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From the Editor's Desk "Saying it like it is!"

It was as inevitable as the march of time itself... The Information Highway has proven itself to be the coming thing. Of this, there can be no doubt. On the Highway, there are no real or implied impediments to the powers of creativity other than good moral sense and taste. As such, there are very little, if any, of the narrow minded corporate types that infest the online services uttering; "we (meaning Mr.. high and mighty himself) don't feel that type of product is exactly what we are looking for. Controversy true stories, honest reviews and faithful endorsements, Pictures and voice overs don't attract?? Up to date news and inside track scoops don't attract readers, users, subscribers??

These stagnant corporate types are the very pitfalls (cancerous growths) the major networks are slowly dying from. Sure, they (the major networks) are offering freebies and candy now, but as soon as the new users SEE what's really on the Internet and the WEB especially, the major networks are in very serious trouble. What are the majors going to offer once the new users see they can get so much more in value by going through a server such as Internet MCI than accessing the Internet via an expensive online service?? These "pinstripe suits" are actually deadly liabilities to these online services their elitist attitudes have actually allowed the Internet and all its "warts" to literally "blow away" even the biggest of big when it comes to online participation. This very narrow-minded pinstripe suited group are the very ones that literally killed an online service that we are all familiar with. The "wake-up alarms" are ringing. I'm willing to bet they're too deaf from all the applause they've given themselves instead of paying attention to the users.

The Internet is growing in leaps and bounds. Most all major software publishers are making powerful provisions in their new software or updates to allow users to enjoy the 'net to its fullest degree. The WEB.... the name's not pretty, but it sure tells the true story. It is like a spider web. Once you've seen it and used it there is no turning back. Its fantastic. Of course at slow modem speeds the graphics can drag on a bit. Sure, you'll hear the "purists" say they go in using text only mode. Hah! They remind me of the types who say; "it was good enough for my father.... its good enough for me." Who do they think they are fooling? Its only themselves they are fooling. Honestly, you do need a fast modem and a good connection. You need that anyway if you are doing any type of serious modeming. The Online Services had better wake up and "get with it" or the 'Net is going to take it all. As it appears now, this reporter's opinion is, ("saying it like it is"), "the Internet is well on its way to obliterating a number of the online services in fact, in mho, of the big  five services; (CIS, AOL, Delphi, Prodigy, Genie), only one stands any chance at all. The rest will soon be pricey and slow gateways to the 'Net or gone.

The Telecommunications Revolution is upon the computing community. The shame is the powerful decision makers at the Online Services appear to have little or no clue as to what its all about. They're still busy being smug, conservative pinstriped dregs in the face of the telecommunications awakening. We will, over the next few years, be witness to the "big shake out" of the online pay services. The signs are all there. Certain of those connected with these services who are "savvy" have already made changes and shifts to ensure a spot in the scheme of things for themselves. Unfortunately, some still haven't a clue. Some because of themselves and others because they are not up to another competitive climb. The stiffly structured Online Service (again the big five) of today, that tells you what you are going to and not going to see, do, post, etc.. Is dead meat.

The wide open, free style of the 'Net is what's happening ..period. Sure, there are the political Exon's out there who'll try and tell you the "Net is the Devil's Playground" these _panic mongers_ and wacky zealots who love to complicate our lives with goofy laws hoping to make names for themselves are not going to survive the efficiency of the 'Net. You see, no sooner do they jump up with this nonsense, the modern day Paul Reveres notify the entire country in a matter of moments of the pending skullduggery. This, coupled with the fact that the computing community is far better informed and educated than the politicians give them credit for makes for many politicians who'll be astonished at how "fast" the people "learned". Yes indeed you are correct, I put the crafty politicians in the same class as the "enlightened executives at the Online Services. They haven't a clue as to how far ahead the 'Net and its users truly are.



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