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From the Editor's Desk...

Biting the Hand...

The President wants everyone on the net....  That's a commendable want.

Let's look at reality.  We have unscrupulous ISPs who are capable of everything from false advertising to gouging at every opportunity.  I see it locally.. ISPs who offer free access, unlimited access and of course, the greatest hustle of all; free computers. 

Clinton had better take a good look at the BIG picture before he tries to get the program in gear.  The ISPs, from the smallest to the biggest, must be brought into step.  How would you like to pay $2000.00 per month for a single connection to the net?  That's roughly the cost of a T1 connection (two wires).

Then we have the Cable Geeks with their "Surfboards" and sales pitches.... its a simple networking interface or terminal adapter.  Yet the Cable companies are decreeing a homeowner may have only ONE computer connected blah blah.....

Can you imagine an average American Household with a cable modem, DSL etc..... Dad is doing things remotely with his business, his son needs to do some research for his homework, mom is busy finishing the genealogy study of the family on his side, his daughter is very upset waiting to use her email.... etc..  Yet the cable company wants to charge dear old Dad for each computer connection in his own home!  The GOUGE is on. 

Then comes the telephone company making excuses as to why they cannot provide reliable high speed connections 56k, DSL, ADSL, T1 etc. in your neighborhood.  Its always the other guy's neighborhood that has the ok lines for the high speed stuff..... but they're working on it and it'll be RSN (Real Soon Now) in your area. You'd probably get "carrier pigeon" service faster!

All sound too familiar?  Well Mr. President... you want what done by when? Commendable all very commendable.  But, in real time, its almost impossible unless, of course, the government takes it all over! We really don't want that to happen as it will kill the value or your telecommunications stocks and bonds and take three times as long as all the Government Control Freaks establish themselves in the ever present bureaucratic quagmire.

Its time the users established consumer unions in each of their cities, and linked those consumer unions together via the net, mail and whatever other means needed to unify and make themselves heard.  The "Netizens" of this country and the world have really taken a beating at the hands, feet and clubs of the ISPs and Telephone Companies for far too long. Stand up and be counted.

I could be wrong... I don't think so... If you think I am... by all means, let me hear from you. You can also reach us via Email or our very own newsgroups.  Simple point your newsgroup reader to and you'll be there.

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