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Once again our illustrious governor shows his true colors.... He is very busy paying his patronage debts to the Jacksonville power brokers.  This past week, JEB Bush appointed TWO Jacksonville Florida residents to powerful positions in Florida Government.  Are you ready?  He appointed Herb Peyton, President of GATE PETROLEUM and Attorney Lynn Pappas to State Panels that nominate Judicial Candidates. 

Gate Petroleum President Herb Peyton was appointed to the judicial nominating commission in the first appellate district. The district stretches across North Florida, including Duval, Baker, Clay and Nassau Counties. Pappas, whose clients include major landowners in Duval and St. John's Counties, will succeed Michael A. Shorstein on the Judicial Nominating Commission in the Fourth Circuit. The Circuit covers Duval, Clay and Nassau counties. These panels nominate various candidates for vacated Judge's positions to the governor when such judicial vacancies occur.

We'd love to see the donations roster to "JEB" Bush's Florida campaign.  Of course, its all on the "up and up" but it sticks out that Herb Peyton... The "GAS" King of Duval County... check the prices at HIS company's Gate Gasoline pumps.... then check the price of the very same gas being sold at the county's various boat docks and marinas.. Did you say "sticker shock"?  How about stuck shock!  Herby Baby has stuck it to the Jacksonville drivers and boaters all along!!  This is civic minded?  I don't think so.  

Better yet, could it be that Herb was a MAJOR contributor to the Bush campaign?  Maybe its because Peyton and Bush both know each other well from Ponte Vedra?  What heck are Peyton's Qualifications to select future JUDGES who will preside over all of us??  His qualifications are simple....MONEY!! POWER!! PATRONAGE!!  Remember back to the flap about Bush wanting "like minded" people in positions such as Peyton was just appointed to... What... are Peyton's Qualifications for such an appointment??  Well JEB, we are all ears.  Additionally, this reporter feels having Herb Peyton on a nominating committee is like having a jackal, a hyena and a wolf all guarding the henhouse at the same time.  Very dangerous.  Ask Peyton's neighbors in Ponte Vedra how they feel about his "civic mindedness". Forget just being neighborly.....

Pappas?  represents some of the most powerful and wealthy landowners in the two counties.  What would her interests be?  Truly qualified Judicial Nominees or those whose "thinking" would be in the best interests of her wealthy clients and JEB...  Its a big question.  She is qualified to sit on a nominating committee, but are her intentions totally in the best interests of the people of the State of Florida?

The "JEB" Bush Saga - his "governorship"... reminds one of the adage about the very honest man who sat down at his desk and across the room saw himself in a life-sized mirror. as long as he saw himself, he remained honest unto himself and others.  Along came the money and power brokers who stacked up money on the desk until the man could no longer see the mirror across the room.  He was blinded by The Money,  The Power and the massaged, massive ego.  Another corrupt politician had been created....... <sigh> 


I could be wrong... I don't think so... If you think I am... by all means, let me hear from you. You can also reach us via Email or our very own newsgroups.  Simply point your newsgroup reader to and you'll be there.

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