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From the Editor's Desk...
Of "Jeb" ("You Don't Understand") Bush and other Demagogues..

John Ellis "JEB" Bush!! The "Boy Governor", The "Neophyte Politician"! Truly is a "Loose Cannon in Political Circles".

He is bound and determined to KILL Affirmative Action. Using "Jeb's" "Florida One Plan."  Bush and his Florida One Plan are a Nightmare trying to become reality!

Bush and his cohorts have stated very clearly that while they are willing to make minor changes to their dictatorial Florida One Plan.... they will, in any case, go ahead with it. So much for Democracy.


Many of you fail to realize just how well this Florida One Plan is thought out.  A few months ago "JEB" appointed Jacksonville Power Broker Tom Petway to head up the State Board of Regents as its Chairman.  We asked (politely at first) what were Tom Petway's qualifications to chair the most responsible Education Board in the State of Florida?  We got no answers not from Carol Licko, Bush's main aide and general counsel... or, so it would seem... not from Bush aide  Attn'y Reggie Brown.

By defending Florida One... Brown seems to have sold out BOTH his Roots AND  the citizens of Florida in favor of Patronage Politics.. (its rumored that if..... Bush's brother becomes President, Brown could very possibly be the next Attorney General!)  He is still a sellout in my book. Somebody ought to tell Brown that Affirmative Action, in some form or another, helped him along during his formative years!

Back to Petway and the Florida One Plan....  So, Petway is appointed by Bush as Chairman of the Florida State Board of Regents (God only knows what his qualifications are .. the taxpayers and citizens of the State of Florida do NOT!)

Now, a few short months later, The BOY GOVERNOR and his cronies come up with another political bomb... Florida One; A plan to eliminate Affirmative Action in ever so increasing steps until it is eliminated completely. 

Who or what is going to be the main thrust behind is nefarious implementation?  The STATE BOARD OF REGENTS!!  What a Coincidence the very Board that the Boy Governor "JEB" has appointed his buddy Tom Petway to the Chairmanship of.  Petway the power broker who helped immensely in getting Bush elected by whatever means it took. Again what are Petway's qualifications to head the most responsible Education position in the State? No, just being a previous Board Member does not count in this instance since it is very obvious Petway (appointed by Bush) is there to force the vote to end Affirmative Action.

Wanna bet Bush's kids go to private school? Try Bolles in Jacksonville.  Public School isn't good enough for his youngsters but public schools are fine breeding grounds in which to begin the demise of Affirmative Action.  Lord knows these guys are slick manipulators.

Where are all the Lawyers with a sense of goodness and decency?  One or more of them ought to start something to stop "The Boy Governor" in his tracks before he de-rails Florida in favor of big BUX influencers like Petway.  These guys could care less about the little guys out there unless of course its to ensure they only have to pay them the minimum wage.


One can only wonder when there will be an investigation into the shenanigans involved in that political campaign ("JEB" Bush's alleged Shady Campaign tactics and Petway's monetary and influence involvement. BOTH during the campaign and currently)  Bush and his "Bushwacker Brigade" are snubbing the Sunshine Laws  left and right and most certainly plan to re-work the State Florida to a point where we will (all of us who live in the State of Florida) be able to say... We got the KLAN in the State Capitol now....  Florida is being Bushwacked on an ever increasing scale with every passing month of "Jeb" Bush being Governor.


Better yet force your demented, cracker Florida One garbage upon the State of Florida and you'll most certainly  blow your Brother's Presidential Election Chances to Kingdom Come!!

On another.. Note: this past week, I was introduced to a program every one of you need.  Its called: ZONEALARM.  CLICK ON THE LINK AND GET IT NOW! This is a free program. Its a firewall that will save you hours and hours of grief.  If you use the Internet and we both know you do... you need this program.  Get it and install it.  This puppy will save your petutie and you won't even know it. Your system will never be zapped or intruded upon while you are on the net.

I could be wrong... I don't think so... If you think I am... by all means, let me hear from you. You can also reach us via Email or our very own newsgroups.  Simple point your newsgroup reader to and you'll be there.

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