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From the Editor's Desk...

The "BOY" Governor continues the "Mind Intercourse" Games.

One would think that since "Jeb" Bush is in the spotlight, he'd calm down with the zany actions and deeds of "DoubleSpeak" He's becoming very famous for his "You don't Understand" and his "say one thing in public and do another.... stab 'em in the back in private!"  Picture this if you will... A government agency entrusted with the protection and care of our, less than fortunate, children in the State.  Call it HRS or, maybe Children's Protective Services.  None the less, here 's the picture.

Our brilliant Governor "JEB", through his appointee in charge of the above mentioned mess called a State Agency, has made it clear; "those employees of this agency ... may join and participate in a Labor Union. How very Noble and proper of them.  Now the truth! The very same flunky .... whoops!  I mean appointee has made it abundantly clear, although NOT in writing,


 There you have it drearies... The Good Offices of the Governor of Florida has, once again, spoken with a forked tongue. It seems like every week another tidbit, dripping with the slime of backroom deals and lies, bubbles to the surface in the swill pool of Bushwhacker Politics.   One can only imagine what life would be like with another Bush in the Whitehouse and this Brat Kid we have as "Governor" wielding the awesome power and influence the FED Government offers.  This nation as a whole is now in jeopardy and would be in serious harm's way if G.W. (Dubya) Bush is elected President. Please, I beg of you, STOP the Bushwhackers now.

DOJ "Sees the Light"

The Department of Justice is now having second thoughts about splitting up Microsoft.  It's about time they woke up from the  jihad-like stupor induced by a bag full of Gates Haters.   Microsoft and Gates epitomize the American Dream... those fools tried to morph that dream into a nightmare.  Fortunately, there are still those in our control freak laden government who have a habit of thinking for themselves.  In the long run, we must support those who lead the nation fairly.  We must especially support those who govern the Judicial System with an unbiased hand based upon the Constitution and NOT the wishes of a bunch of radical troublemakers.  Good example?  As an example; Ralph Nader... his time, (can you say Ford Pinto?), has come and long gone.  He should retire before he's washed out of Washington D.C. in a boiling sea of ridicule.

I could be wrong... I don't think so... If you think I am... by all means, let me hear from you. You can also reach us via Email or our very own newsgroups.  Simply point your newsgroup reader to and you'll be there.

Time for a shameless plug;
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The Saltwater Sport/Game Fish Digest cd check it out.  It has five years of work into it, its graphics, photos and compilation of data.  The Data ranges from rule & regulations to recipes and just about everything else applicable to the title. This is a good one... get a copy today.  Updates are free for one year. Future releases will include Freshwater Sport/Game Fish and then.. Ornamental Fish Care & Keeping for both Fresh and Saltwater. PS, it makes a wonderful Gift for any occasion!



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