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From the Editor's Desk "Saying it like it is!"

School's out in our area, so I'm certain its out in other areas too. Please drive carefully, the children are our most important asset for the future. This weekend is going to be BBQ Time! It beats using the oven and stove in the house during these luscious summer-like days. Windows ..ah yes a term that endears all sorts of warmth and affection. Well at least it will in the future as Win'95 becomes more and more popular. The release date is hard set at August 24th. At that time, the beginning of an entirely new era in computing will begin. The end of which will come with the advent of Cairo. Cairo being the combination of Windows NT and

Win'95 is a sheer delight to use. With the Internet facilities that are included along with the various applications and utilities also a part of Win'95.. It really is a super neat package that's absolutely fun to use. Sure, just like you, I've seen the slams and slaps thrown at Win'95. All that can be said about that nonsense is its simply that ...nonsense.

It never ceases to amaze me at how the "my dog's bigger than your dog" dimwits seem to come crawling out of the woodwork the minute something comes along that they feel is a threat to them and their small, dust filled, little worlds. There's the Dos "diehards" (no reflection on a great battery) who constantly moan about wanting that retarded backward compatibility. Its what has kept the MS DOS world at war with the 640k barrier for so long. Its gone folks and the Dos babies will have to kiss it goodbye with their "tear stained cheeks" glistening away.

Then comes the "OS/2 cowboys and the "Gates haters". OS/2 does it all so perfectly (one hears the cheerleaders yapping) that IBM is going to bundle Win'95 with its new computers. "End of story" there folks, the handwriting is already on the wall. OS/2 will be fondly remembered but that's about it.

The "Gates Haters" are another, very distinct, runaway virus type breed. They've absurdly gone as far as setting up a PAC (Political Action Committee) in Washington D.C. in an attempt to convince Congress, the Senate and the World that Bill Gates and Microsoft are going to make us all endangered something's or other! These guys have got to be prime candidates for first, the rubber room and then the funny farm in retirement. Seriously, the group has to be the epitome of super envy and sick jealousy all wrapped up in one, neat hefty garbage bag. Sad to say, in reality, it appears to be another in a long line of hustles to make a buck. Barnum was right, there's one born every minute.

The beauty of all this is so simple. When all the dust settles... Win'95 will have the lion's share of the world marketplace. It will be known as the nicest operating system to use. The best looking OS and finally, as I've said many times; "Win'95 is an operating system that's extremely easy to learn and fun to use." Its great stuff!




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