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S1832DL Large
s1832DL Tiger 100

32-bit AGP!
100MHz SDRAM Support!
Dual OR Single Intel  Pentium® II / III
Up to 1GB of Memory (3.3V only)
Five PCI, 2 ISA, 1 AGP Slots

Onboard LM79/LM75 system management
Power Recovery After Interrupt
Windows 95 Soft Power Down
Chassis Intrusion Detection
Wake on LAN feature

This machine was put together with business servers in mind therefore, fancy graphics cards were not needed ... we used an nVidia Ultra64 based card with 16mbs of memory on board... (snicker)  you never know when you'll want to play a round or two while working at the server.  After all, it does have TWO CPUs running.

Actually, the server is running 2 Pentium III 550's oc'ed to 650Mhz using a 256mb PC133 Kingston Dimm.  The temps & fan controls (connectors etc.) are comfortably located for easy access and work as designed.

This machine is running two hard disks also... both Seagate scsi Barracuda 50gb drives .. totaling 100gb.  We are using the Adaptec AH2940U2W card here too.  Hey its a workhorse ok?  Sure we could be using a MB that has built-in scsi... we didn't and we felt at the time this review was planned that we included the very best selection of the motherboards available for testing.  Tyan does make a highly reliable motherboard.

Of course, there will be comparisons later on down the road as we setup different motherboards and "do the numbers."  For now though, especially since there are no smp benching testers that are "in the money", we are far more interested in working with reliable relatively problem free products that will do the job.  We are expecting ASUS, SOYO, EPOX,  DFI and ABIT units, both single and dual CPU types very shortly. (those that make 'em)

Tyan's Tiger 100 s1832 Motherboard is superbly designed around the 440bx chipset  This is a very strong motherboard... I know, it has been around for a while but that's good right??  It has the 2.0 bios and has a solid, proven track record.  It went together in one action and ran the very first time it was powered up The 1832 has been screaming along without so much as a hiccup.  Windows 2000 Advanced Server simply loves this Motherboard and hardware configuration. If you are looking for a sturdy workhorse the Tyan s1832 Tiger 100 Motherboard is the mother board for you.


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