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Is it a SCAM to Pull the Wool over the Voter's Eyes?

by R. F. Mariano

I would like you to help me look at two areas ....  

First is the legality of what John Delaney and his "Gang of Political Cronies" are doing...  specifically, I mean this so-called "Better Jacksonville Campaign Committee".  Did you (Mr. John Q. Public) know about the organization of this committee?  Were you, as a Citizen and Taxpayer afforded an opportunity to submit a request to be appointed to this "Committee"?  I think not... What has been done with the Florida Sunshine Laws?  Or, is it that since a Republican Administration is in place in both Tallahassee and Jacksonville, that "special dispensation" has been granted in regard to the Sunshine Laws.  As a very plain working stiff... I was always under the impression the Sunshine Laws meant that government had to be in the open.  For all to see.  

Apparently the City Counsel (City Lawyers) found some sort of loophole through which they could slip and jam a "committee" down the taxpayers throats.  Did you know or do you have any idea who.. is on this Committee?  Who is supporting (advance kickbacks) this committee?  Also, you can obtain a list of "donors" supporting this committee at the City Office of Elections.  I cannot help but wonder when a responsible arm of government is going to take a look at this travesty.  It smells like a conspiracy, plays like a conspiracy but is made to look all so very much on the up & up.  Personally, I think it stinks!  How about you?  If so, perhaps a NO Vote to the sales TAX increase and strong support of better city services are in order.  

Hey Johnny Boy.... where are the Mosquito Control Trucks that used to spray with seasonal regularity?  Street Maintenance? ...Pave the streets?  That's part of the County's Charter! Why the smokescreen?  Keep the county/city facilities in good repair?  That also is part of the Charter from when Duval County and the City of Jacksonville merged.  MORE Smoke and Mirrors.  Head Games... brought to you exclusively by The City Hall Magicians and "Hizzonor" John "The Boy Wonder" Delaney.

Mayor John Delaney... My personal opinion is that YOUR Republican Administration has depleted the City's Coffers so badly with your tax decreases that favor your wealthy buddy's bank accounts .... you need this sales tax increase to cover your horrid fleecing of the City Treasury.  What about all the Hundreds of Thousands of misplaced and un-deposited dollars recently reported.  How about the forgotten billing for city collections for Commercial Garbage Collection downtown? From one end of this city to the other, taxpayers have felt the poor roads, bad lighting and lousy services through having to repair their vehicles, spray for mosquitoes themselves and installing security lighting around their homes because the city is too broke to do the job it is supposed to do.  You want to build monuments??  You and your administration couldn't perform the everyday duties of government yet you want more money?  Gimme a break!!

I am not against Bettering Jacksonville.  I am against this gang of thieves hiding in the clothing of a committee and donors posing as a legit political committee professing to be offering wonderful this and that to the taxpayers of Duval County.  If the City had been doing its job all these years, we would not be facing this mess.  Further, I would not be surprised if we find a parallel expressway to JT Butler put in but it... will be a toll road..  so the Tollbooths are coming back eh "Boy Wonder"?  Gotta tell you, John Delaney.... you are one piece of work.  Or, is it you owe so many favors to the local power and money brokers you have no choice but to commit political suicide?

Second, the Money Trails.....  From four maybe five years ago to present.  The condemned properties downtown... (who owns those properties now?) to the contributors to this fiasco called a Campaign Committee .....  If all is so on the up and up... why don't you, Delaney. publish a complete list of the donors supporting the Better Jacksonville Campaign Committee?  That would be a sign of good faith.  Better yet.... if its not seen shortly in its entirety, it will be done by a concerned citizen group that envisions what could be the final straw in the giving away of Jacksonville, Florida to a Local Power Dynasty.  Wanna bet the goofs who actually bought the condemned properties (not the strawmen) are in line to have the city buy it up for use in the Better Jacksonville Scam?

On another note:  Watch the political horizon...  for ex-State Speaker of the House Thrasher to throw his Republican hat in the race for Mayor of Jacksonville... and his being supported by Petway, Peyton and a large number of the wealthy local Republican dynasty with big money.  Watch how... typically, one power broker donates to Thrasher's campaign using every company he owns or is invested in, along with all family members except perhaps, the dog, to overcome the donation cap to support Thrasher's campaign...  he's not alone, most all the money and power brokers in this town do it.  Why does the general population always lose?  Because these clowns legally (maybe) circumvent the rules all the everyday Joe's in Jacksonville are forced to live by.

In Closing...

Mayor Delaney... you are indeed going to leave quite a legacy.  A legacy that most moral, upstanding citizens would cringe from. (Do your knees burn when you go to confession?)  It will be fully exposed soon enough... then I'd like to hear the doublespeak coming from you and your cronies.

Folks, take a look at the "Official Ballot Language".... have you ever seen a slicker more inviting path to getting nailed?  Folks, when you vote on this matter you are not voting for or against the Better Jacksonville Boondoggle.... 

YOU ARE Voting for or against the SALES TAX INCREASE proposed by Mayor John DelaneyDelaney's GEEKS have written this tripe in a way to make you think you are voting for or against  something other than a simple but very dangerous sales tax increase!!

Better Jacksonville Growth Management, Road Construction, Environmental Preservation, Neighborhood Infrastructure 1/2 Cent Sales Tax Plan
September 5, 2000

For The Better Jacksonville Plan to build roads, sidewalks and parks; improve drainage; resurface roads; preserve land for public use and prevent overdevelopment; clean contaminated lands; remediate septic tanks; modernize neighborhood libraries; build a new: main library, arena, baseball park and courthouse; and fund targeted economic development in neighborhoods and Cecil Field; shall the City of Jacksonville levy a 1/2 Cent Sales Tax for 30 years or less, subject to independent audit and citizen oversight?

"_____ FOR the Better Jacksonville 1/2 Cent Sales Tax (YES)"

"__X__ AGAINST the Better Jacksonville 1/2 Cent Sales Tax (NO)"

 remediate = Do Away With

Save your pocketbook and sanity while proving to Delaney, the taxpayers and voters of Duval County are NOT SAPS!

I could be wrong... I don't think so... If you think I am... by all means, let me hear from you. You can also reach us via Email or our very own newsgroups.  Simply point your newsgroup reader to and you'll be there.

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