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From the Editor's Desk...

Of a Misguided Congress and a "babe in the woods" Governor.

"My Fellow Americans....."

How I remember Franklin Delano Roosevelt using those words to endear an entire nation and gain the trust of every person in this country.  Today, when and if we hear those words most Americans cringe with the silent thought oh no, here comes some more fetid fertilizer.....

How many of you are happy about paying the sky high FUEL Prices that are appearing on pumps from one end of this great nation to another?

Wanna BET that if.... the Republican Controlled Congress had been performing their duties properly for the past eight years instead of doing everything in their power to thwart, subvert, prosecute, persecute and/or otherwise destroy the Democratic Clinton Presidency, among other blunders,the gas prices might not be soaring?

Republican Big Oil Mongers

I'm wondering if the member nations of OPEC really think they are getting away with something?  They'd better ponder what they are doing with the jacked up pricing.  The Republicans were in control of the government and yet because they were so pre-occupied with pursuing Clinton that they never saw the gouge coming.  Instead, the poor working stiff of this country had to get the rude awakening at the gas pumps and home heating fuel oil deliveries.  Nice job there Mr. Republican House and Senator Snow job. 

Or, should we perhaps look into how many big name Republicans are invested in Oil?  Especially in Texas.  Maybe there is more to the rise in prices of fossil fuel products than just an artificial shortage induced by OPEC.

The OPEC nations and the Republican Party will have to go a long, long way to win back my vote of confidence.... Instead of allowing this situation to persist this nation should NATIONALIZE our fossil fuel resources and tell OPEC to go fly a kite!  We saved their collective raghead butts re: Desert Storm... but now they want to "stick it to those decadent American Devils".  Well so be it!  To the Devil with them, one and all.

I, for one, am tired of helping with my tax dollars, those nations who... once they are protected, subsidized, up and running, turn on a dime and spit at us.  It is time the USA became a dominant world power in the fuel area also.  Perhaps when the newly elected Democratic Gore Administration is in office we shall see the greedy OPEC leaders taken down a peg or, few dozen pegs.  

Golden Opportunity turned to Rust!

"JEB" Bush; Either he is truly a Boy Governor or, his advisors and planners are nitwits.  Consider this.  His One-Florida Plan which is, in our editorial opinion, designed to methodically eliminate Affirmative Action is not for this State or Nation. Not now, not anytime.

One-Florida has hit the nation hard, right in the face. First, "JEB" Bush quietly appoints his campaign managing buddy and heaviest contributor.. Jacksonville powerhouse power broker, Tom Petway to the Chairmanship of the Florida State Board of Regents... then that Board votes approval of One-Florida a scant three months later. 

Smell the rotten fish yet? Ok, so we are not in Denmark.. but it STILL stinks to the high heavens!

One-Florida?? Where?!?  Florida is now MORE socially and racially divided than it was in 1960!!

We saw demonstrators and marchers, better than 45,000 strong, march on Tallahassee, the State's capitol, this past week. Along with sit-ins in the Governor's offices and candlelight vigils and singing at the Governor's Mansion.  Not one person participating had or has a kind word for the Bush Boys.... better known in this state as the Bushwhackers! 

The Bush Brothers - Truly a political disaster fully in the making. 

"Minorities, Jews, Catholics and Blacks have been betrayed" was the cry heard across the State.

Its quite evident that Bush's plan was not very well thought out. 

Take a look at this and give it some thought... Had "Jeb" placed the One-Florida Plan on a voter referendum ballot or, any ballot in November, the amount of voter turnout would have easily tripled with those voters known as the "silent majority". Which are comprised mostly of those who would love to see an end to Affirmative Action. 

At the same time, since they were out voting, it stands to reason they'd also cast their votes in the Presidential Race.... since a Bush was affording them an opportunity to do away with affirmative action one could logically conclude that many, many voters would also vote for a Bush... George W. Bush. 

But now, with the opposition vote all fired up by "JEB" Bush over the Ramrodded Dictatorial manner in which he implemented One-Florida... The entire South... not just Florida - the opposition vote, all races and creeds, are going to clobber a Bush... G.W. Bush, Jeb's Brother George is in for a very rough go and I might add could easily loose the election due to the Huey Long-like  behavior of "Jeb"... Yep... "Jeb's" Strategists and planners are in a deep sleep.  By the way, anybody know where Reggie Brown was during all this "high level thinking"?

Al Gore owes "Jeb" a real thank you... "Jeb" has done more to harm G.W. Bush's campaign than Gore can possibly imagine.

The whole thing sorta reminds one of the "rush to defend" one sees when a fire ant mound is kicked open...  Jeb has kicked open one heck of a mound with his force feeding of One-Florida.    Atta boy.... JEB!!

I could be wrong... I don't think so... If you think I am... by all means, let me hear from you. You can also reach us via Email or our very own newsgroups.  Simply point your newsgroup reader to and you'll be there.

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