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This is what a few of the good folks at Winmag had to say about Windows 2000.....

After all the waiting, the beta-testing, the revising, rethinking, and re-engineering, Windows 2000 is done.  Cut to the chase: Win2000 was worth the wait. There's a lot to like, and also a lot to get to know, because this is a very different version of Windows. And it's not for everyone. Still, it might surprise you how well it could work for you.

Originally conceived to be "NT 5.0," Windows 2000 is clearly an evolutionary upgrade of NT 4.0. But in the process it adds important functionality Win95 and Win98 users have taken for granted for years, such as direct plug and play support for all kinds of devices, as well as support for USB and 1394/FireWire. Even so, you can't always expect that the latest peripheral you might pick up down at the local computer superstore will run perfectly under the new operating system. Microsoft focused first on drivers for business hardware, as opposed to those for consumer-oriented hardware.

Windows 2000 also adds a plethora of new features that until now haven't appeared anywhere in the Windows family -- some on the desktop side, some on the server side, and some in both places. Many are designed to make day-to-day use and manageability of servers far easier. What's more, on comparable hardware, Win2000 is faster than Win98 and about as fast as NT 4.0.

In case you're wondering, Win2000 is due to arrive on store shelves and on new PCs in the U.S. next Thursday, February 17th. Many corporations and companies will receive distribution discs much sooner than that, however, and may, in fact, already have Windows 2000 up and running.

Frankly.... we agree with their comments completely.

It is the OS we are using for all our reviews and Dream Machine Configurations.

Unleash your computer’s maximum performance with the new DiamondMax® Plus 40 series from Maxtor. Available in capacities up to 40 GB, these 7,200 RPM drives include Maxtor’s unique DualWave™ twin processor technology for a 10x boost in host command processing speed. Coupled with 2 MB of high speed 100 MHz SDRAM for the cache buffer and an UltraDMA 66 interface, give our DualWave-equipped hard drives superior benchmark performance and maximum throughput. As a result, they’re an ideal choice for consumers working with large files, including audio and video applications. No matter how demanding your application, the new DiamondMax Plus 40 series delivers the ultimate in performance and capacity.

We placed this info here because this is the UDMA33/66 super drive from Maxtor.  This drive is FAST... 7200 rpm fast. The best thing that can be said is it delivers exactly what is promised by Maxtor.  You owe it to yourselves to check this hard disk out and then when you are ready to build or buy, insist on this puppy for both it's size and speed.

We made three NTFS partitions on this drive and have nothing but praise for both the Win2k OS and the hard disk mechanism.  Come to think of it... truly this is first class all the way.  We will have a great deal more about this drive next week....


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