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Breakup Microsoft! - DOJ's Case is LAME.....

06/16/00 - Klein has no "smoking gun"! Case is based on weak circumstantial evidence and innuendo.

Can you believe it? The DOJ & Klein are offering every possible indication they're running scared over the Appeals Court possibly shooting them down in flames so....... THEY (The DOJ) are busy trying to manipulate the court system for all its worth. (The very same thing Microsoft was accused of by the DOJ, Klein & Co)  Judge Jackson, on the other hand is making it quite clear he's given up the powers of being an impartial arbiter and judge in favor of doing the DOJ's bidding.  This is, by far, the worst example of in-justice I've seen in my lifetime.  

How, once again, can the Social, Religious and Political leaders of this great nation expect the younger generations to behave, (do the right thing) when the current leaders and example makers are obviously as crooked and a tree branch. Unfortunately, the DOJ is in so deep it cannot make any changes without damaging its ego and image.  (Image.. did I say Image??)  Blood Bath Reno needs to get gone.   

The example being set by Janet WACO Reno's Department of Justice is abominable!  She should be forcefully retired before she causes irreparable harm to this country and everything it stands for.  She's already done enough damage.  The current DOJ has the BLOODIEST record in the history of the USA! Its almost as bad... almost mind you, as the infamous Gestapo!  Shoot first, cover up and ask questions later.  Reno's DOJ is setting a fine example for today's youth. I believe it is about time for the nation's leaders to step forward and let the government know they too, feel it is a runaway government that appears to have little or no interest in representing the taxpayers.


Mayor John Delaney's "BOONDOGGLE" Will he dance on tabletops at the Beaches again?

John Delaney's vision.Old Johnny Boy has done it again!!  He and his political cronies have managed to get the voter referendum for the sales tax increase on the SEPTEMBER Primary Ballot... that means it'll face little or no opposition. Voter turnout for Primary Elections is known to be light.  This means the "Strawmen and Money Mongers" of Duval County can push to get those who'll vote in favor of the Sales Tax increase out to vote and virtually assure the sales tax increase clear sailing.  That is.. if you want it to happen that way. 

If the voters in Duval County GET OUT and VOTE.... this THING can be defeated!! Its up to each and everyone of us to get out there and make ourselves heard by voting.

I mentioned "Strawmen" above that means those who were "employed" by the local profiteering power and money brokers to buy the parcels of land downtown that are destined to be bought by the city to build the new Courthouse and Library...  Delaney will be left holding the bag if.... the strawmen and their connections are ever exposed.

As a result of this and his BS about "once "The Better Jacksonville Plan is paid for, ($1.5 BILLION) the TAX will be rescinded" clause is written into the tax increase referendum. Has anyone, in their entire lifetime, EVER seen a Sales TAX or ANY TAX reduced or removed???  Especially at the local level??  Then comes the story that Delaney's cohorts are out to restore the TOLL BOOTHS Mayor Tommy Hazouri shut down and removed.  Folks if that happens or, is even remotely hinted at as going forward, I strongly suggest that Delaney KISS His Political Career Goodbye.

What about the Senior Citizens on a fixed income??  They're going to go to Rock Shows and Baseball Games?  Maybe, but not likely Yes sir, Mayor Delaney has really taken time to study the overall effect of a sales tax increase on the Retired Folks, Senior Citizens and the Poor...  I don't think so! Atta Boy Johnny!  Way to Go!  

By the way, keep your eyes wide open John... there's a few really good people who'd like to "talk" to you when you are tipsy.  Where's MADD when you need them?


I could be wrong... I don't think so... If you think I am... by all means, let me hear from you. You can also reach us via Email or our very own newsgroups.  Simply point your newsgroup reader to and you'll be there.

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