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From the Editor's Desk...
Of Force Fed Politics and Dictators...

John Ellis "JEB" Bush!! The "Boy Governor", The "Neophyte Politician"! Truly is a "Loose Cannon in Political Circles".

"Governor Jeb Bush says he sees no evidence that Florida has put to death an innocent convict, so he will not be imposing a moratorium on executions like Illinois' governor did. Illinois Governor George Ryan has suspended executions in his state. That's because since 1973, Illinois has freed 13 condemned prisoners after evidence surfaced that they were innocent or victims of serious judicial error. "

Is this guy BLIND???

"In Florida, 20 executions have been halted after evidence surfaced that the condemned prisoners were wrongly convicted. Former Florida Chief Justice Gerald Kogan is convinced the state has executed innocent prisoners, although he will not identify who he thinks those are. But Bush does not believe that. Last month, he ("JEB") pushed through legislation that will speed up the state's death penalty appeal process."

Hang 'Em High Jeb

Copycatting his brother, Presidential hopeful, George "Hang 'Em High" Bush Governor of Texas, "Jeb" now flies in the face of facts.... Florida is going to be the second bloodiest Executioner State behind Texas.  "Jeb" sez he sees no justification in suspending the death penalty.  Yet we have been shown proof of 20 or more executions that were stopped to save innocent people.  And... a former Chief Justice of Florida's Supreme Court is convinced Florida has executed innocent people!! Is "JEB" blind? Or, is he another of those fanatics that believes in "kill them all and let God sort it out".  This "Boy Governor" has got to go...  He was elected and now, he must NOT be re-elected.

Where is the Democratic Party of Duval County these days??  Is it still headed up by "Do Nothing" Terri Brady?  "Jeb" Bush is DICTATING matters and ramming them down the throats of Floridians and the Democrats in North Florida have a serious case of "lockjaw and brownlip"!  What's going on?  When is someone going to stand up to Bush the Tyrant?  Ramrods through Petway's appointment, Ramrods through the "Beginning of the End of Affirmative Action" Ramrods through his ideals ONLY as far as Judicial Appointees (Judges) is concerned and now.... Ignores the Facts about innocent inmates on Death Row and ramrods through his ideal of Kill, Kill, and Kill some more!

This item, "Jeb" Bush.... if the old adage of the apple never falling far from the tree is true... we need to dump The Bushwacker Brigade and do it fast.  That means BOTH Herr "JEB" and Brother George W. Bush.... Folks these two are double trouble!  Guaranteed if Bush gets in the Whitehouse we, as a nation, will be involved in conflagration after conflagration.  These events could easily equal the losses this nation would endure if involved in WWIII.  Please, dismiss  The Bushwackers!


From our friend Bob Dolson; we suggest you visit this site.

I could be wrong... I don't think so... If you think I am... by all means, let me hear from you. You can also reach us via Email or our very own newsgroups.  Simply point your newsgroup reader to and you'll be there.

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