As I See It


Sadaam's in the hoosegow, Bush is # 1, Dean is still making funny noises, the nation's elderly are being screwed and Congress is still a circus act of sorry clowns.


an Editorial by Ralph F. Mariano 12-29-03

Sadaam Hussein is captured and the first thing we hear from a certified Democrat goof is; Bush planned it this way to help in his re-election.  This birdbrain's actions can only forecast what many of US voters have been seeing for the last few years, from the local levels to the DNC..... the Democratic Party is falling apart.  Who's left, who's right and who is down the middle?  No one!  They're all fighting each other because of a sincere lack of genuine leadership.  Locally, we have a mediocre attorney running the Democratic Party.... my dog could easily do a better job.  This "leader" has shown, on more than one occasion... he'd rather play favorites than support the people who are asked to support their candidates.  This guy will ultimately pay the price for his back room shenanigans.

At the national level... Bush has certainly gained a country mile in voter approval.  The very things he said would come to pass are indeed happening.  Mind you, I am a registered Democrat and... at this point in time, I am ashamed to say so.  For years I was a Republican.... after Nixon's escapades.. I changed over.  I now feel like I went from the frying pan into the fire.  It will change.  I must admit that all the Democratic candidates except Edwards remind me of a who's who at the Who Cares Club.  Not one of the candidates stirs a shred of emotion in me... in fact, they're boring, their rhetoric is boring and their lack of tackling today's REAL issues is not surprising.  Some of them, never attacked the real issues while active in Congress... why should they start to do so now?

Howard "The Duck" Dean.... now there's a picture.  Ever watch him walk along?  You'll see what I mean.  But that is no reason to not care for him. Dean is an opportunistic buffoon who'll hang his hat on any issue that he hopes will give Dubya heat.  Any issue!  Dean speaks out of both sides of his mouth.  Ahhh..... but the best is yet to come.  He's been attending ventriloquist lessons, his next feat will be to speak with his mouth closed and blame someone else!  A vote for Dean is the same thing as speaking in a vacuum. Nothing. Nothing at all will be the result. 

Dean attacks Democrats, Republicans and all warm bodies in between.  In fact, Dean's management team reminds me of the now infamous Nixon Team... they're dangerous and obviously cannot be trusted.  Ask Joe Lieberman.  When Gore came out for Dean.... and double-crossed Lieberman I was mesmerized.  I sat there frozen in utter disbelief at the hypocrisy of it all.  Now, I see why the last Presidential election was blown ...jelly backs never win. 

My prediction is George W. Bush and the GOP will easily win the next election.  Simply because the Republicans are not busy sniping at each other and have in many cases, delivered the goods.  The Democrats are in such disarray, they appear like the old Max Sennet fire drills.

The only Democrat who really has any shred of true, solid credibility is Senator John Edwards (D) North Carolina. The DNC should be backing him instead of sitting on its hands seemingly cowering in the shadows watching the candidates cut each other to pieces.

Not much else to say, except Congress has, as usual, made a great deal of noise and accomplished very little thus far....  Our fervent hope is that Congress will wake up and start serving the taxpayers not just big business.  We need to see a stop put to outsourcing jobs overseas.  We need to see genuinely discounted prescription drugs for seniors. We must see a full effort supporting the development of non-fossil fuels for the Nation's everyday needs.  Personally, I don't believe the current members of Congress are capable of handling such responsibility let alone understanding what it really is and how much it will benefit every taxpayer/voter in the USA. 

Until next time,

A very Happy and Prosperous New Year to All.