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by R. F. Mariano

I cannot believe my eyes and ears! Delaney has a "Campaign Group" featuring HIM doing expensive spot commercials on BOTH Television and Radio for the Better Jacksonville Plan! (WHO is paying for this nonsense? Full disclosure needed here folks! - A committee is paying for them. Fine-- who is funding this committee? Better Yet; "WHO ARE THE COMMITTEE MEMBERS?") Of course, anyone living in the Duval County area would know this by the heavy saturation attack this "campaign committee"  is waging. One must listen carefully to detect the neatly packaged collage of Delaney "one-liners" promoting, advocating and pleading the case of the Better Jacksonville Plan. So the "Hard Sell" has morphed into flat out "Propaganda". Remember folks; "Propaganda and BS are one and the same." 

The shame of it all is, they're not the least bit specific; "We'll pave the streets, We're not Atlanta, We'll fix the sewers, We're not Atlanta, We'll rebuild the downtown area, We're not Atlanta", and Johnny Boy raves on and on but says nothing specific. Friends this boondoggle will come back to haunt Jacksonville many times over.  The corruption it will breed, the bad government it has already spawned and now the hypocrisy of this Mayor trying to make the Better Jacksonville Boondoggle look like a Political Campaign.


I never thought I'd see the day when "responsible, level headed, citizens" would aggressively campaign for a tax increase!! This entire Delaney Boondoggle has turned into an exercise in absurdity. Actually, it is reminiscent of a scene or two out of "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest". This entire matter has taken on a personality of its own and I might add.. its not very pretty.

Knowing the ultimate scheme in the background could easily be "lining our buddy's pockets..." this entire Better Jacksonville THING needs thorough examination by the courts. Take a good look at the list of those who are paying for the Better Jacksonville Ad Campaign... it'll blow your mind as to what's been done by our wonderful Mayor.  Talk about buying influence and setting one's self up for a payday.... the donors have all bought a place at the feeding trough. The list of donors to the Campaign is public information.  If the Mayor was half the righteous Politician he wants you to think he is... he'd put a complete list of the donors up on the Better Jacksonville Website for all to see. This whole mess is nothing more than "kickbacks in advance"

Shame on you Delaney... you've made a mockery of honest government.  Never have I seen such crude manipulation and schemes.  There was a time when this sort of thing was done with finesse.. I guess some bimbo downtown feels its smarter to "hide in the open".  Little do they realize just how insulting it is to watch them pull this garbage in plain view. 

A full investigation into who actually owns the properties to be used for the new construction downtown. Next, the companies involved in the actual construction.. from the excavation to the tip of the flagpoles need to offer full disclosure of who owns the companies both up front and their silent investors.

Why you ask? Take a good look... I would not be surprised if some pretty familiar names pop up all over the place. Like the same old names that ALWAYS seem to grab the "cream bux" in this city. Its time these hogs moved over and gave others time at the trough. Better yet, its time the fleecing of the hard working taxpayers to line the fat cat's pockets came to an end. 

Of course, the actual job of Bettering Jacksonville should follow a responsible and sensible course with double-decking J.T. Butler Expressway, the civic center out of the downtown area, the Fairgrounds moved out of the Sports Complex and multi-level, exit and entrance parking parks built to handle two or more events occurring at the same time in the sports complex. How about those high-rise apartment-condo dwellings with the lower level parking and commercial arcades? Make the Downtown area livable not unbearable. Whaddaya say John?? Or, is this too much like doing the right thing?

To top off the insanity.... Delaney's trolls are busy with their Campaign Committee for the Better Jacksonville Plan .... trouble is they're LYING to the People.  They're saying the Better Jacksonville Plan is like the US Constitution!!  "It's voted in by the people and can be modified by the people!!  How many changes have been easily made to the US Constitution folks??  NONE!!  Each change took an ACT of CONGRESS! Why doesn't Delaney insist that all the talk about the US Constitution and the people being in direct control be placed in the "Official Ballot Language"?  Of course not!! It would never get off the ground but its ok to BS the voting public with these rubber band ads.  Shame on you Delaney and shame on your joke of a Campaign Committee. Who are the members of this committee?  I'm willing to be its a collage of the same old, familiar names that are "behind the scenes" in just about everything that happens in Duval County when it involves big money and juice.

This whole Campaign Committee scam is nothing more than a hustle to convince Duval County Voters to approve a sales tax increase!  That'll be on top of the School Tax increase by the most inept School Board in the State... perhaps the country. Then there's the alleged home owner's tax decrease... really?  WHERE?? The PROPERTY tax office has no knowledge of such at this time. Delaney is one smooth talker... Come September 5th he'll be yapping out of the other side of his mouth. This nonsense must be defeated.  Else the city is going to be sucked in again!  Who will suffer the most?  Those on fixed incomes, the elderly and the retired!  WHY? 

By the way.... John Delaney.... What are you and your Republican buddies doing about the EXCESSIVE number of SUPERFUND Toxic Waste Sites in Jacksonville, Duval County FL.?  Going to wait until babies begin being born that GLOW in the DARK?  Take a look at this Superfund List folks... Is your happy homestead in one of them?  Or, maybe the school or day care center you use is... then again... you could be working in the middle of one and never know it!  And these guys want to build monuments??  

It is high time..... Our politicians, Republican, Democrat or whatever decided to make the Greater Metropolitan Jacksonville Area SAFE to live in and raise children in!  No wonder Jacksonville has one of the highest rates of CANCER in the Nation.

To all: You can send this editorial to Johnny Boy Delaney...  I'd like some rock solid answers, for all to see, about the above questions and an answer as to why the Official Ballot Language does not spell out what the money (Over a BILLION Dollars) is to be used for?  Read it Below....  

1/2 cent for thirty years!!

Better Jacksonville Growth Management, Road Construction, Environmental Preservation, Neighborhood Infrastructure 1/2 Cent Sales Tax Plan
September 5, 2000

For The Better Jacksonville Plan to build roads, sidewalks and parks; improve drainage; resurface roads; preserve land for public use and prevent overdevelopment; clean contaminated lands; remediate septic tanks; modernize neighborhood libraries; build a new: main library, arena, baseball park and courthouse; and fund targeted economic development in neighborhoods and Cecil Field; shall the City of Jacksonville levy a 1/2 Cent Sales Tax for 30 years or less, subject to independent audit and citizen oversight?

"_____ FOR the Better Jacksonville 1/2 Cent Sales Tax (YES)"

"__X__ AGAINST the Better Jacksonville 1/2 Cent Sales Tax (NO)"

 remediate = Do Away With

GET OUT AND VOTE AGAINST THE SALES TAX INCREASE ON SEPTEMBER 5TH!!  Save your pocketbook and sanity while proving to Delaney that the taxpayers and voters of Duval County are NOT SAPS!

I could be wrong... I don't think so... If you think I am... by all means, let me hear from you. You can also reach us via Email or our very own newsgroups.  Simply point your newsgroup reader to and you'll be there.

STReport Editorials may be copied, forwarded and duplicated - as long as they remain intact.

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