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From the Editor's Desk...

Is Florida's Gov. "Jeb" Bush representing The People or, his "Cronies"?

For the last few months... most individuals in NE Florida who held an interest in the political and judicial communities kept an eye and an ear on the Governor's Office and the appointments being made to the fourth judicial circuit.  So far, "Jeb" Bush (Republican) has proven to this reporter that he has learned his back room patronage lessons well. He certainly is proving he is a Freshman Politician.... no, he's simply a babe in the woods.

Bush has unceremoniously glossed over some of the most highly qualified candidates to ever grace and gain the approval of the nominating committees.  Yet we have consistently seen "Jeb" Bush go with the "party line" appointing the selections of the power brokers and political Whigs of this area.  This last round, was a shock to most with the appointment of a relatively unknown.  Unknown until that is, one discovers the unknown is a law partner of a very well known and highly placed politician both in Tallahassee and the State.  How odd, that certain individuals in the area projected this outcome weeks ago.  My, my how well oiled the hinges are on the back door to "JEB'S" office.

Its pretty sad... actually, it is downright disgusting to see superbly qualified nominees passed over again and again because of IOU BS Politics.  So far, "Jeb" Bush has managed to alienate huge segments of voting blocks in north Florida because of his obvious total disregard of the wishes of interested parties, constituents, colleagues and taxpayers by allowing himself to be "led by the nose"! Led (easily by all outward appearances) by the political power mongers of NE Florida.

The worst part is Governor "Jeb" Bush wants folks to believe he is pro-minority as far as judicial appointments go but in the headlines he and his Republican Buddies are feverishly trying to kill Affirmative Action.  Who is this guy trying to kid??  The headlines claim he has admonished the various Nominating Committees around the State for not approving more blacks and females.... DUH....  Which way "Jeb?"  AFFIRMATIVE ACTION or Truly Qualified? Bush obviously cares less about the public's faith in the Judicial Process and more about taking care of his buddies. One question screams for an answer... When is the professionalism returning to the Governor's Office and the Arrogant "Watch my Smoke and Mirrors" attitude leaving?

Which is it to be Governor "Jeb" Bush??? The qualified professional or, the TOKEN and favors owed method.. It appears you are trying to populate the Judicial System with a bunch of "near misses?" We ARE talking about the State's Court System not some obscure ecological committee plum! 

Certain of "Jeb" Bush's more recent Judgeship appointments scream for explanation if not rectification.  Like the appointment of his buddy Tom to the Chair of the State's Regents Board.... is that appointee really qualified?  Sure he is... politically.. but certainly NOT Educationally! That's only the tip of the Iceberg. In NE Florida, its easy to cite at least 3 appointed Judgeships that are highly questionable. Starting with the most recent in the Fourth Judicial District. The MOST qualified?  Baloney!

Here in Duval County, Jacksonville, Florida.... We have a "Boy Wonder" for Mayor and now by performance.... ,(By the way "Jeb", Mayor John Delaney attended and offered support for the preservation of Affirmative Action Rally held here in Jacksonville this past week.).   ...Sadly, it appears we have another... "Boy Wonder" as Governor!

To think I was a registered Republican for years.... but then, in those days Republicans in the south didn't act like they were throwbacks to the "real carpetbaggers" sucking up every political morsel and favor within reach.  I honestly believe that Bush has personally set back Judicial Wisdom and Progress in North Florida to that of the early sixties.  We are, by Bush's performance, back to "Pork Barrel" politics.  I had thought Bush would possibly bring refreshing, forward thinking, concepts to the State Capitol... Lord knows I was wrong.  Instead, he brought or, was won over by, a carload of influence peddlers, power brokers and "wheeler-dealers" who seemingly have no regard for the wishes of the voters and taxpayers of the State of Florida.  Thanks "Jeb" I just knew you wouldn't let me down when I told folks you'd "BUSHwack" the State of Florida.

Lord help this Nation if his brother George W. Bush become the next President.  Please folks, if you have any common sense left for politics, remember how the Republicans forged ahead with the impeachment stampede regardless of how the majority of voters and taxpayers exclaimed to not go on with the impeachment.  Its fairly obvious the Republicans think that once they are elected they can do whatever they wish.  "Jeb" has proven that to us in Florida and Daddy George H. Bush proved that to us with the rape of the Monroe Doctrine to suit his designs in trying to use Military Glory to win re-election. There is no doubt in my mind that if elected George W. Bush will do the same as Daddy and brother "Jeb" only with a greater flair and gusto.  So much so that history will never, ever forget George W. Bush.

I could be wrong... I don't think so... If you think I am... by all means, let me hear from you. You can also reach us via Email or our very own newsgroups.  Simple point your newsgroup reader to and you'll be there.



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