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First, a quickie about the scary indications of the future of a company...  Having been directly involved in reporting about many and varied companies that come and go in the computing world for over sixteen years... It becomes easy to see ominous signs of the future when one observes certain familiar "happenings" that do not bode well for companies exhibiting such tendencies and characteristics..

Such is the case with Creative Technologies...   Don't misunderstand me, Creative is alive and well.  However, when a company begins to suffer from what we call the "Canary Syndrome"  (still around but emitting sounds like "cheep - cheep - cheep" one has to ponder whether or not its a sign that the bean counters have taken control of the company.  That's not a bad thing..  as long as relations with the media and public remain at and on a high and positive note.  This being the first quarter of the year 2000, it was somewhat ridiculous to hear from a PR rep at Creative that they had no product available for review as he.... had exhausted his budget.  I truly felt sorry for this PR person having to face the "front lines" with no "ammunition".  On top of which its equally appalling to find people in PR departments who are arrogant and offensive.  Somehow, somewhere an end must come to the lack of professional attitudes in positions of responsibility.

There was a time when Creative was "King of the Road" as far as Sound Cards were concerned... SOUND BLASTER!  Now, that was the CARD to own. In fact, Creative's Sound Blaster set the standards the industry went by.  At the rate things are going I expect all that to change in the near future unless of course, Creative's course and direction changes and changes fast.   But now, that they've jumped into the hardware fray with "both feet" its easy to understand they may have bitten off more than they can chew.  There's modem blasters, video blasters and lord knows whatever else blasters... I hate to say it but it looks like they blasted one time too many.  How many of their recent blaster products have really floored the marketplace like Sound Blasters of varied sizes used to do? 

Was Creative QUICK to respond for the users as far as new drivers were concerned for Windows 2000??  Not so sure.  Seems the gripes in the newsgroups are overflowing about the lack of reliable drivers, customer support and a bad attitude being exhibited by their support people.  Far too many negatives as far as this reporter is concerned. 

I can easily remember back to the Osborne days... the Atari days... the Sinclair days....  Companies that were so cocksure they had the "whole enchilada by the chops" until they realized that ALL they had were the chops!  But by that time.... it was far too late. 

They were by that time... already history.


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