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Does the DOJ... REALLY have a Case?
Will These Three Go Down In History as Bungling Idiots?

Janet "WACO" Reno

Judge Penfield "Mayor Berry" Jackson

Joel "Trustbuster" Klein

As the Microsoft case grinds on through the legal system, inexorably toward irrelevancy, more people are taking notice of the fatal weaknesses in the  Justice Department's arguments. This is demonstrated by public opinion polls showing more people siding with Microsoft than the government. Even under the outdated antitrust laws, it is not illegal to earn a large market share, so the government is required to show that consumers were harmed.

If they had been overcharged, that might be evidence of harm. But the government essentially argued that Microsoft charged too little. If the decision against Microsoft stands up on appeal, Congress should consider revisiting the Sherman Antitrust Act. John D. Rockefeller is dead and Standard Oil was broken up long ago. The only monopoly since then has been  AT&T- and I might add, that was a government-created monopoly.

Perhaps what is needed is a clear definition of "monopoly." These are some elements one might have:

  • No regulation.

  • Complete domination of the market for the product or service it offers, not because it is better but because a federal law prohibits competition.

  • The ability to raise its prices at will, to any level it deems necessary.

Prosecuting this alleged predatory creature might be extremely difficult, however. The only organization in the United States that seems to fit that description is the U.S. Postal Service, which is owned and operated by the Federal Government.

Graduates OPPRESSED!!

On the local scene.. Duval County.... It is Graduation Time again.  In the past three years, we've seen a growing propensity by the Duval County School Board to go wacky over discipline of the graduating students and incredibly, their parents during the Graduation Ceremonies. 

In this reporter's opinion, the School Board  ought to be disciplining itself and I might add doing so with the very same Gestapo-like gusto they mete out to the parents of the graduating students.  This school board never ceases to amaze me.  They have the very worst and possibly some good members on the board... which has made for a "do nothing" of any significance School Board for years.  One member has been repeatedly seen picking his nose during School Board Meetings.. That clown leaves the impression that a "Box of Rocks" has more smarts than he does. Another "Gem" is nothing more than a loudmouth shill for his buddies on the Westside and he's a failure at that too! Then come the biggest disgrace of all; Stan Jordan... why this guy was re-elected to the school board repeatedly is beyond me... he's reminiscent of the old adage of the fox guarding the henhouse!  Stan Jordan is, thankfully, gone this time around due to term limits.  I was originally opposed to Term Limits but because of goofs like him, Johnson and Parker..  I supported and continue to support Term Limits like it's my own proposal.

However, there still are some good members on the board...ah.... maybe not!  But then... one can only wonder where they are when a ruling comes down about the parents of graduating students not being allowed to applaud their offspring during the announcing of each Graduate's name.  Else, they'll be ejected from the proceedings. Then, in the same vein.... Formally introduced teachers, principals and guest speakers should also NOT receive applause.

In these times we live in... I firmly believe that each and every young adult achieving the satisfactory completion of their high school studies and graduating has truly reached a tremendous milestone in their education. To have a bunch of maniacal control freaks mar such an event with outrageous , heavy handed tactics is criminal in itself and should be ceased immediately.  Could this all be a result of retired Air Force Lt. Gen. Fryer's "stiff backed" disciplinary military background thrusting its way through into our civilian lives? He should go too.. right along with Jordan.

Children going through High School, persevering and succeeding to ultimately Graduate is a tremendous achievement!  BOTH the Graduates and their parents should be heartedly applauded for having "made the grade" - - having endured the vicious gauntlet comprised of peer pressure, drugs, sex and just about every other distracting  temptation imaginable.  Being successful in their studies is not enough these days... They must also be successful in life itself.

So, there you have it... These young men and women met the challenge head on and "Made the Grade"  BIG TIME. 

Yet.... our wacky Duval County FL School Board has seen fit to adopt overly harsh disciplinary measures that are utterly ridiculous and extremely punishing.


I could be wrong... I don't think so... If you think I am... by all means, let me hear from you. You can also reach us via Email or our very own newsgroups.  Simply point your newsgroup reader to and you'll be there.

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