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From the Editor's Desk...

NOW... the Republican "BOY" Governor is after your right to vote!.

Week after week, after week! From the very week after his inauguration...We see "Jeb" Bush's critical onslaught against the rights of the citizens and taxpayers of The State of Florida.... continue with great arrogance!

And Now, ONCE AGAIN, Jeb Bush and his henchmen in Tallahassee are scheming a plan to place a slickly worded item on the ballot that is designed to confuse and complicate the "aye or nay" decision and/or otherwise drive the voter, out of sheer frustration, into punching away his right to vote for Judges in the State of Florida. "Jeb" Bush wants to GRAB THE POWER to appoint each and every Judge in the State of Florida.

"Atta Boy Jebby Baby"... erode those rights - take 'em away from 'em! They'll give 'em up like lambs give up their lives at the slaughterhouse.  "Jeb" you and your elite clique are a real and very dangerous gang of power hungry thugs.  People in The State of Florida ought to realize just how easily entire Nations lose their freedoms.  Its lost to clowns like you and your gang of Republican beasts who erode civil rights bit by bit until they're gone!  Whilst, all the time, proclaiming its for the "common good", "for the good of the state"!!  You and your "You don't understand" garbage is going to ultimately choke the rights of the people to death as efficiently as if you marched us all into gas chambers and pushed the buttons."

People of Florida had better wake up... this goof is a drooling wolf in sheep's clothing peddling equality, safety, serenity and peace while in reality he's after your civil rights, the right to vote, the right to speak up against his policies and the right to disagree with his Republican political party.  

People of Florida... vote against "Jeb" Bush and his "LOCAL OPTION REFERENDUM" Knock this thing OUT else; you'll lose your right to vote for those who shall sit in judgment of you. Vote it down... I beg each of you vote it down!  If you do not help to kill this arrogant referendum with your vote... we'll NEVER vote for a Judge in the State of Florida again.  As a result, you will allow "JEB" to appoint his cronies to the Bench in every County and Circuit in the state...  God help us all. Political Party Appointed Judges is a Disaster! Throughout the ages of history we can see these things are true.  When the people lose their right to vote  ...all is lost.

Please, folks... never forget 1939 Germany's Judges .. those appointed by Herr Adolf!  The people of Europe never stood a chance!


On the local front.... Hizzoner... Jacksonville City, Duval County Mayor John ("The Boy Wonder") Delaney is in his last term.  Due to term limits. (Thanks to Tillie Fowler)  So what is he doing??  Since he does not have to woo the voters for a bid to be re-elected... This "Rocket Scientist Politico" is busy trying to promote and successfully get a sales tax increase!! 

So Johnny Boy, this is your parting shot??  Stick it to the taxpayers of Duval County??  Nice going!! 

Thankfully,  Delaney's proposed Sales Tax increase will be on the ballot like Tommy Hizouri's was when he was busy trying to get rid of the Toll Booths on I-95.  That was a worthwhile endeavor.  As a result, it succeeded. This thing of Delaney's is a mockery of truth in government. Thankfully being on the ballot allows the people to decide whether or not the tax is needed. Is this increase a viable move?  I don't think so.  I think Delaney is busy trying to finance big bux pork barrel projects on the backs of the taxpayers.  Projects that are mainly there to provide reminders (monuments) of his term as mayor.  Duval is among the highest taxed counties in the State.  Weren't we told that the added revenues from the NFL team (The Jaguars) being here..... would greatly postpone this sort of thing?  Sorta makes one wonder; "Who are the real fertilizer merchants... Purina or City Hall?"  Looks like City Hall has the High Grade BS at this time.

By the way, Johnny Boy... any truth to the rumor your Republican Buddy  State Rep. Thrasher (R-Orange Park)  is going to run (Let's Make a DEAL) for your office??  Pretty Neat.. the way the Republican Party is trying to sew things up into a tidy neat little Republican package. I'd love to see Matt Carlucci or Ginger Soud run against Thrasher...  He'd lose to either Ginger or Matt in a heartbeat! At least they listen to.. and talk with the people.

Whoops!!!  "Jeb" has "nothing to say" about the proposed abolition of the State Board of Regents?? After it did its dirty work (One-Florida) under the leadership of its Chairman Tom Petway it appears its no longer needed.  Another voice of the people to be silenced?  Or, a boondoggle to be done away with and not too soon?  But why has "Jeb" remained silent about the move to abolish the Board of Regents??  Because it takes away his appointed buddy's ego trip?  Political Plum?  Who knows...

I can tell you this though; As time goes by the footshots coming from our in-experienced carpetbagger-like politicians in Duval County and Tallahassee are becoming louder and louder, more noticeable by the day. 

Its no wonder the joke goes like this; Retirement homes for Politicians and their cronies are called "minimum security prisons".  Sad but true and ever so believable when one pays attention to what the current goofs are doing while in office.

STReport Editorials may be copied, forwarded and duplicated - as long as they remain as written and in their entirety.

I could be wrong... I don't think so... If you think I am... by all means, let me hear from you. You can also reach us via Email or our very own newsgroups.  Simply point your newsgroup reader to and you'll be there.

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