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06/30/00 - The FDA had Better Take Heed....

We all have seen the warnings on bottles of various Ibuprofen preparations. About the potential damaging of one's liver if one takes too many tablets at once or in a specific time frame.  I experienced seeing first hand what can happen when a person is wracked with arthritic pain and driven to seek relief.  This person, who shall remain un-named, has a litany of health problems afflicting him. All running concurrently and seemingly under control.  Believe this.... the Domino Effect is a very real and dangerous situation in the world of Prescription and Non-prescription drugs.  

I'll go back about a fortnight... This person was doing wonderfully, he had just come back from a checkup by his regular physician and the Doc had nothing but good to report.  He said the the man had lost a requisite amount of weight, the exercises he was doing daily were effective and ok and finally the borderline diabetes was pretty much in total check.  The Blood Pressure was normal.  The patient was, for all intents and purposes, doing great.

Three days later the Arthritis began acting up.  We surmised it was due to a weather change. We went from hot and dry (for weeks) to warm, muggy and rainy.  The patient's left hip began acting up. He exclaimed the pain was terrible... I observed muscle spasms he reported were due to and directly attributable to the arthritic hip acting up.  His normal dose of Motrin (2 850mg gelcaps twice a day) was not doing the job.  So, this patient quietly took it upon himself to up the dose to over 4x the normal dose.

By the third day of this extra dosage... it too, was doing no good whatsoever for the pain.  He called to me for help and I found two of his prescribed percodan tabs.  He took one and the following day another... seemingly his hip problem was in abatement. Now, however, he was breaking out in little "blisters" and his lips.. especially his upper lip became swollen.  He rested for a day and seemed to be "bouncing back" from this anomaly.

The next day towards the evening he found his legs could no longer support him.  Needless to say we were both convinced he had OD'd on Ibuprofen.. The following morning we call the paramedics in and they checked his vitals.  They were fine.  We then called a local ambulance service to transport him to the hospital for further examination.  As of this writing, he is in intensive care.....   I'll keep you posted.


ps; We'll be on our "once a month schedule" as of this issue until summer's end.

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