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From the Editor's Desk "Saying it like it is!"

Drugs OK, Microsoft Evil?  Reno's Viewpoint?

This past week's weather reminds me of the typical summertime weather in the Catskill Mountains of upstate New York. The air conditioners have been off for the last eight days. Why am I talking about the weather? That's easy.. Its about the only thing one can talk about these days without some over zealous, dribbling at the lips, senate thumper or congress critter jumping your bones about "off-color, smut, incorrect, unfair, out of control" or, "lookout! Its a militia thing".

Then, to radically top things off.. The Department of Justice is ever so busy attempting to discover something they can either persecute or prosecute Bill Gates and Microsoft with. Why Microsoft? The one _real_ success story in the USA in the last decade or so!! Why?? Why does Janet "WACO" Reno & Company appear to desperately want to do them in?? What Gives?? What the heck is really _going on_ in this country these days??  Reports keep filtering in .. "The DOJ is busy checking Microsoft this and Microsoft that. Pick - pick - pick, certainly, this incarnation of the Department of Justice is not the one we were all taught about as children. You know, the truth, justice and the American way?? I don't think so.

The DOJ is spending hundreds of thousands of dollars trying to find a way to do Microsoft in.. while the ongoing flow of DRUGS into this country is at an all time high! Cocaine in one poisonous form or another can be found on almost every street corner. At this time, Columbian gangsters are flooding this nation with extremely high quality counterfeit money (100.00 bills) with ease. But amazingly, we see "The DOJ" hardheartedly pursuing Gates and Microsoft. What is wrong with this picture?? Microsoft puts "bread and butter" on how many people's tables in the USA? Both directly and indirectly? Microsoft pays big time taxes while law-breaking "Hair Ball Politicians" like Packwood, Rostenkowskie & friends are seemingly allowed to slide into obscurity instead of the Defendant's Seat. Again, what's WRONG with THIS picture??

Can Ms. Reno and the DOJ be _that_ hungry for the headlines?? I hope not. But if such is the case, let her resign! She'll get plenty of headlines. If it wasn't for Gates and Microsoft, chances are, we'd be saddled up and stuck with an operating system and hardware totally imported from and fully controlled by Japan! Clinton can't seem to get to first base with Japan on the balance of trade.. yet his "Attorney General" is feverishly trying to stomp on the most recent proof that the USA does indeed "have what it takes" and that the "American Dream" is very much alive. That is, until Reno & Co get hold of it. Why?? What is the real reason?? It cannot be attributable to a "government afraid of being "bought out" by Gates". Sure, we've heard plenty of jokes about that one but in reality, its just that ..a joke.

Could one of the major causes of the MS's persecution be the crying and lamenting of Microsoft's lame duck competitors? You bet!! Can you imagine if those who are so busy crying and groveling put as much positive energy and goodwill into their research and development as they do their snitching and crying?? They'd be busy putting an end to the US Trade Deficit, balancing the US Budget through increased tax revenues while gleefully running to their banks with the profits.

Then.. we regretfully find we are now blessed with Amato, Mr. Purity, proclaiming all kinds of lily white.. oh, so pure postures. Amato's a confirmed clown who, periodically, has to apologize publicly for his unprofessional "off the wall" actions. And then there's Exon and friends.. He and his buddies are gonna clean up the Internet. They haven't a clue concerning what the Internet is really all about. What these "do-gooder", "wanna make a name for themselves" politicos should be doing is CLEANING UP THEIR OWN HOUSES!! Then and only then should they begin to worry about the houses of others.

Seems ..the various proposed actions against the net managed to grab some national headlines so... along come the rest of the "spotlight leeches", the "Johnny Come Lately's"! They all want some of the spotlight. Including Mr. Bitterness, (I wanna be President!), himself!! None other than; Robert (Screw Hollywood!) Dole! Anybody notice how "alone" he's appeared publicly in the last month or two?? His cheap shots at Hollywood and its Stars finished him REAL FAST. And thankfully, not too soon too! This fine, upstanding senior statesman doesn't know the "Internet from a Hairnet"!! But now, while basking in the spotlight of today's events.. He's "gonna re-write the rule book" on; "morals on the net", "accessing the net", "telecommunications and the net" and finally, more.. de-regulation of the monopolistic cable and phone companies so "they can offer competitive rates with more and better services". Right Bob.. Not everyone is a confirmed "pineapple" as you seem to think. What interests in these companies have you? Which.. company will you be appointed an officer in when your term is mercifully over?

Imagine this for a second folks, they are gonna protect the US citizenry from moral abuse via the Internet! Who? In heaven's name, do they think they are kidding besides themselves?? I say let 'em know with telegrams, E-mail, netmail, faxes and voice calls that we'd rather they protected each and every one of us and our children from the huge flow of illegal drugs, both prescription and recreational, pouring into this country!! Protect us from the hordes of illegal aliens taking jobs away from US citizens desperately wanting to work! Protect us from the outrageously lopsided international trade flow both in Europe and the Pacific Rim!! Finally... Protect us from those on "The Hill" who wish to re-write The Bill of Rights! Enough is enough!! Tell them loud and clear ..let's tackle the REAL THREATS! The threats to the prosperity, peace, safety and serenity of the citizens and taxpayers of USA! Instead of trying to "create an "imagined threat" so the "real deal" can be ignored tell them to do their jobs or, we'll vote in those who can and will. Yes sir, we'll _all_ diligently remember each and every one of them in the NEXT GENERAL AND PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION.

Maybe.. Ross Perot is right. Perhaps.. we genuinely do need another political party in the USA. A party that's by and for the people. One that'll be stand-up and truthful. One that will sincerely have the entire constituency at heart. Finally, a party that will defend the Constitution with all its heart and soul instead of trying to re-write it in an attempt to satisfy selfish temporary goals!

This Great Nation's birthday celebration is coming up fast.. I hope and pray the three branches of our government, Executive, Legislative and Judicial, from the President on down .. feel and positively respond to the gentle nudge of the patriotic wake-up call only The Fourth of July can bring. Please gentlemen and ladies, no more rhetorical B.S., let's get the country back on track. It should be the US Government by and for the US Citizens. Not the convoluted way it seems to be today.


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