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by R. F. Mariano

Whaddaya know?... Johnny Boy is putting on a "Hard Sell" campaign to push his Boondoggle... In the recent and ongoing expensive flurry of commercial advertisments; They say; ...Approve the sales tax increase and  "We'll pave all the side streets and rough areas with some of the money..." Hah!  Is that with the real thing or "El Cheapo" COLD PATCH garbage?  Better yet there John...  why don't you do something truly inspirational and try proposing the J.T Butler Expressway be improved by making it a double Decker with the six eastbound lanes on top and six westbound lanes on the bottom. Stop jerking the taxpayers around and do the right thing.  Carpooling is a scabby band aid quick fix that goes no where.  

J.T.Butler would be the expressway of the decade in North Florida if it were built as a double-decker.  Use of JTB would proceed un-interrupted while the upper level was being completed.  The city would have no better opportunity to do so than at this time with all the un-developed land adjacent to the JTB.  Just think about this... a terrific twelve lane exit system in the event of an emergency evacuation being declared.... And..... six lanes in either direction to put an end to the rush hour crunch across our fair city.  Truly this ... as a project, with the taxpayers in mind, is far more acceptable than your current goofy downtown boondoggle monuments.  Great suggestion eh, John??  Why don't you take a long hard look at it.  I'm willing to bet the farm that if.... you were to propose the full expansion of J.T. Butler as being a guaranteed part of "Better Jacksonville".... it would fly through the polls and become a reality.

Oh.... about the Fairgrounds and their crying... Make it easy for them.  Tell them... Relocate to the Cecil Field area with county assistance or get nothing.  They've been a nagging headache in the downtown SPORTS COMPLEX area for far too long.  The Fairgrounds have been a large part of the problem too long, let them now become a strong part of the solution. Move the Fairgrounds already... Duval County needs to be allowed to grow up sensibly. Put the new courthouse, coliseum and library in a civic center by Jacksonville  International Airport where parking and ease of access will be a major focal point. 

Rather than simply criticize I've offered a few suggestions to help our wonderful city.  One can only wonder if any of this will be taken under advisement or at least be considered.


I could be wrong... I don't think so... If you think I am... by all means, let me hear from you. You can also reach us via Email or our very own newsgroups.  Simply point your newsgroup reader to and you'll be there.

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