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From the Editor's Desk...

Bush, Petway's Puppet and other Anomalies...

John Ellis "JEB" Bush!! The "Boy Governor", The "Neophyte Politician"! Truly is a "Loose Cannon in Political Circles".

They Say; One Picture is worth a Thousand Words.....

These three pictures must be worth at least 3000 words...  Just look carefully at the evil grin on "Jeb" and the Grimaced face of his brother George.  Jeb looks like he can't wait to see his brother in the Whitehouse so he can bask in all that political power.  Its sad to see such an evil dynasty developing in US Politics.

"Jeb" is busy as Governor of Florida - - KILLING Affirmative Action and his brother is on the campaign trail endorsing the hatred of Minorities and Catholics!  What's up with these two Bushwhackers?   That's easy Rich Daddy's two spoiled brat kids wanna play "All the King's Men".  They'll play all right if George W. Bush is elected to the US Presidency... But you'll be the ones paying for it!


Both Newsweek and Time did the Nation's voters a favor when they published these cover pictures of Republican Presidential hopeful George W. Bush.  For a man whose political career seems to be on the growth side, Bush appears to be mighty grim.  Could it be he finally realized the goofy power play antics of his brother "JEB" as Governor of Florida have doomed his run at the Republican Nomination?  And has fully swung the door open for Senator John McCain?  We think so.

Watch for our "JEB" Bush Editorials Page... its coming soon to this website... it details "JEB'S" power plays. Both behind the scenes and in the open.  This "Boy Governor" has seemingly trampled Florida's Sunshine Laws. Since He is Governor and the various watchdog agencies are headed up by his appointees... Well, you can figure out the rest.  Before its all over, "JEB" will have thoroughly hammered the State Florida into the hands of the fat cat, big money Republican Red-Necks who boast of how many minimum wage employees each has working among themselves at Turkey-Shoots! 

I never believed it when I heard it said.... I always thought it was simply sour grapes making noises... but these "old money" Red Necks are indeed still fighting the Civil War.  Political Neophyte "JEB" has allowed them to saddle up next to him and herd The State Florida back to the levels of 1950's Civil Rights... Anti-Semitism, Anti Catholic and it seems anti anything having to do with Civil Rights.  Yes sir "Jeb" is doing wonders for his brother's campaign.  The storm clouds on the horizon are destined to reach and harm minorities from all walks of life in Florida.  The sign of impending disaster are ominous indeed.

Is Tom Petway or "JEB" Bush the Governor of The State of Florida? Who... is actually running things? We'll delve into this "Can of Worms" next week. From times prior to the Ideon Affair 'till present... Just WHO is the Governor?

"TWO HEADED MONEY TEAM: Speaking of CSX, it looks like Marty Fiorentino, vice president for government affairs at CSX, and Tom Petway, a Jacksonville Jaguars partner and chairman of the Jacksonville Economic Development Commission, will share the leadership of Republican gubernatorial hopeful Jeb Bush's finance committee in Duval County."

This "Boy Governor" called; "Jeb" Bush.... if the old adage of the apple never falling far from the tree is true... we all need to dump The Bushwacker Brigade and do it fast.  That means BOTH Herr "JEB" and Brother "Hang 'Em High" George W. Bush.... Folks these two are double trouble!  Guaranteed if Bush gets in the Whitehouse we, as a nation, will be involved in conflagration after conflagration.  These events will equal out in the losses this nation will endure to ww3.  Please, REJECT  The Bushwackers!

I could be wrong... I don't think so... If you think I am... by all means, let me hear from you. You can also reach us via Email or our very own newsgroups.  Simply point your newsgroup reader to and you'll be there.

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