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From the Editor's Desk...
NO Crystal Ball Needed HERE!
How many of you watched the State of the Union Speech last night?  Did you, by chance, observe the Republican dolts sitting like "petrified (or, is that putrefied?) wooden bumps on a log" throughout most of the address?  The Partisan garbage is still going on!  They talk about electing a Republican President??  I would NOT vote Republican even if it was the ONLY vote available... I'd insist on a write-in and vote against the Republicans no matter who or what the candidate is/was.

Talk about a bag of sour GOP grapes.... the GOP hasn't learned a thing from the unsuccessful escapade with impeachment.  Hyde, Army and the rest of the "ultra right wing GOP radicals" are going to be gone after this upcoming election and all they'll be remembered for is the fact they "did not work at representing the voters."  They did, in fact spend the best part of their terms, from the days of Newt "The Beaut" Gingrich 'till the bitter end... chasing Clinton and trying to find ways of blocking Democratically sponsored legislation.

The Republican Party and its sad group of elected bimbos in Congress have proven they no more wish to represent the people than they wish to coddle and raise rattlesnakes. They (The GOP and its goofy partisan shenanigans) have, in fact, engendered a dislike of politics among young people in this country that will take decades to overcome.  A legacy such as this is well deserved by the GOP and the Republican Gangsters the country has been forced to endure for the past eight years.  Eight years in which they forced the Congress into a neutralized arm of government that did little or none of its expected and warranted duties toward the taxpayers and voters.

"Jeb" Bush, younger brother of Presidential Candidate George W. Bush, son of former President and CIA Director George H. Bush ("Read My Lips George") You killed any chances of people paying real attention to your son's candidacy with your 12 year reign as "The CIA's Man in the Whitehouse". Then to top things off.... George W. Bush's kid brother is busy alienating huge blocks of voters in the south left and right!  Kid Brother "Jeb"... wants to kill Affirmative Action and has taken steps to do so. 

Jeb is an accident going someplace to happen! Floridians knew it from his appointments record and now with this Affirmative Action FIASCO right on top of his slimy backroom maneuvers to influence the outcome of nominating committees across the state of Florida, Jeb baby has proven he is a babe in the woods and a loose cannon as far as politics are concerned. 

George W. Bush is so "on alert" over his kid brother's crazy actions in Florida that he seemingly has distanced himself from any real associations with "Jeb".

Another politician to keep an eye on is "Rudy" Rudolph Juliani.. in this reporter's opinion this Mayor of NYC is a true "snake in the grass".  I wouldn't be surprised if this clown was a Mafia (Genovese Family) mole with the ultimate goal of the Mafia having "its man in the Whitehouse".  Much like G. H. Bush being the CIA's Man in the Whitehouse.  God help this nation if such were to occur.

How many remember J. Edgar Hoover?  Now, how many remember his constantly yapping about there is "NO Organized Crime in the USA?"  Any of you know why J. Edgar was so adamant about that?  Try: J. Edgar was caught on film having a "good time" cross-dressing and cavorting with a playmate??  Notice that info didn't surface until after J. Edgar passed away?  Luciano (Genovese  Mafia Don for many years) had Hoover firmly under his thumb.  Can you now imagine if a goof like Juliani made it to the Whitehouse?

Just a few things for you to think about...

I could be wrong... I don't think so... If you think I am... by all means, let me hear from you. You can also reach us via Email or our very own newsgroups.  Simple point your newsgroup reader to and you'll be there.

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