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by R. F. Mariano

Delaney's latest onslaught of blathering foolishness includes: 

  • "Give us a Hand"  
    I'd like to give this guy the finger instead and say "Johnny Boy, Do you really think you're going to pull the wool over everyone's eyes? This campaign shtick of yours is an outright scam designed to lull the taxpayers and voters into thinking they are voting for services you falsely make sound like Duval County will not get if the people do not vote for your Boondoggle; Better Jacksonville.  This is an outrageous LIE! 

  • "Vote for the Better Jacksonville Plan"
    The Better Jacksonville Plan is nothing more than a scheme to allow the wealthy Republican Party members of this county get wealthier at the taxpayer's expense. There is nothing NEW in the Better Jacksonville Plan as far as City/County Services are concerned.  Each and every point of service alluded to in the Better Jacksonville Plan are provided for in the City/County Charter already.  Problem is, in truth, the current Mayoral Administration has so effectively fleeced the City Coffers (tax breaks for big business, uncollected fees, un-deposited funds, lost collections, negligence) that the services are at bare minimum at this time and getting worse.  Delaney NEEDS the TAX INCREASE to cover his bungling Administration's handling of BOTH the City Treasury and the City Services in general..

  • "Vote for Paved Streets" - A LIE

  • "Vote for Growth Control" - ANOTHER LIE

  • "Vote for Toxic Site Cleanup" - YET ANOTHER LIE

You are voting for or against a sales tax increase!

The last three items are but a few of the items mentioned by Delaney in his blathering and babbling in the Phony Campaign Committee TV and Radio ads that are designed to baffle the taxpayers and convince them that... if they do not vote FOR the Better Jacksonville Plan they will loose all essential and desperately needed City Services. This entire thing is such an outrage.  

It is all LIES! -  Doubletalk -  Smoke & Mirrors!

The campaign committee scheme put together by Delaney's scam artists is the Biggest LIE of all. Its being done during an election year to make it look "Oh! so very respectable and correct".  When, in fact, its a RUSE!  A PHONY!  A deliberate and calculated act to herd the voters into voting for the Better Jacksonville Plan which is NOT the REAL MATTER on the BALLOT. The Real Matter on the Ballot is a SALES TAX INCREASE..... Delaney had the City Attorneys write the Ballot is such language as to make it appear as if you would voting for or against the Better Jacksonville Plan.  And incredibly, they got away with it!  Then, to add insult to injury, they put this Tax Increase Vote on a Primary Ballot Day instead of the General Election Day!!  Why? because the voter turnout on Primary Day is usually very light.  The Republican Schemers strike again.. looking for an easy win.  Folks, you really need to get out and vote against the awful Boondoggle of Delaney's.  Vote against the Sales Tax Increase.  If it gets through... it'll be with us for the rest of our lives.

Where the heck is Jon Stafford, the new Republican Supervisor of Elections?? Why is he allowing such a sham?  Why hasn't he, is all fairness to the voters who elected him, made the donation lists to the Better Jacksonville Campaign Committee PUBLIC by publishing them on the WEB?  I'll tell you why, he's part of the scheme and will be hard pressed to be re-elected when the smoke clears on this one.  Remember Jon, Delaney is going out of Office... you'll be there without your "fearless leader".

Anybody, with half a brain in their head, can easily realize that Delaney and his committee of goons are using scare tactics to stampede the vote in favor of the sales tax increase.  Realize this folks... it going to be permanent regardless of what's said by our forked tongue politicians, its going to be permanent. As they themselves say... its for thirty years that, to me, translates into a tax put in place today that will be hammering our children when they are young adults it will hammer today's voters right to our graves.  It amazes me that these goofs are getting away with insulting the intelligence of the voters and taxpayers of Duval County. Delaney insinuates that if this Better Jacksonville Boondoggle is voted down we will lose everything he's blubbering about in the TV and Radio spot commercials which by the way, are costing that phony campaign committee tens of thousands of dollars!!  

The essential City services Delaney tries to make look like are part of the Boondoggle are provided for in the Charter of Duval County when it merged with the City of Jacksonville.  Delaney is, for all intents and purposes, playing with the voter's wants, needs and desires to get this SALES TAX INCREASE through.  

Delaney yaps about doing away with septic tanks... yet, those with sewer connections are getting RAPED by their WATER BILLS! Many would gladly go back to septic tanks to avoid the one hundred dollar a month or more water bills most of which is sewer charges!  God help you if you water the lawn or add water to your swimming pool.  The added charges still continue as if you used the sewer connection. That's because they calculate the sewer charges by the amount of water you use.  By the way, why is this happening if the previous Sales Tax Increases and the Property Taxes were supposed to have paid for the Sewers?  Something stinks in all this hoopla and it ain't the septic tanks!  

I can see it ...2 years from now: "Due to cost overruns and delays we need another 1/2 cent Sales Tax Increase"  Folks stop these goofs now.  Do not allow the floodgates of taxpayer rip-offs to begin here in Jacksonville.  Once its allowed to begin, there is no stopping it.  It wouldn't be so bad if it truly benefited each and every taxpayer in the county.  It doesn't and never will.  It does benefit those few large corporations who stand to profit the most. (check our link below that shows some of the contributors to the Better Jacksonville Committee SCAM) 

One other point... this business of having local corporations, interstate corporations with offices in Jacksonville and local businessmen make payments to a strawman "Campaign Committee" that's attempting to put something in place in the public sector is, at the least, unethical and at the worst, bribery!  Why is this corruption being allowed to perpetuate? How about it Mr. State Attorney??  Or, are you too, a part of this Republican Conspiracy?

Under Florida's election code:

  • It is a felony to buy or coerce votes.
  • It is a felony to bribe or influence anyone to register to vote.
  • It's also a felony to assist voter fraud.

Want to see how much BOTH the Republican and Democratic Parties of Duval County feel about the taxpayers and voters of the county?  Go to their respective websites ..if you can find them...   Has anyone seen any statements from Democrats opposing the Better Jacksonville Plan?  Nope! I'm willing to bet its because the Duval County Democratic Leader is a "closet Republican" who is busy giving away the County to the Republican Party. 


Better Jacksonville Growth Management, Road Construction, Environmental Preservation, Neighborhood Infrastructure 1/2 Cent Sales Tax Plan
September 5, 2000

For The Better Jacksonville Plan to build roads, sidewalks and parks; improve drainage; resurface roads; preserve land for public use and prevent overdevelopment; clean contaminated lands; remediate septic tanks; modernize neighborhood libraries; build a new: main library, arena, baseball park and courthouse; and fund targeted economic development in neighborhoods and Cecil Field; shall the City of Jacksonville levy a 1/2 Cent Sales Tax for 30 years or less, subject to independent audit and citizen oversight?

"_____ FOR the Better Jacksonville 1/2 Cent Sales Tax (YES)"

"__X__ AGAINST the Better Jacksonville 1/2 Cent Sales Tax (NO)"

 remediate = Do Away With

About some of the BIG MONEY Behind the Boondoggle Scam Committee

Save your pocketbook and sanity while proving to Delaney
...the taxpayers and voters of Duval County are NOT SAPS!

I could be wrong... I don't think so... If you think I am... by all means, let me hear from you. You can also reach us via Email or our very own newsgroups.  Simply point your newsgroup reader to and you'll be there.

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