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"The Rape of Microsoft - aka - The Destruction of the American Dream"
06/02/00 - RESIGN, RENO  ..RESIGN --- Is Microsoft to become the Industrial WACO in Reno's World??

"America was not made the industrial giant of the world by the robber barons alone," Reno told her weekly press conference. "It was made the industrial giant of the world by competition, by encouraging new developments, by encouraging young entrepreneurs to break into the market. It's the best system I've seen so far."

Reno was asked why the Justice Department has bought tens of thousands of PCs running Windows, rather than ones with other operating systems.

"I don't think you endorse something by purchasing it if it's the only game in town ... in terms of an effective machine, and the lowest price available," Reno replied.

Has this Attorney General any Common Sense or, is she completely idealistic in her own "Peter Pan" world??  What and who was Bill Gates and the other young people who founded Microsoft??  Turnips?? Gates did exactly what Reno described above!  However, in Reno's wacky administration, pipe dreams and business must go hand in hand according to Janet WACO Reno. Microsoft wasn't the only game in town... there was and are others... Reno is truly in a dream world.  We agree Janet.... we humbly agree. You don't think!

The judge in the Microsoft antitrust case, on Thursday, gave the parties until next Wednesday to file additional legal arguments before he rules on government proposals to break up the company, the Associated Press is reporting. U.S. District Judge Thomas Penfield Jackson made the move after a conference call, according to the AP.

Some observers had speculated that Jackson would rule as soon as Friday in the case. Microsoft on Wednesday condemned the government's breakup proposal -- while at the same time making revisions to the plan to comply with Jackson's order. In its latest chance to dispute the Department of Justice proposal, Microsoft said the plan was "extreme and unjustified."

Here, at STReport.. we have concluded that the DOJ (a) has no case and  (b) jumped the gun by initiating a case to begin with.  Having said that, Let's examine the facts behind such.  Since the DOJ began its proceedings and the various States Attorney Generals across the country have, in lemming-like fashion, jumped on the band wagon, there have been thundering changes in the Computing Community.  Mergers, Procedural Changes, Policy Changes among most of the computing community giants... for example, the Merger of AT&T and Media One and the merger of AOL and Time Warner.... If Microsoft was/is a Monopoly then I ask... what in heaven's name are the two mentioned above?  AOL is, without a doubt, a powerful dictatorial conglomerate that reigns brutally supreme in the telecommunications community....

Yet the DOJ has continually fawned and finessed AOL.  We ask WHY? AOL has shown, time and again, that it has surpassed Microsoft's, alleged by the DOJ, arrogance, unfair practices and monopolistic business dealings at every possible front.  At the very beginning of this debacle AOL, while the DOJ was accusing MS of dastardly deed over its Browser, went ahead and bought Netscape thus effectively neutralizing the DOJ's Browser complaint against Microsoft.

Now, we find MS in a position of waiting for a Federal District Judge to "make up his mind" (literally) about what to do with the case.  Common sense dictates that the DOJ should lose this round due to the fact they have little or no experience in the concepts of 21st Century Business and especially in the IT and Computing Community.  Oh, they claim to have such, as does the Judge, by their stating they've brought in "Industry Experts".  Truth is, for the DOJ the experts were and are flunkies for the lobbyists hired by Microsoft's competitors and for the Judge, well that's a horror story in itself... seems the Judge brought in school chum Arthur Lessig.. a "so-called expert" at computing.  Shame of it all is Lessig has never owned or developed an expert ability on a PC... Lessig uses a MAC!!

Yes.... <sigh> we have been following what we call; "The Rape of Microsoft - aka - The Destruction of the American Dream" all that can be said is; "This entire matter smacks of collusion, backstabbing and a government group eager to make a name for themselves." 

Remember this folks... these lawyers who work for the government... they're really the ones who couldn't cut the mustard in the private sector.  So, they got on the public dole.  They went to work for Uncle Sugar and proceeded to go for the ride.  I'd love to see Klein compete in the world of Corporate Law... I can hear the gnashing of teeth and flow of wailing and tears already.  I'd guarantee the Gov't sharpie "trust buster" would be hollering for his mommy in no time at all!       


I could be wrong... I don't think so... If you think I am... by all means, let me hear from you. You can also reach us via Email or our very own newsgroups.  Simply point your newsgroup reader to and you'll be there.

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