6 PCI** slots, 1 ISA slot1 AGP 4x Slot
PC100 SDRAM with SPD support
UltraDMA/66 IDE support
Standard ATX form factor (12.0" x 8.3")

Newsgroups: alt.comp.periphs.mainboard.tyan
Subject: Re: Tyan-Good Tech Support
Date: Wed, 09 Feb 2000 10:44:16 GMT

Listen..... I never claimed perfection..... all I know is i'm playing Quake III, creating Microsoft Access databases, and cruising the web.... and nothing is locking up.... i'll take my small miracles and be happy.

I'm just saying that between having an S1854 and a Diamond Viper II there's been a lot of "tweaking" to get to this point. Should I have had to do all that tweaking? probably not...... but when I was sitting there with a dead motherboard, the guy on the other end of the phone at Tyan was helpful.

I've dealt with plenty of Tech support numbers.... usually their first order of business is to make you feel like a bumbling dork... and that the problem is YOU. Of course, that's after working through several layers of "press 2 3 and 4 for tech support" then waiting for up to an hour.

You can call Tyan directly...(I never waited more than 7 minutes....). and you talk to qualified technician who helps you.

From: (Jerry Culp)
Newsgroups: alt.comp.periphs.mainboard.tyan
Subject: How to DecodeTrinity 400 revisions
Date: Sat, 12 Feb 2000 00:09:11 GMT

I talked to a tech at Tyan. He passed on how to tell the revisions of the S1854 boards.

From the serial numbers:
They all start with "TY"
The number after TY designates the year made "0" is 2000 and "9" is 1999.

TY0xxxxxxxxxx was made in 2000 and therefore is a Rev 4 board
TY9xxxxxxxxxx was made in 1999 and could be either a Rev 2 or Rev 3

The fourth number after TY designates whether it is a Rev 2 or Rev 3.

TY9xx5xxxxxxx and higher is Rev 3
TY9xx4xxxxxxx and lower is Rev 2

Turns out I have a Rev 4 board, and my board does not have the jumper by the 370 socket, and it will support a coppermine in the socket 370. I'll test that out when my PIII550E gets here.

I also want to say that the tech was really nice and helpful.


I included these missives from the Tyan support area newsgroup because it is virtually indicative of the relationship between the users and the company.  Tyan's example of customer relations is one many companies out there could easily follow and /or learn from.  The relationship between Tyan and their customers is far from adversarial as it dreadfully is with so many others. 

Now back to our Dream Entertainment Machine...

Having checked all connections including clearance under the motherboard making certain little screws etc... are not wedged between the bottom of the motherboard and the case, we are about ready to install the cards we wish to use.

We will be using the 3dfx Voodoo3 (3500 TV AGP) high performance video card. At this time and in the near future, we shall be using other cards to show the subtle and not so subtle differences between the 3d cards available.

Based on the acclaimed Voodoo3 graphics accelerator technology from 3dfx, the Voodoo3 3500 TV fuses the industry's most powerful 2D and 3D graphics with innovative multimedia capabilities - all in a single AGP board. Running at a core clock speed of 183MHz, the Voodoo3 3500 TV AGP is capable of producing an amazing 8 million triangles a second to provide gamers with a truly immersive entertainment experience. Featuring a state-of-the-art TV/FM Tuner and Digital VCR, the Voodoo3 3500 TV AGP also transforms any computer into a cutting-edge multimedia center. With support for real-time MPEG-2 video capture, DVD playback and 2D resolutions as high as 2046x1536, the Voodoo3 3500 TV is the most feature-filled video solution available for today's home PCs.

Product Features

  • Integrated Voodoo3 2D, 3D and video accelerator
  • Real-Time MPEG-2 Video and Audio Capture
  • VisualReality Multimedia control application w/ Skin Technology
  • 8 Million Polygons per second peak processing
  • 183MHz Core Clock Speed
  • 366 Megatexels per second peak fill rate 
  • 2.92 GB per second peak bandwidth
  • 350MHz RAMDAC  
  • 16MB high-speed SDRAM memory
  • MPEG-1, 2 Playback
  • AGP 2x Models Available
  • Intelligent TV Tuner, Digital VCR and FM Tuner*


Additionally we are, with great success, still using the AWE32 w/8mb onboard ram for our sound and midi work.  Hey, it may be an older card... but when the AWE32 is hooked up to 4 Bose 901 speakers and a passive sub-woofer, powered by a Surround Sound 400w Receiver... how could one possibly complain.  When we fire up the AWE32, for either sounds or midi this lab literally rocks on the foundations.! 

Of course, all the systems have the usual 3Com 100 NIC - PCI Software Modem Motorola Chipset - awaiting Win2k Drivers and an Adaptec 2940 U2W PCI SCSI Host Interface.  That's it for cards ... they're all in and ready for the testing.

Everything is a go!  The system posted just fine... the memory keyed in and the TYAN s1854 Trinity 400 v4 motherboard is working perfectly.

Now, to install the hard disks and CDRom.

  • 50mb Barracuda scsi U2W Hard disk

  • 40mb Maxtor UDMA66 Hard Disk

  • PlextWriter scsi 8/2/20 CDRom Writer/Reader

  • HP scsi SureStore 8mm Dat tape drive

  • 1.44mb floppy

All ribbon cables are routed neatly and the special 80 conductor udma66 ribbon is setup for Maxtor 40mb drive is installed correctly.

A second power up and now.... the machine is booting to disk and ready for its Windows 2000 Professional installation. 

Yes.... we are going to use Win2k Pro for an entertainment machine.  In fact, we are going to use Win2k "across the boards"  ie; for every type dream machine we build. 

Why?  Because we believe Win2k is the future.  Why forestall the inevitable when its so much easier to get there now and be totally familiar by the time the platform is fully rocking?  Win2k is solid....  very solid. 

After the installation of Win2k completed... It was quite painless.  All the hardware was found via the pnp routines and after it booted, Win2k so much as stated "ok, let's get rolling!"  Tyan's Trinity 400 and Windows 2000 is obviously a winning combo.

Be sure to read about POWERSTRIP in this week's issue. Oh! Almost forgot.. why not go to the top of this page and click on our newsgroup link?  Join in the fun and help us get the STReport newsgroups going... they're brand new and they're free!

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