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Jackson- Breakup Microsoft! - Another "Emotional Cripple" heard from!

06/09/00 - Jackson, Reno and Klein must GO!

"House Majority Leader Dick Armey, R-Texas, echoed that call. "Judge Jackson is basing his ruling on a zoom-lens snapshot of one moment of time," he said. "But that picture is already outdated. I'm shocked that one judge would presume to know exactly how the high-tech economy should evolve."

I never thought I'd be agreeing with Dick Armey, a Republican.  But ... Agree I must. At the head of the DOJ we have a leader in Janet WACO Reno who is terribly incompetent and seriously ill, and we have a group of politically swayed goofs who'd rather do the Democratic Bidding than do the right thing.  This guy Klein, the so called wunderkind of Trust-busting is a legal weakling who used to be Clinton's legal advisor!!  The entire world saw how that soap opera went. Clinton was made a fool of. If I were Gore... I'd promise to fix this wrong if I was elected... If Gore doesn't, he runs a serious risk of losing the election.

Marion Barry

In Thomas Penfield Jackson, (why does he always look like he just wet himself?),  we have a decrepit old man who hasn't a clue about high tech economy, e-business, super-fast worldwide circulation and best of all; the use of computers and applications.  This "Judge" was the very same Judge who let Washington D. C. Mayor Marion Barry off the Crack Cocaine Hook (Barry was caught on video tape in a motel room doing Crack Coke and a hooker) thus, allowing the Crack Monkey to run for mayor again!  I LOUDLY ask... is this a Judge who has a firm grasp on reality let alone what's going on in today's high tech business and society?  I don't think so.  In fact, in Plain English this Judicial Goof made his "decision" in a state of emotional unrest (He's "upset" with Microsoft) and has, without a doubt, caused irreparable harm to both the high tech industry and Microsoft. Not to mention the staggering possibilities to this nation's overall economy.

Now, we are faced with the stagnation of high tech software progress and possible rape of the world's users by the likes of Ellison, Sun and Barksdale... They've all maintained a relatively low profile for some time but these three have plans...    Plans like renting software, software they can have their companies control remotely.. Control Control Control.... Folks, that's what this is all about.  The government wants tight control over the Net, your computer and the companies creating the software and hardware.  This goofy decision is only the beginning of a time of great unrest, turmoil and indecision. I'd go so far as to say.. Microsoft will, undoubtedly, benefit greatly from the entire Reno, Penfield Jackson, Klein escapade.

The old line Politicians are scared to death of the Power of the Net and the way its users could either clobber or swing an election.  Make no mistake about it.  The majority of sensible Americans want LESS BIG GOVERNMENT not MORE!!  The DOJ vs. MS debacle is a prime example of runaway BIG GOVERNMENT trying to interfere with or, control most everything.

I personally feel that Microsoft should abruptly MOVE to Canada!  Rub salt in Reno's nose and show the world the US Government is NOT... I repeat NOT in Total Control! Let Bill Gates prove the USA is STILL a Democracy where people's business' is run by them not by a bunch of of political coddlers.

What Reno, the democrats and Jackson have done is allow a few snivel nosed competitors of Microsoft who simply could not "cut the mustard" come cry to Reno (through high dollar lobbyists) to fight their battles for them.  The hairbag politicians saw a "golden opportunity" to establish a name for themselves. Much as those who hammered AT&T did almost twenty years ago. (AT&T is 10x as strong today)

Let Vancouver enjoy the benefits of having Microsoft there.  The taxes alone could propel Vancouver into being a city larger and more prosperous than Seattle.  Where the hell were the politicians from Washington State hiding throughout this rape of Microsoft?

Our Government and in particular, the DOJ has given us ample reason to be ashamed of them to the max.  The entire "Clinton Regime" has been more brutal and BLOODY against US Citizens and US Business than any other domestic government in the History of the USA. Truly the DOJ has become the Department of TOTAL In-Justice!

Reno has to go.... Penfield Jackson should be disbarred or forcefully RETIRED.. Joel Klein should simply go away... They have collectively tried to do the future of both this Nation and the World irreparable harm.

Reno, Jackson and Klein have done more to help the Republican Presidential Candidate George W. Bush defeat Al Gore than any 1000 network TV ads could possibly do!


Mayor John Delaney's "BOONDOGGLE" Will he dance on tabletops at the Beaches again?

John Delaney's vision.Jacksonville, FL - Firestorm 2000 that's what its called and here's where its happening. Duval County and Jacksonville are one and the same.  The Mayor of Jacksonville John Delaney is on his way out due to term limits.  This guy... in his apparent fervor to leave some sort of memorial to his administration has come up with the "Boondoggle of the Century!"

While thousands of acres of wooded land around Duval County are going up in flames... and after this county experienced the same sort of threats and damage last year... our illustrious mayor comes up with a plan called "The Better Jacksonville Plan" aka "The Delaney Boondoggle"Mayor Delaney would better serve the citizens and taxpayers of Duval County by instituting a plan that would provide BUILT IN Protections against future firestorms... How?  That's easy... Fire Hydrants!  Fire Spray Walls and River & Ocean Fire Emergency Sump Systems.  But no this goof is busy wanting to build a new courthouse, baseball stadium,  library, and pave some roads.  DUH!!  What's he gonna do?  Make sure the next Mayor of Jacksonville has well paved roads for the the folks who are under threat of wildfire to flee on while going to the new baseball park to be used as a temporary dwelling as they watch their homes, places of business and schools burn to the ground?

Why is this Mayor so near sighted??  What is it going to take to wake this egomaniac up? A neighborhood in ashes?  A few toasted taxpayers?  WHAT will it take???

With the threat of wildfires multiplying in the area, several Jacksonville neighborhoods want to know why they don't have any fire hydrants

They are concerned about their safety. Some neighbors say they are speaking out now before it's too late. They say that with dry conditions feeding more and more wildfires, the danger becomes a reality sparking fears in their community. When firefighters battle a blaze, fire hydrants are usually found in nearby neighborhoods to protect families from becoming a victim. But, Ernest Clayton says that is not the case in his Westside community.

Ernest Clayton, CONCERNED RESIDENT: "I'm not really sure the fire department is aware they they would have to drag hoses over a mile to get here so there could be a serious problem with no place to hook up."

Also, in the Ortega Hills Community, No Fire Hydrants.

Chuck Zilla, CONCERNED RESIDENT: "The water truck which comes from downtown takes about 20-30 minutes to get here and look what can burn down in 20-30 minutes."

Randy Crouse, CONCERNED RESIDENT: "The first thing the insurance company asked me is, do we have fire hydrants, and I said no and that makes my insurance higher."

Residents believe they have a valid argument since more than 500 families live with absolutely no defense against wildfires or any other kind of fire. So, what can residents do if they feel helpless as more and more wildfires begin to burn across the state.

Bruce Dugan, JEA: "Homeowners can get together and do what's called a special assessment and if 65 percent of the homes agree to it we'll come in and install bigger lines and fire hydrants that sort of thing."

Here's the catch; JEA says that neighbors will have to pay for part of the cost of installing fire hydrants. If you are interested or have questions about getting fire hydrants in your neighborhood you can call JEA at 665-4465.

WHAT PAY?!?!?! - WHO PAYS??? - WHY???

Mr. & Mrs. Duval County Taxpayer, The Joke's On You!

The homeowners and business owners in these threatened areas are TAXED to DEATH as it is!!  Put these projects in with or, instead of the full Delaney Boondoggle and perhaps the Sales Tax Increase will make it through and do something truly worthwhile for taxpayers and the City.  Why must the people in the street always get it in the neck?  Forget the NEW Courthouse and Library!!  Use THAT MONEY to install New Fire Hydrants, Purchase Fire Spray Wall Equipment and High Power Fire Emergency River & Ocean Sump Pumps.  Then perhaps, we can all rest a little bit easier when the dry season comes along and not be overly concerned with the threat of being toasted alive.

The Boy Wonder Mayor, John Delaney (R)... has tried to pull the wool over the taxpayer's eyes... AGAIN!  This past month, amidst all the Superbowl 2005 hoopla, this highly trained professional Attorney allowed the rumor... that's right, RUMOR get started that the NFL's Superbowl Committee had taken Mayor Delaney's "Better Jacksonville Plan into consideration in justifying whether or not a Superbowl Game would be played in Jacksonville in the year 2005.

The Superbowl Committee could care less about a better Jacksonville... They care about the Bottom Line.... $$$$$  How much will the Game generate and will the Superbowl be positively effected by the entire event in Jacksonville.  John Delaney is a DREAMER! 

This Guy should KNOW BETTER than to play on rumor mongering!! How DARE He allow people to think his Goofy Plan has had an influence on the Superbowl Committee!!  He's guaranteeing failure to his plea to increase the Sales Tax in Duval County to PAY for his Grandiose Boondoggle! Talk about contributing to Inflation!

As a result of this and his BS about "once "The Better Jacksonville Plan is paid for, ($1.5 BILLION) the TAX will be rescinded" clause is written into the tax increase referendum. Has anyone, in their entire lifetime, EVER seen a Sales TAX or ANY TAX reduced or removed???  Especially at the local level??  Then comes the story that Delaney's cohorts are out to restore the TOLL BOOTHS Mayor Tommy Hazouri shut down and removed.  Folks if that happens or, is even remotely hinted at as going forward, I strongly suggest that Delaney KISS His Political Career Goodbye.

What about the Senior Citizens on a fixed income??  They're going to go to Rock Shows and Baseball Games?  Maybe, but not likely Yes sir, Mayor Delaney has really taken time to study the overall effect of a sales tax increase on the Retired Folks, Senior Citizens and the Poor...  I don't think so! Atta Boy Johnny!  Way to Go!  By the way, keep your eyes wide open John... there's a few good people who'd like to talk to you when you are tipsy.  Where's MADD when you need them?


I could be wrong... I don't think so... If you think I am... by all means, let me hear from you. You can also reach us via Email or our very own newsgroups.  Simply point your newsgroup reader to and you'll be there.

STReport Editorials may be copied, forwarded and duplicated - as long as they remain intact.

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