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Greedy Fed & States?


Does Microsoft really deserve the labels and pursuit its enjoying at the hands of the DOJ and a bunch of wanna be AG's from States around the country?  Hard to say?  I don't think so.

Microsoft.  Ah yes... I can remember the tough times learning the command line dos as well as the next computer geek.  Back in those days the bland hum drum look of the CGA monitor and the two or three colors we enjoyed was drab, dull and boring.  Not to mention extremely difficult to learn to use.  Of course the difficulty gave rise to an industry across the nation of goofy, rip-off schools.  If one went to an established institution of learning, one was taught Cobol as a programming language.  That equated to learning Latin - a DEAD language then they taught you the basics of a command line interpreter... cool, you now knew how to get a directory and format a disk.  All this for thousands of dollars in tuition.

The private sectors came up with even more wonderful ideas.  They came up with "Certification"... Oh, to be a Novell Certified Network Technician...  You could become certified for approximately ten thousand dollars...  The scams grew in direct proportion to the gouge....

Then along comes Gates & Company...  After a while, the GUI (Graphic User Interface) was recognized as the future.  Along came Windows 1. It was different and caused a minor stir among the hard nosed command line binkies..  than after a greater while came a positive step toward the future with Windows 3.0 - Here was something to take note of... Windows 3 was the beginning of making the use of a computer easier to learn and become proficient at because of a friendly user interface.  Windows 3.0 literally put thousands of users in place because of its ease of use.  The PC hardware business got a shot in the arm that has yet to fade.

Windows 95 received such fanfare and press coverage as to reach even the most remote users and have them fully aware that they too.... could be a proficient computer user because of the interface.  Windows 95 introduced compatibility requirements that stressed hardware and software happiness across a myriad of different machines around the world.  The greatest growth factor for computers and computing since the inception of machines like the house-sized, vacuum tube run beasts at the end of WWII was now at hand.

Microsoft's Windows 95 made "The Internet" a household word.  Prior to Windows 95, The Internet and all its various subnets were the semi-private turf of the Collegiate and net gurus of the world.  The common unwashed masses had yet to see, hear and feel the power of the Internet.  With the advent of an Operating System such as Microsoft's Windows 95 that provided all the basics and necessities to "do the job" without the user being "nickel and dimed" to death...  came a flurry of whiners who cried and cried foul because they could no longer squeeze "mo money" outta the neophyte users.

Competition and Free Enterprise have been and still are the rock foundations of this Nation's Economy.  In fact.. if any Corporation ever contributed more to the USA's Independent, unaffected by world events, Economy... than Microsoft would have to take a back seat.  While the Pacific Rim Nation's heavily inflated economies collapsed one after the other, Microsoft's introduction and release of Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows 98se and now, Windows 2000 has done nothing but bolster the US Economy, stabilize the nation's wealth and add heavily to the growth factors of the hardware, software and research industries worldwide. 

Then comes the Tax base thus provided by Microsoft.  For the State of Washington, other States and the Federal Government it means millions of dollars per year in Corporate Income Taxes.  In the areas of individual wealth... Microsoft has both directly and indirectly created more millionaires than any other US Corporation in History.  Now comes the trickle down economy contributions by Microsoft.  The wages paid in the States and other countries provide untold numbers in personal income taxes both city and state not to mention federal... taxes paid for every dollar earned by MS employees and MS temporary employees... taxes paid for every dollar spent by these employees worldwide.  It easily amounts to billions of dollars.  Solid US dollars. Then comes the millions in sales taxes collected by every State for Microsoft Product Sales.

So what do the egomaniacal heads of the DOJ devise??  Along with various State AG's?? A way to screw all the benefits up because Gates, as a man, is perceived as having far too much power and money (money is power) at his disposal.  The control freaks in government were in a tizzy over this fact and the fact that HIS operating system was in use throughout government both FED and State. Thus, they franticly devised a way to take Gates down a peg or two.... 

Who are these control freaks actually going to hurt?  Who else but the US consumer.  You and I! Why?  Here it is in a nutshell.  Prices for software will go up and the nickel and diming of users will go on a dramatic increase.  Once again the US consumer gets it in the neck because of "know-nothing", "legends in their own minds", US politicians.. Every State's AG is an elected politician looking to make a name.  The FED AG... well we, as a nation, have managed to endure the tenure of the worst, most incompetent AG the US Government has had since the Declaration of Independence.

As an after-thought.... The US Government sought to break up AT&T, IBM and earlier in history the OIL giants etc., take a look at where they all are today.  Every one of the harassed and litigated corporations via The Sherman Anti-Trust Act... are very much alive and well.  In fact they're 100% more powerful than they were before the US Government Actions.  AT&T just yesterday had its biggest and most successful IPO in market history!!  Yes Sir, the US consumer is the only Victim in all this Legal Poppycock.

Yes, I am in favor of the DOJ backing down and getting out of areas it has no expertise in. Judge Jackson and his buddy Arthur Lessig have yet to learn what the average tenth grader forgot about computing and computers! I am dead set against the opportunistic dolts from the various States who've jumped on the bandwagon hoping to grab fame for themselves and money for the States they represent.  These actions should be dismissed forthwith.  If not, I hope each and every State's action is remanded to the Federal Courts, combined into one action and summarily dismissed. 

What these politicians have tried to do to Microsoft is ridiculous.  For all its warts... and there are a few, Microsoft has done far more good for this Country and the world than most others and especially those who "talk" about doing things while holding countries and entire peoples hostage in offering the "help".  (US AID - CIA)  The politicians in Washington, DC had better right this wrong being perp'ed against Microsoft by the Government lest they go down in History, right along with Reno, as the Country's most shameful, incompetent gaggle of goofs in US History.


I could be wrong... I don't think so... If you think I am... by all means, let me hear from you. You can also reach us via Email or our very own newsgroups.  Simply point your newsgroup reader to and you'll be there.

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