JEA is the eighth largest municipal utility in the United
States providing electricity, water and wastewater service
to more than 600,000 accounts in Northeast Florida.


I called for emergency service around 7:00am and spoke with Sylvia Smith... I'm certain she put in a trouble ticket in the normal way at that time. At about 7:45am I called again and asked to speak with Sylvia and at that time... she then, after I explained the situation further, assured me she would call "over there"  and personally inform the dispatcher of my trouble.

Obviously, she did. Less than 15-20 minutes later, Trouble-Shooter/Lineman Damon Featheringill came by and verified our suspicions that the "trouble" was "before the meter" and "after the transformer" across the street.

Less than 25 minutes later the "crew" [Crew 350] arrived to help me with my problem.

They were absolutely top notch. A true Credit to JEA and Building Community.

They were:

Ronnie Cribbs - Acting Foreman. This guy wins my personal commendation as an excellent PR man when it comes to interfacing with the customer. He made me feel like he was genuinely concerned about my emergency and showed no annoyance with my questions.

Brian Hill - Operator of the Case Digger - Friendly, Informative and obviously a Pro.  He handled that sucker like it was a "baby carriage".

Charlie Lyons - Lineman - Very Friendly, polite and showed he knew what he was doing.

Mitchell Norman - Apprentice - Worked hard... REAL HARD,,, Clearing the roots and ensuring no damage was done to the special 24 pair Communications Cable linking my home office to the Internet that was buried in the immediate vicinity.

Actual Equipment at the Scene

Ronnie Cribbs (Acting Foreman) & Brian Hill

The Actual Break in the Power Lead ready for splice

Mitchell Norman - (Apprentice) Finds the Break four feet down

Brian Hill at the Controls

Charlie Lyons - Lineman