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From the Editor's Desk...

The Rape of the Century by the Feds and the States

What has Microsoft done that every other profit making enterprise is now doing or will do at the drop of a hat? The US Government and the GREEDY (money & notoriety) State AG's have made a sham of the Sherman Anti-Trust Act. The Phone - Bells and BIG OIL have a stranglehold on the nation's communications and economy yet Joel Klein is busy trying to nail MS. What's WRONG with picture? Like the price of GAS??  Tell Joel baby all about it.

 Could it be the States and the Fed were intimidated by the size and power of MS?  Because they too were using the best software out there at this time and felt intimidated by the whole affair?  Is the paranoia of the Control Freaks in Government running "Out of Control"?

Janet (WACO) Reno was incompetent when she was State Attorney of Dade County Florida and she's 10x worse in Washington DC! Truly an accident looking for a place to happen!  Hasn't she proven this well enough already?? Janet resign! Resign! RESIGN! Blame it on health reasons. But please, no matter what... Resign before you do far more serious damage to this trusting country.

What is happening to Microsoft is so reminiscent of the times when Gutenberg brought forth the printing press and the "Nobles" of those times went wacky because it (the printing press) put information into the hands of the peasants. The Nobles no longer had control of the information flow to the peasants. In this day and age... Microsoft's Hardware/Software Compatibility requirements via Win9x and Win2000 have made using computers so simple and easy as to allow almost every person in the USA an opportunity to use their computers to the fullest, view the WEB, the Internet, keep track of all the news, views and reviews.. Bloated Government, bent on controlling its citizens, from the womb to the tomb, has no place in today's modern educated society.

"No longer does the US Gov't enjoy the luxury of having only a few major Radio, TV and Newspaper networks to control what the public sees and hears.  Computers and the Internet have put an end to unilateral Gov't control of the flow of information to the public. Microsoft played a major role in making computers affordable and easy to use..." Could it be they're now getting paid back for such?

Did you know Judge Penfield Jackson was the SAME "brilliant" Federal Judge who presided over the Marion Berry case - The Crack Cocaine Mayor in Washington DC?? I say Jackson is an incompetent plague on the US Judicial System. Jackson hasn't a clue when it comes to computers and their use.  Other than what he's told by old school chum Arthur "The Mavin" Lessig.  Why does Jackson always look like he just wet himself?

The times sure are changing! We have a totally incompetent Federal Judge who is so far behind the times and totally out of his prime... calling the shots on an upbeat, far into the future, technology company whose only "crime" has been to put a computer into the common everyday man's hands.  The big sticking point of the Clueless DOJ is the Trust Busting angle...  What a bag of manure this is.  One could understand this if ... the "solution of breaking up AT&T was a sound solution.  It was not and has not changed anything.  The "Baby Bells still control the telecommunications industry throughout the country and the world.  Oh, they have different names and are chartered or incorporated with all sorts of figurehead principals but the bottom line is simple and clear... they have the monopoly all wrapped up.  It wouldn't be so bad except it was not supposed to be that way. 

Nowadays, if you call "MA BELL" for any kind of service or installation you are guaranteed to get jerked around about the times of installation, the efficiency of service and especially, of the availability of the service you desire in the area in which you have either your home or office.  Strange though ...if one calls a contractual competitor ie; E-Spire Communications, you'll find they can do it and do it for less. Then comes the fun.  The Baby  Bells... LEASE the access lines to E-Spire because its the LAW.  Now we begin find the ways Ma Bell proves to be a REAL MOTHER!  You are waiting a month or two for Ma Bell to provide the required access.... then once you're connected, up and running.... you find strange outages occur with uncanny regularity. Upon investigating the outages you find the most common excuse come from  Ma Bell is: "We experienced a cut cable in your area".  Folks if there were that many "CUT CABLES" Ma Bell should be completely re-built in many areas of the country.  They've worn this dumb-a** excuse out!

Why am I giving you this backgrounder when we started talking about MS and the DOJ?  Easy... When the Government and its gaggle of egomaniacal incompetents get involved in high technology... it soon becomes "reverse technology" then.... the ultimate occurs.  The consumer takers it in the neck again and again.

Now comes the kicker... watch AOL, Netscape and CIS which is also AOL - Steve Case (Head Honcho at AOL) has already stated they plan to integrate Netscape into everything they do and at the same time DROP MSIE from its current availability.  Hmmm..... seems they're going to do the very same things the DOJ is accusing and finding wrong about Microsoft. I still feel that AOL IS an arm.... of the Government namely a divisional offshoot of one of the spook agencies.  An agency whose sole charter and goal is to grab as much information possible about each and every internet and telecommunications user it can.  So far, all the indicators bear this premise out to a tee.  AOL is... without a doubt; A full and powerful Monopoly in the communications arena.  I would not be surprised if time proves these suspicions to be true. Remember Air America in the 'Nam days?  Or the Deep Cover Ship Hughes built and owned, labeled an explorer "Glomar Explorer" (sp)  whose sole purpose and design was to raise the Soviet's  sunken Nuclear Sub in the Pacific? Mostly because the government wanted the codebooks and targeting info.  Uncle Sugar can do most anything and darn near get away with it.  Suddenly, its believable that AOL is not all it appears to be.

In another area. This business with the little Cuban Boy Elian Gonzales and his Daddy...  I say that goof Castro and the INS should leave those people alone!  They've been made pawns of by two "jousting" governments and an estranged political faction.  According to my sources, how about the fact that Clinton was told through the Diplomatic pipeline that if... we did not "play ball", Castro would unleash another Mariel Boatlift Affair... thousands of Cubans cut loose to immigrate to South  Florida. "Jeb" will put 'em up at the Gubernatorial Mansion! Clinton and the Demos immediately feel this would endanger Al Gore's Presidential Run....  So, we're gonna let Castro have his way! Not a Chance!! Come on President Clinton... Slap Castro down.

Incredible!!  Gore and Clinton both should stand up and be heard.  Tell the country and the world the truth!  Then tell Castro to stuff it!!  We are the USA and we can handle anything that Castro throws at us.  Including his downtrodden, suffering slave-like population.

Better Yet.... Let the Father, his wife and son (Elian's half brother) the little boy in Miami (Elian Gonzales) stay here in the USA under the protection of Political Asylum.  Castro be Damned!  What they are now doing to these people is a vicious atrocity. 

Political Football gets very painful for the football.  In this case Elian and his families, both here and in Cuba, are indeed the football.

STReport Editorials may be copied, forwarded and duplicated - as long as they remain as written and in their entirety.

I could be wrong... I don't think so... If you think I am... by all means, let me hear from you. You can also reach us via Email or our very own newsgroups.  Simply point your newsgroup reader to and you'll be there.

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