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by R. F. Mariano

Now listen up kiddies... 
 I'm gonna give ya a tax 
break on your house.
Ain't that wunnerful??  

Yuk it up Stupid! I'm a hero..
Not a Bad Guy!!

Out of one side of his face our illustrious mayor, John Delaney yaps about a tax decrease for home owners... "Golly Gee... Mistah Johnny Boy"... you mean all those poor folks are going to get a real break on the amount of tax they pay on their 20k houses??  How thoughtful and merciful of our mayor and his staff of ACE strategists.  Think about that "TAX BREAK" folks... what about those who have the 100k and up homes out there?  Who benefits more... the "po folk" or the fat cats?  This is just another in the long line of insane, crude Republican SCAMS the Republican Party and its leaders in North Florida are ramming down the throats of the common working man in Duval County. 

Why is Delaney and his slick cohorts knocking themselves out with this BS tax break scheme?  This is an easy one folks, It is a sinister smoke and mirrors game they are perping on the working stiffs of Duval County.  On one hand, they're saying they're giving the taxpayers a tax cut in the homeowners millage rate.  At the same time, they are RAMRODDING a tax increase in by tacking on the increase to the SALES TAX in Duval County.  This tax will HAMMER the poor folks on fixed incomes living in modestly valued homes.

Why ?? the sales tax increase?  To Build Johnny Boy's political monuments so we all can remember his administration.  DUH!  We'll remember it alright as "The Era of GOUGE and Doublespeak Experts".  

 Okay Drearies... here's the real "Skinny"; I'd support this plan instead of calling it a Delaney Boondoggle if they'd only use their BRAINS to think instead of their EGO.

The downtown area needs to be improved alright but in the people comfort and residential area not the Civic Center areas.  Build a complete Civic Center OUT of the Downtown Area, perhaps near the Airport... where the parking can be MORE than ample and buildings spacious enough to accommodate the next fifty year's of growth.  

In the Downtown areas, build high rise dwellings with parking, stores and fine restaurants in the lower levels and middle to upper income dwellings in the upper levels.  Whoa ..Jocko, you're blowing them away with your "futuristic visions".  

This type of plan doesn't fit into the scheme of things when one considers that 99% of the town's lawyers have their offices downtown or, that the "big money" interests had their strawmen buy up the parcels under consideration for The Delaney Boondoggle.  If only the politicians and their buddies had tried this fornication of the taxpayers with a little finesse... it may have been a bit more palatable. 

Shame on you Delaney!  You and your crude thinking buddies still resent the taxpayers instead of representing them!  Amateur Politicians should be treated exactly as that.  Amateurs!  No Finesse, No Couth, No Manners and No Shame.

GET OUT AND VOTE AGAINST THE SALES TAX INCREASE IN SEPTEMBER!!  Save your pocketbook and sanity while proving to Delaney that the taxpayers and voters of Duval County are NOT SAPS!


I could be wrong... I don't think so... If you think I am... by all means, let me hear from you. You can also reach us via Email or our very own newsgroups.  Simply point your newsgroup reader to and you'll be there.

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