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Breakup Microsoft! - WHY?? The DOJ's Case is LAME.....

06/23/00 - The Appellate Courts will Hear the Case!! If The Supreme Court Passes 

Judicial wrangling... Putting "English" on the law and court system.  Seems the Feds were accusing Microsoft of trying to manipulate the courts a short while ago...( they've proven they're better at it than Microsoft ever dreamed it was)  and they succeeded in firing up a pea brained Fed District Judge.  

Judge Thomas Penfield Jackson.. vented and is still venting straight at Microsoft.  One can only wonder when this man is gonna run out of gas and hot air.  God help this country is this fool is ever appointed to The Supreme Court.  No man or business will be safe.  Jackson has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt... he is a biased, prejudicial old man.  One who has been blatantly obvious in exhibiting his bias and seemingly does not care who recognizes him for what he is.  A technology cripple from the word go.  As such, he is, in no way shape or form in an informed position to make any intelligent "judgment call" relative to or about technology. 

Microsoft has been dealt a few heavy cards from the bottom of the deck.  Just about the entire world, except for the Barclay's, Ellison's etc..., can clearly see the rape of Microsoft taking place.  Curiously, the world's judicial community is watching this one with great interest.  Never in the history of Democratic Court Systems has there been such a biased Judge and Government involved vigorously in raping a successful corporation.  

Janet WACO Reno will definitely leave a shameful legacy for every US Citizen to bear.


Mayor John Delaney's "BOONDOGGLE" Will he dance on tabletops at the Beaches again?

John Delaney's vision.Here in Jacksonville Florida... we have a City/County government that's run by "Big Business". Our "Mayor" John Delaney, seems to jump to tunes coming from a number of the big BUX interests in the city... In the past 60 days... we've seen the city embarrassed by two different departments in City hall BOTH times for money mismanagement.  To the tune of over a half million dollars... 

We are now investigating downtown property purchases, donations, transfers, seizures etc., in the areas of Jacksonville's Downtown District that is affected by Mayor John Delaney's "Major Facelift" proposal. (Including STRAWMEN being involved) Especially where the NEW Courthouse is supposed to go. Incidentally, there is a petition being circulated among the City's Trial Attorneys about rejecting the new courthouse plan.  According to our sources well over sixty signatures are already in place.    Rumblings are being felt and heard that there may be a few "favored sons" who've put themselves in a position to more than simply benefit from having "earned what they have".

A large number of downtown Jacksonville Real Estate parcels have changed hands in the last five to seven years and its a given that this monumental plan of the Boy Wonder's has been in the making for at least that long.  If it hasn't... then its a given.. its a fast shuffle designed to provide windfall profits for a few at the expense of many.  Either way, there is something very fishy about this whole affair... A new Courthouse??  Where?  Who owns that property now and how much will all this "NEW" benefit them? This Grandiose Boondoggle of a Plan comes on real fast....  Much too fast!!... Since the plan deals primarily with the Image of Jacksonville... with an ancillary goal of attracting a Major league Baseball team it needs to go before a series of public meetings and hearings and then to a voter referendum.  If Johnny Boy wants a legacy of bringing a baseball team to Jacksonville, all well and good but not at the direct expense of the taxpayers. 

Sure, it's  great to have major league teams based in your hometown city... and its not only wise but even greater having a traffic grid capable of handling the flow and surge generated by immense sporting events like NFL games and Major League Baseball.  Jacksonville's answer is double and triple time police on the job directing traffic throughout the downtown area because all regular traffic flow patterns (one-way east and west) all go special for the games.  That's just for starters.... Then comes the myriad of DIRT parking fields located all around the stadium.  Twisted ankle, lumpy root and rock pitfall laden parking lots charging outrageous VALET RATES ...$20.00 per vehicle.  The traffic congestion is abominable. If a game is at say, 4pm you had better leave at noon or shortly thereafter to get there parked and in the stadium for kickoff.

What..... will this City do if.... there is a Major League Baseball Game, an NFL Football Game and a Big Name concert all happening the same day?  CHOKE!! That's what'll happen..

The Boy Wonder wants to build a new Baseball Park (of Major League Proportions) a New Coliseum (Major Headliners have complained the present one is far too small).


  • Better parking - a number of multi-level (10 or more) parking complexes strategically located

  • Better Access and Exit Arteries for Sports Fans and Show Goers

  • Better Docking Facilities to accommodate the present flotillas but with additional docking for the future

  • Better Emergency Services during these events

  • Repaired Riverwalk Facilities

  • Large, City Owned Marinas east of the Railroad Bridge

  • I-295 widened

  • The Mathews Bridge Replaced NOW before tragedy strikes

  • A true, full service facility to provide shelter for all the City's Homeless

  • Much Improved Fire Prevention and Battling Equipment

  • Up to Date Medical Supplies for Fire Emergency Paramedic Teams (much is now outdated and expired)

  • Better sewers and drainage for all areas of the city - With lower MUCH lower water rates or, unbound water rates from sewer charges. Pool owners are getting raped by the current rate structure.

  • A much Improved Transportation System; the current efforts of the JTA is a flaming JOKE... Buses run "whenever"... the TRAM or, whatever one wishes to call that "Toonerville Trolley" thing that carries no-one to no-where... and finally, the the mean joke of the year;  Community Transportation

We Do Not Need:

  • A fancy new Courthouse

  • Choked Highways from Toll booths

  • The Mathews Bridge Collapsing

  • A Power Station on Expensive Riverfront Property

  • A School Board Building on Expensive Riverfront Property

These things are all crying for help, improvement or revamping and funding but the Boy Wonder wants to build a group of Grandstanding Playtime Facilities that'll further cripple the city at the drop of a hat traffic wise.  Of course I realize the benefits of having what amounts to a major league sports complex and a highly competitive Coliseum attracting top name performers ... what I do not realize is why.... the Boy Wonder must go for a sales tax increase?!?

Sure, the Sales Tax increase has an expiry clause but  ..and this is a BUT... have you ever seen a tax go away?  I haven't.  Next, its rumored this goof or his suspected (John Thrasher) successor has flapped off about putting the Toll Booths back on I-95, JT Butler and Emerson.. these guys have no hearts at all. They want monuments built for folks to remember who put them in place.  New: Courthouse, Baseball Stadium, Coliseum, etc... In reality, all they will be remembered for is setting the taxpayers up for another hit in the neck!

Johnny Boy has to find the money for his toys elsewhere... more efficient City Government? What a Unique Idea!!

John Delaney has jumped up once again.... trying to sell the idea of a boondoggle funded by a sales tax increase levied upon the taxpayers of Duval County... Hey Johnny Boy... you really are a "Boy Wonder" of a mayor!!  Grow UP already!! Tell Tom Petway to fork over some heavy green and leave the poor working stiffs of this County alone!  Make the The Weaver Machine (Jaguars) cough up a bigger piece of their action. 

Voters of Duval County BEWARE!!

Your very considerate and thoughtful Mayor has made the arrangements to have the Sales Tax Increase Voter Referendum on the September Primary Ballot.  This is being done for a number of reasons but in our opinion, the biggest reason is, the Primaries rarely have a strong voter turnout.  Thus, if they (The Delaney Bunch) instigate enough of their supporters out to vote.... this TAX Increase will Happen! If you want this tax increase defeated... GET OUT AND VOTE!

You political geeks do the very same thing... "Wait until you cannot run for re-election and then stick it HARD to the voters/taxpayers!!   Pretty Cute "Parting" Shot...  John Delaney....  No matter what you Run for in the future... You'll NOT get my vote.  Money Interest Lackeys will always finish last.

Sales tax increases are not the answer!  We need a County/City Government that's run with intelligence and efficiency.  The money is there Johnny Boy... your current staff has no way to find... let alone SEE it!  They've already proven that! (Over a quarter million dollars found laying around in city offices) - [Mr. Taxpayer, If you believe that... you'll believe anything!--- That sort of story reeks of diversion and cover-up] Delaney's Administration warrants a thorough investigation.

If the voters in Duval County GET OUT and VOTE.... this THING can be defeated!! Its up to each and everyone of us to get out there and make ourselves heard by voting.

I mentioned "Strawmen" above, that means those who were "employed" by the local profiteering power and money brokers (crooked politicians) to buy the parcels of land downtown that are destined to be bought by the city to build the new Courthouse and Library...  Delaney will be left holding the bag if.... the strawmen and their connections are ever exposed.

As a result of this and his BS about "once "The Better Jacksonville Plan is paid for, ($1.5 BILLION) the TAX will be rescinded" clause is written into the tax increase referendum. Has anyone, in their entire lifetime, EVER seen a Sales TAX or ANY TAX reduced or removed???  Especially at the local level??  Then comes the story that Delaney's cohorts are out to restore the TOLL BOOTHS Mayor Tommy Hazouri shut down and removed.  Folks if that happens or, is even remotely hinted at as going forward, I strongly suggest that Delaney KISS His Political Career Goodbye.

What about the Senior Citizens and others on a fixed income??

They're going to go to Rock Shows and Baseball Games?  Maybe, but not likely Yes sir, Mayor Delaney has really taken time to study the overall effect of a sales tax increase (approx $85.00 - $145.00+ per year) on the Disabled, Retired Folks, Senior Citizens and the Poor...  I don't think so! Atta Boy Johnny!  Way to Go!  

By the way, keep your eyes wide open John... there's a few really good people who'd like to "talk" to you when you are tipsy.  Where's MADD when you need them?


ps; We'll be on our "once a month schedule" as of this issue until summer's end.

I could be wrong... I don't think so... If you think I am... by all means, let me hear from you. You can also reach us via Email or our very own newsgroups.  Simply point your newsgroup reader to and you'll be there.

STReport Editorials may be copied, forwarded and duplicated - as long as they remain intact.

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