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by R. F. Mariano

Well now drearies.... 

Here we are another week closer to the big day...  remember there are THREE days you have to get out and Vote!!  THREE???   That's right 3. Talk about wearing people out... Slick, Pretty Slick.

First Primary September 5, 2000
Second Primary October 3, 2000
General Election November 7, 2000

The carpetbaggers taught the southerners real good.. they know how to jerk an election around better than a Duncan YoYo.  Who's to blame?  Not a soul ... it was a lesson "by example".  Now, in modern times, that lesson works quite well.  I have to admit... its the reason I am so irked over this misrepresentation by this so-called campaign committee that my guts ache.  You would think, after one hundred years or so and of course, with wonderful educations... the nation's... and in particular, local politicians would've learned the fine art of finesse.  Obviously, they did not. Or, didn't care to....

I've never seen such manipulation of the voters and their minds... that's right! I separate the two.  The manipulation of the voters is, relatively speaking especially in this case, completely in plain sight.. by that I mean you can readily see what's going on.  (Ever hear of hiding in plain sight?) That is, if you're willing to look past your nose. I know, that takes some concentration.. here goes... READ the Official Ballot Language and ask yourself; "Self what am I actually voting for?"  If you answer "a Sale Tax Increase"... you got somthin' happening up there Buddy... BUT.... if you see you're being asked to vote for or, against the Better Jacksonville Plan then you've got the blues.  By that I mean you've been "assimilated".  The Delaney Borg have got you by the shorts. You're mesmerized, hypnotized and pasteurized!.  No joke!!  You've been had!

The second and far more sinister aspect is the grappling for voter's minds.  Its been a political fact of life for centuries that the general population would be quite happy always.. "leaving it up to the next guy".  So, when it comes to taking responsibility for voting or, in the least, for understanding what it is you are voting about, the average Joe slips on by with the age old adage of; "oh, well.. I'll go with the flow."  In this case, the flow is to finally get Paved Streets, Fixed Drainage (sewers) and better City Services.  Again Bunky, you've been had! 

But please, stop for a moment and think.. ouch!  that's a rare bird.. "thinking"... OK, here we go.  About a decade or so ago, the County and the City incorporated into one entity. Part of that Incorporation Charter was to provide the very services John Delaney is touting as being part and parcel with the Better Jacksonville Plan.  This is pure bull hockey!  Delaney is, in fact, playing with the voter's minds!  He's trying to make them feel that sorely needed repairs to the streets and the excessive flooding problems in certain areas of the City will be fixed... ONLY if the Better Jacksonville Plan is made real by the Voter APPROVAL of the Sales Tax Increase on September 5th.  This is not true nor is it anywhere near accurate.  Those services mentioned by Delaney are mandated in the City Charter.  Therefore, the taxpayers of Jacksonville, FL are entitled to those benefits without further taxation.

Now, for the FINAL STRAW! Mayor Delaney said Property Taxes are going down so actually the two tax actions cancel out each other or some such nonsense but he emphasized that property taxes are going down.  That is an outright lie!! READ the TRUTH. This typifies the doubletalk that has constantly come from this Mayor in regard to his Boondoggle Memorial Construction Spree.  One can only wonder how many remember Ed Austin's Jax Landing "Memorials" and the new stadium with great parking we all paid for with the previous half cent sales tax increase. Most football fans have to park in dirt fields, trip over exposed tree roots, twist ankles on loose rocks, and tolerate dirt fields that turn into mud tracts every time it rains on game days and STILL pay $20.00 or more to park in this garbage!! Combined with the price of admission, that amounts to big money for a few hours of entertainment.  (Who actually gets the parking fee money from all the dirt parking fields around the Stadium that are lit up with those mobile flood lights?) Austin's pet project is now one third completed and of what is completed is deemed in deplorable condition and in need of rebuilding. 

Must the taxpayers of this city be ripped off again?  Will they ever learn?  When will the taxpayers of this city ever see a full audit and statement of the city's finances?  Has anyone ever seen one?  Rumor has it this City has more money than it knows what to do with but most of it cannot be found! 

Kill this Sales Tax Increase!

There you have it;  The two major sore points.  Last... but certainly not least, is the double talk written into the official ballot language.  Why are these political goons permitted to do this?  I have no real answer except to say they "learned their lessons well".  Now it is definitely  up to each and every one of us to teach them (The Delaney Borg) a new lesson.  The Sales Tax Increase must be defeated in its present incarnation.  When the politicos decide to stop BS'ing the taxpayers and tell it like it is... this sales tax increase could become a reality.

Something talked about many decades ago... seemingly forgotten.  Hey John, John Delaney....


Anybody know who originally said that?  Amazing.. how our forefathers of this country had such a grip on reality in "The Old Days".  I guess the sleazy side of politics hasn't really changed much at all.  But at least in those times. north of the Mason Dixon Line, they knew how to do it to it with finesse and some Vaseline.  Here in Jacksonville, its dry baby.... dry as a bone. Grin and bear it cause it don't get any better!  Shame on you Delaney.  You will forever wear the banner. 


Better Jacksonville Growth Management, Road Construction, Environmental Preservation, Neighborhood Infrastructure 1/2 Cent Sales Tax Plan
September 5, 2000

For The Better Jacksonville Plan to build roads, sidewalks and parks; improve drainage; resurface roads; preserve land for public use and prevent overdevelopment; clean contaminated lands; remediate septic tanks; modernize neighborhood libraries; build a new: main library, arena, baseball park and courthouse; and fund targeted economic development in neighborhoods and Cecil Field; shall the City of Jacksonville levy a 1/2 Cent Sales Tax for 30 years or less, subject to independent audit and citizen oversight?

"_____ FOR the Better Jacksonville 1/2 Cent Sales Tax (YES)"

"__X__ AGAINST the Better Jacksonville 1/2 Cent Sales Tax (NO)"

 remediate = Do Away With

Save your pocketbook and sanity while proving to Delaney
...the taxpayers and voters of Duval County are NOT SAPS!


I could be wrong... I don't think so... If you think I am... by all means, let me hear from you. You can also reach us via Email or our very own newsgroups.  Simply point your newsgroup reader to and you'll be there.

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