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The ASUS P3C-D Motherboard is based on the all new Intel i820 chipset with ATX form factor for the latest support in Dual Intel Pentium III 350~733+MHz processors. This new chipset is the first of its kind to incorporate PC800MHz RDRAM. This motherboard also supports JumperFreeTM Mode via BIOS setup and optional Crystal CS4280 PCI Audio Controllers. Above all, it is equipped with onboard AGP 4X/PRO Slot for supporting highend 3D graphics also in 2X mode. This latest technology from Intel is specially for highend workstations with up to 5 PCI slots.

The latest Intel 820 Chipset now utilizes 133MHz Front Side Bus (FSB) to optimize the overall system performance. The use of 82820 Memory Hub Controller (MCH), 82801AA I/O Controller Hub (ICH), and 82802 Firmware Hub (FWH) will provide graphical enhancements, making direct connection from graphics and memory to the onboard controllers via Accelerated Hub Architecture (twice the PCI Bus speed at 266MB/sec), and also BIOS storage functionality.

Supports Dual Intel Pentium II/III 350MHz~733+MHz CPU. 3x RIMM sockets for up to 1GB PC800 RDRAM.
Dual UDMA/66 BM IDE Connector 5x 32-bit PCI slots
AGP 4X/PRO slots 133MHz Front Side Bus
Crystal CS4280 PCI Audio Controller JumperFree BIOS and CPU Setting

This past week Asus sent the P3C-D Motherboard.... we are in the midst of assembling this machine.  It will consist of TWO Intel Coppermine 600Mhz CPU chips - Two 128mb PC800Mhz Techworks/Melco RDRAM sticks - A3D Vortex2 Sound System - 3DFX Voodoo 3 -3500 Video Card - Adaptec 2940U2w Scsi Controller - 50gb Seagate Barracuda Drive - 40 gb Maxtor Diamond - Plextor 8/2/20 scsi CDRW.

Once this minor feat is accomplished... we'll install Windows 2000 Professional and get on with the "scientific testing".  This one should prove quite interesting.  According to our preliminary information... ASUS is supposed to be the "Rolls-Royce" of motherboards.  We shall see.  Stay tuned I have a feeling this is going to be quite a ride.

The unit is together and its running fine.  It was up and running first time - first powerup.  The ASUS motherboard was a piece of cake to work with.  The docs were easily read and understood and the Motherboard was clearly marked.  No need to be a "Daniel Boone" trying to find the right jumpers and switches.  The softmenu feature works great.  You're getting this rapid fire because some of it is happening as we type.  Needless to say this Asus main board is very impressive.  P3C-D is name of the board.  Nifty.... simply very Nifty.  Four Stars from us so far.

At this time we have the ram ticking along at 450mhz ... this gives us just about a 700mhz cpu speed.  Its been running that way for two days now and not so much as a hiccup.  Bear in mind this is all being done through the "Softmenu" feature of the Motherboard. Monday we'll begin adding some serious hardware peripherals and let you know how we made out and what software ran the best with the hardware.  This is all taking place using various versions of Win2k.

The Rambus memory sticks go in as easy as ordinary DIMM... seems faster than PC133 Dimm and... it appears you can push this stuff pretty hard.  We'll let you know more as we accomplish more during the week.  Again so far... as they say in Q3; impressive!


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