Local Democratic Leaders Need
A LOUD Wake-Up Call
by R. F. Mariano, Editor

It has to happen fast or Florida will soon be a One Party State!

"He's not going to win us any elections."

Democratic lawmakers, who find themselves with less power than at any time since Reconstruction, seem to agree.

"Part of the problem is that we continue to reward a lack of results," said state Rep. Bob Henriquez, D-Tampa, a football coach. "Where I come from, when you lose, you lose. We have to come to terms with how poorly we did."

Democrats raised more than $21-million during the 2002 election cycle, about a third of what Republicans raised, but a strong showing considering their lack of influence across state government.

These are the sounds and tones one will hear in Democratic circles all over the State. Folks, the Democratic Party is in need of re-organization from the local levels right on up to the top position in the State.

As an example, the Democratic Party in Duval County has not had what can be deemed effective leadership in almost 10 years! Sure, the current leaders along with the previous one's are/were likeable, but strong positive leadership and election winning planning are obviously among the major missing factors.

Take a look at the current local elections. How many races are already giveaways to Republicans because the Democrats are ever so busy allowing the democratic votes to be split in each race? That's ridiculous!

If the Democrats were truly unified, vote splitting would be gone and a total thing of the past. But it is not, we see at least 6 important City Council races where it appears the Democrats are hell-bent on giving the win to the Republicans because the leadership here is allowing a "herd" of Democratic Candidates to run against each other and thus split the Democrat Vote and hand the election to * any * Republican candidate. This makes no sense.

The time has come for effective unifying leadership to be brought forward in our local Duval Democratic Group.

True, effective leadership means much more than "glad-handing"!  Effective leadership means leading and guiding the party to election wins through effective planning and candidate counseling. If any and all Democratic Candidates were honestly interested in seeing the Democrats regain the tremendous losses suffered at the polls, they'd unify and approach these elections with a solid, singular voice.... not selfishly running like a bunch of marathon runners in each race fragmenting the votes and losing time and time again.

There is no excuse for having more than one candidate in each race.

Having one Republican face two or more Democrats only serves to hand the election to the Republicans! This is where the Democrats desperately need leadership and organization. In witnessing these elections both present and past, its fairly obvious there is no realistic plan formatted to win the seats back from the Republicans. Instead the local Democratic leadership, by allowing vote splitting to occur, is effectively giving the elections away.

Support for Candidates is missing!

How many Democrats can honestly say their Party strongly supported them in their races?  According to our information, the only real support was in the form of excuses, double-talk and lame efforts at help. Yet on the other hand, its fairly obvious and common knowledge the Republicans have got their act together.... their candidates get strong support, open endorsements and excellent campaign assistance.  What does the Democratic Party do for its local candidates? Lip service, just lip service. 

Its Time For Change!

The working class of Duval County hasn't had adequate representation in years.... this must change!