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From the Editor's Desk...
Of the Big Top, Republican Circus and Reality...

Watching the Primaries??  John McCain is now a true frontrunner and I'm glad for him.  He's a true Patriot instead of "Daddy's little Rich Boy". 

Yup!! G. W. Bush took a back seat to McCain in New Hampshire.  That's wonderful.

Here in the South, we like Patriots, Sons of America and true, "came up the hard way" Americans who run for office. Besides, John McCain is a genuine War Hero. Hopefully, South Carolina will show the way too.

Who is one of John McCain's strongest allies and doesn't know it and who's effort is totally unintentional? 

John Ellis "JEB" Bush!! The "Boy Governor", The "Neophyte Politician"! He is actually a "Loose Cannon in Political Circles".

George W. Bush's younger brother, John Ellis "JEB" Bush; what a piece of work!! Now ole "JEB" is very busy fighting to KILL Affirmative Action.

STATEWIDE, people are up in arms screaming at this goof to back down and heed their wishes. (he, (JEB), was flushed out of the behind the scenes operations recently by a sit-in at the State Capitol) Now, with his latest GAFF out in the open for the entire country to see...

JEB is now bathing in MAJOR POLITICAL FIASCO #4.. the entire south is carefully watching this "Boy Governor". Soon, the entire country will be witness to a preview of the modern day Bush Concept of politics.  Not just JEB but the entire "Bushwacker Clan".  They're apparently figureheads and pawns of BIG Money America.

"JEB" Bush has quite track record here in Florida;

  • manipulating the nominating committees state-wide

  • demanding more minorities and females as appointees, forget qualifications

  • tried to form a state-wide "inside" group that "thought his way"

  • appointing his cronies in highly sensitive positions. (State Chairman: Board of Regents) what ARE this appointee's qualifications as an educator? NONE!  Entrepreneur, Successful Businessman and Power Broker.  That's it.

Want verification?  Check the back issues of the St. Petersburg Times.  They had the courage to publish the truth.

Watch Politicians, State and Federal, slowly distancing themselves from JEB and ultimately from George W. Bush as JEB continues with FIASCO after FIASCO.  Is Jeb Bush a precursor of "things to come" if his sibling George is elected? I believe so. 

JEB Bush is going to shoot himself and his brother in the foot with his goofy approach to trying to do things "his way".  "Damn the public's wishes I'll do it MY way should be and sure looks like JEB'S credo!  JEB is the very best weapon his brother's opponents have in the Presidential Race. His FAVORITE excuse so far is "You don't understand"

Jeb, we understand all too well. Forget re-election in this State.

Folks, if these Bush offspring get any further than the governorships they have wheeled and dealt for, this country will be set back forty years as far as social and economic structure and advancements are concerned.  These two clowns, especially "JEB" are obviously being manipulated by arch-conservative, Ultra-Right, BIG money power brokers who want nothing less than the old, two rest room principle of days gone by.

"The Bushwackers" could care less about the Voter's wants, needs, desires and rights.  Once in office, they're going to do exactly what they want to do and the voters be damned! JEB is busy proving that fact at this very time.

These two.... "The Bush Boys" are simply put:  BAD NEWS!!  Do the checking like we did and you'll come away realizing they will do serious harm to this county and especially to Middle America... the WORKING FOLKS of this great country of ours. 

Yes, you are correct in assuming I WILL NOT VOTE FOR ANY BUSH AT ANY TIME!! NOT NOW OR IN THE FUTURE!  I do not want Daddy G. H. Bush and his CIA cronies (aka - control freaks) anywhere near the Whitehouse ever again.  They made a joke of Reagan's Administration and subsequently a tragedy of George H. Bush's Administration.

I could be wrong... I don't think so... If you think I am... by all means, let me hear from you. You can also reach us via Email or our very own newsgroups.  Simple point your newsgroup reader to and you'll be there.

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