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2000 Duval County Primary Election Analysis 

by R. F. Mariano

Duval county's recent, Sept. 05, 2000, Primary Election will go down in the history books as an election the winners hoped nobody would pay in depth attention to.  This election presented a number of oddities.  One could find;
  • A Faux Pas Campaign Committee
  • Graft & Payoff disguised as Political Contributions
  • Top Judge aiding Election Fraud
  • Misleading & False Information in Promotion of Referendum Item
  • Total disregard of Oaths of Office to Uphold the Law & The Constitution
  • Overconfidence by certain candidates as to outcome of the Primary

The "Phony" Campaign Committee.  Yes, really a front, a facade... a sham.  Mayor Delaney and his power group devised a plan to get the Better Jacksonville Boondoggle ramrodded though the elective process.  That plan was to organize a campaign committee comprised of and funded by the very businesses that would benefit the most if the plan was passed.  The Better Jacksonville Committee received hundreds of thousands of dollars in "donations" from a number of businesses, then spent the money with the local radio and TV stations airing slick, professionally produced ads supporting the Better Jacksonville Plan.  

The sad part is the Mayor was the mouthpiece in all the ads and he never came out and straight forwardly said this is an ad supporting the 1/2cent sales tax increase.  Not once!  Delaney instead proffered forth the blathering about responsibilities already detailed and laid out in the City/County Incorporation Charter.  Pave the Streets, Fix the Sewers, Correct Drainage Problems etc., then about a PROPOSED library building, a courthouse, coliseum, baseball stadium.

Delaney managed to deeply insult The City of Atlanta.. nice job there John... what are going to do for your next act?  Have an ad done show you kissing the mayor of Atlanta as he walks away from you?  Delaney, you insult us, the Duval County Taxpayers, Atlanta, people's intelligence .. the law and finally your Oath of Office.  How much are you willing to offer on the sacrificial alter of power to achieve your secular goals?  What's next?  You have offered yourself.. and your reputation already.  The Firemen despise you, The Cops on the Beat despise you, The Emergency Medical Teams despise you.... Just about every civil service employee in the city can't stand you and what you stand for. Can YOU spell PHONY??  What a great job you've done raping this City. 

A local radio personality took it upon himself to question the wording of the "Official Ballot" and brought suit before Top Judge Moran...  The wording was and is a matter or record and is without a doubt grossly misleading.  Yet Moran, in his infinite wisdom, allowed the travesty to remain. Thus, heavily contributing to the further misleading of the voters of Duval County. Moran shot himself in the foot with one ugly decision.  

Of utmost importance is the fact that top Judge Moran, Delaney, The City Attorneys, The State Attorney all disregarded the sanctity of their oaths of office.  They've betrayed the public trust in their "Doing the Right Thing in the Best Interests of the Taxpaying Public"... those they are there, in office, to represent. 

This entire Elective process was a disgrace to all affiliated with the Dog & Pony Show the Mayor and his Cronies staged.  

One major contributor, an Electrical Contractor, held a party for all their employees shortly before the election.. no, not because the contractor was a nice guy but because this contractor wanted to deliver the message that if the Better Jacksonville Plan made it... it would enhance and ensure all their incomes.  Nice eh?  Yes this contractor is a local heavy weight along with a dozen or so more...  their time will come.  They seem to forget the not too long ago past when similar shenanigans resulted in jail terms and disgrace. 

The contributions to the Phony Campaign Committee amount to nothing more than GRAFT!  Payoffs in Advance!

The Wording of the Ballot by the City Attorneys only furthers the disrespect for these double talking goofs (great example to set for the young adults starting out in life) [Honesty may not be the best policy] - I say honesty is and will eventually prevail.

The failure of the Top Jurist to stand up and fight for the rights of the very people he is entrusted to protect is an outrage.  Judge Moran, as an Officer of the Court, along with the Attorneys of this County, also Officers of the Court,  who, through either complacency or connectivity, are allowing this political chicanery to continue insidiously permeating issue after issue brought before the voters is kindred to the highest treason possible in the land as it gradually erodes and dilutes the very government and principles upon which this nation is founded.

Certain Elections in this primary were lost because of poor Voter perception of the candidates.  As an example,  

Whomever.. handled the Political ads for;

  • The Tullis Campaign
  • The Fletcher Campaign
  • The Youngblood Campaign
  • The Morris Campaign

The above mentioned candidates made serious errors in trusting their campaign managers "knew what they were doing...."  This first campaign.. Jim Tullis lost to Stan Jordan.  It was easy to see why; Jordan's ads were folksy, down to earth and talked to the people.  Tullis, on the other hand, rested on his laurels and talked about himself, and bored the voters to tears.  

Fletcher's campaign, if you want to call it that, was horrid! One or two TV spots. (BLACK & WHITE). Ads that looked like they were throwbacks from the fifties.  His ads dictated he was to lose.  Additionally, yapping about the "dirt" or "who bought the election..." is a no-no.  People are sick and tired of muckraking.  Fletcher succumbed to a zero campaign and a zero impression to the public... not to mention zero name recognition.  As an aside Judge Fletcher, a sitting Judge, should've won hands down but he had one other strike against him...  as a chain smoker.. what Attorney other than those representing Big Tobacco would want a Tobacco case in front of him?

Youngblood & Morris both blew it. Mainly because they didn't get started early enough, get fired up and in front of enough PTA meetings, Church and Social Meetings prior to the elections... parent after parent asked us about both of them "What do they stand for"?  "What is their experience?" "What are their Plans"? Those questions should've been answered long before the elections and repeated many times up to the elections.  Obviously, this was not the case.  

There are many more stories but, in truth, most campaigns for this Primary Election were not well managed at all.  I cannot begin to describe the procession of Political Ads that were run on TV between 2:30 and 4:00am in the morning.  Who were they thinking would see the ads??  Birds?  Since when do Birds VOTE?  Oh! it was a money problem?  The six o'clock spots were too expensive?  Tsk, tsk, tsk ... that drearies, is the major festering ulcer on the face of US Politics ... "If you ain't got the bux, you ain't got nuthin'!"  Sad but very, very true.  

Ask Tyree Boyer... now that was a campaign.. Crenshaw ..another great campaign... Kravitz and Davis used both excellent well managed and budgeted campaigns along with strong use of name recognition.

Yep... there were winners and there were losers... most were easy to see and say "That's Politics"

The only BLACK MARK was the manner in which Mayor Delaney and the Better Jacksonville Campaign Committee conducted the campaign.  That was disgusting.  Truly an exercise in how to mislead, stampede and corral the voting sheep.  

Shame on you Delaney... if you and the graft payers are not pulled up in this life... you still have to stand before God and explain how you trampled your Oath on a Bible. First as an Attorney, second as a Prosecutor and third, as a Mayor... you have betrayed your Oath, Office and the Taxpayers of Duval County.

I could be wrong... I don't think so... If you think I am... by all means, let me hear from you. You can also reach us via Email or our very own newsgroups.  Simply point your newsgroup reader to and you'll be there.

STReport Editorials may be copied, forwarded and duplicated - as long as they remain intact.



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