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Is the DOJ... Political or AMUCK?
  • Why is the DOJ Ignoring AOL & Time/WARNER - AT&T & Media One, ADM and ConAgra while SO Diligently Crucifying Microsoft?
  • What's WRONG Here?
  • Did GATES contribute too heavily to the Republicans? 
  • What is the REAL REASON behind the DOJ's despicable actions besides RENO'S obvious incompetence?

Janet "Ruby Ridge & Waco" Reno
Resign - Resign - Resign!

Judge Penfield "Mayor Berry" Jackson
Lets a Crack Monkey Mayor Walk!

Joel "Trustbuster" Klein

The DOJ... Is it possible this arm of the Judicial Branch of the US Government can no longer be trusted to be for, by and of the People??  Where is the system of checks and balances?  It would appear the DOJ is running wild.

Reno & Co. along with some Stateside Glory Boys (are they really "Yes Flunkies" serving the DOJ?), are very busy trying to bury the Company and the Man who made the American Dream a true reality. Microsoft and Bill Gates EPITOMIZE The American Dream.  To WIN and WIN BIG!

AOL & Time Warner are communications GIANTS!! As are AT&T and MEDIA ONE... yet the DOJ APPROVES the Mergers of BOTH AOL and Time Warner Inc. AND AT&T and MEDIA ONE!!  Incredible.. almost as if someone or some people got paid off handsomely. 

Those two mergers would yield a complete stranglehold on communications in the USA and in many parts of the world.  Why... did the DOJ say OK??  I believe its because the US Gov't wants total control over what we see, hear and feel... the control freaks are running wild.

Then comes the two Agribusiness Giants; Archer Daniels Midland (ADM) and ConAgra.

Why are these two beasts of Cartels allowed to continue unscathed by Reno. Klein & Co.?

ADM finances and orchestrates the Elian Gonzales debacle from start to finish... why? because they've been promised exclusive rights to all of Cuba's cash crop dealings by Castro if ADM gets the boy, Elian Gonzales, back to his estranged Father.  ADM hires Clinton's lawyer and he develops the harp on Parental Rights... the un-informed masses in this country fall for the scheme... they don't know the father has no parental rights according to the Cuban Constitution.  The little boy belongs to the Castro Government!!  But as is usually the case, the general population, via opinion polls and spin doctors (liars), is swayed by the Washington DC Propaganda Experts who put the "Parental Spin" on the entire matter thus justifying the Storm Trooper Tactics of the DOJ and INS...

The American public (The Taxpayers) is, once again, mislead.

It is no wonder the peoples of Nations of the world do not trust the US Government.. if our own citizens and taxpayers were to really pay attention to what is going on... I'm afraid the politician flap-jaws of this nation would all be in jail.  That, my dear friends is why the control freaks in Washington D.C. want to tightly control the flow of information to the average Joe in the USA and the World.  At this time, the flow of information is not controlled. But...  they'll keep coming at you, to gain the control, from every conceivable direction until they are either firmly and decisively defeated or, they get their way.

On the Local Scene....

Duval County....

The Boy Wonder Mayor, John Delaney (R)... has tried to pull the wool over the taxpayer's eyes... AGAIN!  This past week, amidst all the Superbowl 2005 hoopla, this highly trained professional Attorney allowed the rumor... that's right, RUMOR get started that the NFL's Superbowl Committee had taken Mayor Delaney's "Better Jacksonville Plan into consideration in justifying whether or not a Superbowl Game would be played in Jacksonville in the year 2005.

The Superbowl Committee could care less about a better Jacksonville... They care about the Bottom Line.... $$$$$  How much will the Game generate and will the Superbowl be positively effected by the entire event in Jacksonville.  John Delaney is a DREAMER!  John Delaney's vision.

This Guy should KNOW BETTER than to play on rumor mongering!! How DARE He allow people to think his Goofy Plan has had an influence on the Superbowl Committee!!  He's guaranteeing failure to his plea to increase the Sales Tax in Duval County to PAY for his Grandiose Boondoggle! Talk about contributing to Inflation!

As a result of this and his BS about "once "The Better Jacksonville Plan is paid for, ($1.5 BILLION) the TAX will be rescinded" clause is written into the tax increase referendum. Has anyone, in their entire lifetime, EVER seen a Sales TAX reduced or removed???  Especially at the local level??  Then comes the story that Delaney's cohorts are out to restore the TOLL BOOTHS Mayor Tommy Hazouri shut down and removed.  Folks if that happens or, is even remotely hinted at as going forward, I strongly suggest that Delaney KISS His Political Career Goodbye.

What about the Senior Citizens who are on a fixed income??  They're going to go to Rock Shows and Baseball Games?  Maybe, but not likely Yes sir, Mayor Delaney has really taken time to study the overall effect of a sales tax increase on the Retired Folks, Senior Citizens and the Poor...  I don't think so! Atta Boy Johnny!  Way to Go!

Another "insider" hint... Our snoop heard that Delaney is going to HELP John Thrasher (R) get elected as the next Mayor of Jacksonville FL.  You don't know of or ever heard of Thrasher?  Ex-Speaker of the House in Tallahassee - - A Republican and I might add another of.. like Delaney,  Tom Petway's buddies.  Petway?  hmmmm multi millionaire insurance mogul and powerbroker based in Jacksonville FL... A very "Good Buddy" of FL Gov. "Jeb".... they go back a long way....

Speaking of JEB, remember that debacle about JEB sending a certain memo around the State of Florida wanting the various Republican Leaders in the State to find "like-minded" people for various responsible positions which JEB could appoint them to??  Listen to this... recently, in St. John's County, there was a need for a Judge... the nominating committee was hit with 53 applicants and sent only three to Bush's desk for approval.  One can only wonder if he'll appoint a capable individual or a "token...."

Additionally, JEB's wanting to take away your right to vote!! In as much as Judges are concerned in the State of Florida, Bush wants to appoint them all!! Talk about a grab for power??!! Look for a resolution and voter referendum on the November ballot that's written in such a way as to confuse the voter to such a degree that most will likely "guess" at what it is asking for and ultimately, wind up voting in favor of Bush's wishes.  That is to say:  The voters will give away their right to vote for Judges in the State of Florida.  Look for a complete draft of this stealthy killer resolution in our next issue.

UPDATE:  Our Fine Governor... the Guy who says he thinks so much of the Future of Florida,  its Taxpayers & Voters, has it planned place the TAKE AWAY YOUR RIGHT TO VOTE REFERENDUM on the NOVEMBER BALLOT, so all his Republican Buddies can force the TAKE AWAY YOUR RIGHT TO VOTE REFERENDUM down the throats of ALL the Citizens and Taxpayers of The State of Florida... Get Out and VOTE in BOTH the Primary and General Elections.  You'll never get the chance again to vote for such serious matters and effect real change in government.

Please, make certain you understand what's being done here:

(c) In any circuit where the initiative is to change the selection of circuit court judges to selection by merit selection and retention the ballot shall state: "Shall court judges in the (number of circuit) judicial circuit be selected through merit selection ant retention?" This statement must be followed by the word "yes" and also by the word "no."

(d) In any circuit where the initiative is to change the selection of circuit court judges to election by the voters, the ballot shall state: "Shall circuit court judges in the (number of the circuit) judicial circuit be selected by vote of the electorate of the circuit?" This statement must followed by the word "yes" and also by the word "no."

(e) In any county where the initiative is to change the selection of county court judges to selection by merit selection and retention the ballot shall state: "Shall court judges in the (name of county) be selected through merit selection ant retention?" This statement must be followed by the word "yes" and also by the word "no."

(f) In any county where the initiative is to change the selection of county court judges to election by the voters, the ballot shall state: "Shall county court judges in the (name of the county) be selected by vote of the electorate of the county?" This statement must followed by the word "yes" and also by the word "no."

Talk about Blatant Vote Manipulation!

Please folks.... don't allow our "Hot Shot" Governor to take away your right to vote for the Judges that will preside over all matters in your area.  Criminal Law, Family Law, Civil Matters.. etc.

Remember, these are the people who will decide many things in your lives including child custody, and many other serious matters in your life and life style.

Having a voice, through your vote, in Government  is the only REAL POWER you have in government.  Don't allow the gradual and deliberate erosion of your rights to continue.  Stop JEB from slicing away another portion of you inalienable rights bestowed upon you by the Constitution of the United States of America and in particular, by The Bill of Rights.

To Jerry Shea.... Get Well Buddy, we need to see ya keeping 'em in line....

I could be wrong... I don't think so... If you think I am... by all means, let me hear from you. You can also reach us via Email or our very own newsgroups.  Simply point your newsgroup reader to and you'll be there.

STReport Editorials may be copied, forwarded and duplicated - as long as they remain intact.

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