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Is it really…



STReport recommends that EVERY School Site be tested for toxic contamination!

Then, once the testing is completed, the history of the acquisition of said grounds be investigated.  
Previous owner, connection to the school board, etc..

After all, they did try to buy hipps road toxic waste dump for a new school site!


The Duval County School Board
Photo of Kris Barnes, School Board member, District 3.
Kris Barnes
Photo of Martha Barrett, School Board member, District 1.
Martha Barrett
Photo of Nancy Broner, School Board member, District 2.
Nancy Broner
Photo of Brenda Priestly Jackson, School Board member, District 4.
Brenda A. Priestly
Photo of Jimmie Johnson, School Board member, District 5.
Jimmie A. Johnson
Photo of Vicki Drake, School Board member, District 6.
Vickie Drake
Photo of Cindy Rounds, School Board member, District 7.
Cindy Rounds


New Century Commission LogoMembers 


Dr. Adam W. Herbert, Chairman Mr. Thomas Shouvlin, Vice Chairman Ms. Grovenia Parker-Graham
Mr. Andy Ford Rev. Ernest L. Griffin Mr. John Lewis
Mr. Don Brewer Rev. Fred Newbill Ms. Terrie Brady
Judge A. C. Soud, Jr. Ms. Paula Weatherby

Alternate Commissioners

Dr. Elizabeth Cobb Mr. Daniel Evans Mr. R. Steve Ivey
Mr. Hilton T. Meadows Mr. Arnold Whisenant

Executive Staff

Dr. Madelaine Cosgrove Ms. Ellen Darden Dr. Cheryl Fountain
Mr. L. "Lex" A. Hester Dr. Katherine Kasten

Duval County School Board

Linda Sparks, Chair Stan Jordan,
Vice Chair
Cheryl Donelan
Jimmie Johnson Billy Parker Susan Wilkinson
Gwen Gibson

Working Committee Team Members

District Level Organization, Management, Leadership and Decision Making
John Lewis, Co-Chair J. F. Bryan, IV Richard Berry
Grovenia Parker-Graham, Co-Chair Carolyn Rademacher, Principal Ed Pratt-Dannals, Principal
Steve Paulson, Facilitator Jack Diamond Preston Haskell
Cheryl Brown UNF
School-Based Organization, Management, Leadership and Decision Making
Andy Ford, Co-Chair Hilton T. Meadows Josiah Bartley
Tom Shouvlin, Co-Chair R. Steve Ivey Bill McCamy
Dane Gilbert, Principal Patricia Wisemon J.W. (Bo) Hofstead
Sylvia Johnson, Principal UNF Hugh Greene
Charles Galloway, Facilitator Edward Larbi, UNF Graduate Assistant
Personnel Issues, Workplace Attitudes and Practices
Ernest Griffin, Co-Chair Fred Newbill, Co-Chair Jim Clark
T. O'Neal Douglas Barbara Harrell Martha Johnson
Melissa Morgan, UNF Graduate Assistant Jim Crooks, Facilitator Lawrence Dennis, Principal
Elizabeth Cobb Anna Mathews UNF
Student Achievement and Accountability
A. C. Soud, Jr., Co-Chair Steve Hite Robert Arias
Paula Weatherby, Co-Chair Bernadine Bolden, Facilitator Ken Brockington, Principal
Larry Reinhardt, Principal Davalu Parrish
Curriculum, Instruction and Accountability
Terrie Brady, Co-Chair Don Brewer, Co-Chair Ira Allen
M. C. Harden Bruce Johnson Fred Schultz
Peggy Williams, Principal Donald Mann Jacksonville University
Jan Gracie Helen Kirkpatrick Janice McClure
Rick Mull Rosemary Nowonty Carrie Price
Jim Tullis Jane Sharp Dee Wagner
Terry Woods Judy Solano, Facilitator Tom Rusk Vickery, Facilitator
Terri Stahlman, Principal Felice Franklin UNF
Elizabeth Rector Desmond Waters

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New Century Commission Report



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