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From the Editor's Desk...

Thank the Lord....

Its getting warmer and warmer down this way.  Worked on the pool last weekend and will do so again this weekend.  It looks pretty good so far... here's a picture for ya! The best part is the screen enclosure its wonderful for dining outdoors and of course the great warm weather cookouts. Rest assured, this area of the "Hacienda" gets a first class workout every day.

The isn't huge but its a respectable 14,000 gals and the screened in patio will easily accommodate 15-20 people so we are in good shape.  Can you tell I'm ready for another great outdoors season?

Florida has added so much to the quality of life for many people including myself.  I cannot praise the climate and living standards here, in NE Florida enough.  Come visit the area and see what I mean. You won't be sorry.

Politics and Patience

I'm getting tired of the cheap and sleazy politics we are seeing from all but one candidate.  That one candidate is Al Gore... notice he hasn't resorted to foul name calling or throwing dirt?  Why the other candidates must resort to such tactics instead of addressing the issues facing the voters in their daily lives is beyond me.  By the way... I am for Gore and the Democrats for one major and many normal reasons. 

The major reason is the Ultra Right Wing segment of the Republican Party.  They forced the Impeachment proceedings down this country's throat.  Just about everyone interviewed, both on the street and via mail and email, expressed a wish for the Republican witch hunt by Army, Hyde and the rest of the right religious fanatics to cease.  They insisted upon ramming that garbage down our throats.

Truth is, it didn't start there it began with the Newt (The Beaut) Gingrich's goofy Republican Revolution.... those fools including a number of well known Florida Republican Politicos one of which, Tillie Fowler, has resigned due to her stance on term limits no matter, she was a "do nothing" "Scott Tissue" rep anyway and another, McCollumb (reminds one of Howdy Doody) (see the whole FL pack) who ran with the get Clinton Pack.  What these people accomplished with a great deal of American taxpayers and voters was to alienate them completely as far as this upcoming election is concerned. Will anybody ever ask why Connie Mack is not running for re-election? (The real story?)

If John McCain were in the Democratic Party.... Gore would be in trouble but since he is a Republican... I will not vote for him or Bush... they've inherited the legacy of the Republican Right who literally wasted eight years of this country's time and energy fighting and chasing Clinton instead of intelligently conducting this country's business.  Perhaps the fuel prices would not be going though the roof had the Congress been doing its business instead witch hunting. 

Republican Apocalypse

The Republican Party has brought the ire of the Nation upon itself by its selfish disregard of the people's wishes.  G. W. Bush hasn't got enough oomph to overcome that stigma. (Besides, this goof Bush.. will have the nation deeply involved a war in no time at all. Time is the only thing that will heal the Republican Stigma.  Four, perhaps eight years.

The vote that is truly going to decide this upcoming election is the youthful collegiate voters... They are registering by the droves to make themselves heard.  This will be a very interesting Political Season maybe even "open season" on some forked tongue flannel-mouths..... 

I could be wrong... I don't think so... If you think I am... by all means, let me hear from you. You can also reach us via Email or our very own newsgroups.  Simply point your newsgroup reader to and you'll be there.

Time for a shameless plug;
STR has announced the release and shipping of a new Software Reference CD titled:

The Saltwater Sport/Game Fish Digest cd check it out.  It has five years of work into it, its graphics, photos and compilation of data.  The Data ranges from rule & regulations to recipes and just about everything else applicable to the title. This is a good one... get a copy today.  Updates are free for one year. Future releases will include Freshwater Sport/Game Fish and then.. Ornamental Fish Care & Keeping for both Fresh and Saltwater. PS, it makes a wonderful Gift for any occasion!



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