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The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office

Sheriff John H. Rutherford
Sheriff John Rutherford

JSO Main Picture


Signal 94 is the JSO's weekly cable television show. Now in its fourth year of broadcasting, Signal 94 is designed to help citizens connect with their police. It is a joint venture of the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office and MediaOne.

Many of the shows are live and viewers have an opportunity to talk to their police via television. Signal 94 is seen every Thursday night at 8:30 on Comcast's Channel 24 (Channel 29 on Broadband).

The show was named Signal 94 because, on police radios, a "Signal 94" means information. The show provides information about the JSO, current law enforcement issues, crime trends and community concerns.

JSO Public Information Coordinator Harry Reagan is the producer and host of Signal 94. He is assisted by Officer John Turner, the JSO's public information officer. Support is also provided by the city's media production services staff: Susan Johnson and Jasenn Robertson.

For more information, call (904) 630-2106 or send e-mail to The mailing address is: Jacksonville Sheriff's Office, 501 E. Bay St., Jacksonville, FL 32202.


The Jacksonville’s Sheriff’s Office… was at one time easily compared to the ever familiar Hollywood face of a Southern Yahoo Cop wearing his "shades, enough brass and silver to best a five star general.. hollering "Come here BOY… I wanna talk to you!" Not to mention, the "Good Old Boy" system of;

  • The "Double Standard" (Officers hiding or condoning the transgressions of fellow Officers.)

  • The "Pad"… A list of payees for "looking the other way" by M.O.F. for fixed regular fees.

  • Special Branches of the Department being over Elitist, Pampered and at times, Poorly trained.

  • Internal Politics and Cliques.

These conditions have dramatically changed or have been virtually eliminated in the last few years. The level of true, Law Enforcement Professionalism in JSO is excellent. At this time, the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office is definitely on the upswing of professional enhancement. We see far less incidents of;

  • Officers setting bad examples by their own social behavior problems. (Spousal Abuse, Alcohol Abuse, etc.)

  • high speed chases ending in tragedy.

  • An appreciable decrease of "questionable judgment" in the use of firearms.

  • Over use of force in the apprehension and arrest of suspects.

  • Disrespect of and rude treatment of arrested individuals.

We are enthusiastic about the reforms and enhancements which are most visible in the areas of;

  • Excellent Victim Support Programs

  • Courteous and Efficient performance on the part of the Department's Officers

  • Safer, more responsible operation of the RMP units

  • Educational Programs in Crime Prevention

  • High Visibility of Officers both on Patrol and Off Duty

  • Positive Interaction between Officers and Taxpayers

By far, the newer generations of appointees to the Sheriff’s Office have proven to be highly valuable assets to the Department. However, on the other hand there are still some of the old stereotypes still "on the job." Simply put, they’ve got to go. There is no room for loud-mouthed yahoos who act as though they are the Cop, Judge and Jury.


- The City/County Jail System.

The County Jail and Farm seemingly is the "Time in Siberia" for many individuals awaiting appointment to JSO. It also appears to be an explosive breeding ground for contemptible attitudes to develop among the young, impressionable officers to be. Our observations, although not as expansive as they should be, lead to a sincere recommendation to its  Director to hire or appoint counselors for all the officers (from the newest, to the oldest and the highest ranking) working the jails and farm. These counselors should be capable of detecting depression, frustration and anxiety levels, potential and actual prisoner abuses and most of all, Officer "burnout".


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