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From the Editor's Desk...
Of Stampedes and Lemmings

New Year's Eve.... there are those who are literally "quaking" in their boots over what they think will occur at the stroke of midnight... there are others who've got their weapons at "the ready" just in case the events that unfold are catastrophic. 

Then there are folks like myself who think  of all the New Year's Eves gone by and the headaches the following morning from "too much celebrating" and have resolved the entire matter into one thought. 

That thought being, Happy New Year to all and let's rejoice in the fact that at our age.... we were lucky enough to even SEE the New Millennium come to pass.

Those who stockpiled dry foods and foods that need no cooking... that's great!  Now they have a very good excuse to go camping with the family this summer.  Call it an extension of the Millennium celebration.  Those with the weaponry... clean it and oil it down put it back in your locked cabinets and revel the in the fact another year going by increases its value.

Of course, I've deliberately saved the final grouping for last.  Why?  Easy! Because they are the most serious about the events of the turn of the century.  The Doomsayers... they're amazing, absolutely amazing!  The Apocalypse will be upon us... the Terrorists will Bomb us.  The Almighty will make us pay for our sins...All very interesting but highly unlikely. 

As for the religious slant, if God was inclined to exact his due... he needs no man made "date" to do so.  In that regard, I believe the religious slant (as I call it) is nothing more than another charlatan angle to grab money from the gullible flock.

For the Terrorist predictions.... ahhhh come on, think about it.  They may succeed in popping off a barn or a mailbox or even a major landmark... but what does it prove? On a major scale, ie., against the USA, it amounts to nothing more than a "punch in the nose".  However, the consequences the terrorists will endure in the long haul are far greater and entirely resolute.

Now we must look at the latent virus plans around the nation that have been in place for quite some time.  Virii that are set to trigger at the stroke of midnight or, 24 hours to a few days later.  These are the incidents that, f they do occur, will be long remembered and tagged as the new warfare and weaponry.

Then comes what I believe is the genuine danger...  and sadly enough it comes from within...  Its the failures we shall see that are caused by incompetent systems administrators worldwide who've been put in place as; favors to a friend, a convenient promotion, a company or Gov't agency on the cheap or forced to endure incompetence due to "Affirmative Action" or any other token-like hiring and/or promotion practice or scheme used as a means to be politically correct. Politically Correct instead of at the cutting edge of technology.  We are at the precipice of learning just how costly such inane practices truly are. 

Our Governor James E. (Jeb) Bush (a Political Neophyte) is a wonderful example of this practice.  While he proclaims loudly and widely he want an end to Affirmative Action, he stampedes ahead (behind the scenes) and demands that his nominating committees, state-wide, must supply more "diverse" choices, gender and race being the focused choices.  To the trash heap with competence and qualifications.... let's be Politically Correct.   These practices are the going to prove to be the main causes of Y2K problems in the world and especially in the USA. Bimbos and Incompetents as Systems Administrators.

The Y2K problems will definitely manifest themselves as mostly innocent errors due to the dumbing down....  (less than qualified) of Admins.  We'll see goofy dates on statements, bills and due dates (ala Jacksonville Electric Authority here in Duval County)  wanna bet its because their admin is a friend of a friend and in place because of two reasons a) internal politics and b) the person appointed came cheap, much cheaper that a real Admin.  By the way, a top quality System Administrator comes in at approx.75 - 100g per year with stock options, retirement benefits etc., all (except the annual wage) may vary from the private to the public sector.

This folks, is the real danger of Y2K.  Companies and Government Agencies that are hamstrung by idiot CEO's and CFO's who demand everything on the cheap and enjoy bragging about how many minimum wage employees they have  (I actually overheard a few local prominent businessmen at a cookout doing just this.)... these goofs have lost grasp of reality.. they're counting their ducats but have lost sight of tomorrow.  That is, until it jumps up and bites them in the ass.  Tomorrow is here for the next few days... maybe even a week as the incompetence in the software admin world is exposed by a myriad of minor Y2K glitches and a few "impressive" instances.

One can only wonder at the creative excuses and blathering damage control we'll be "treated" to in the next few weeks.

I could be wrong... I don't think so... If you think I am... by all means, let me hear from you. You can also reach us via Email or our very own newsgroups.  Simple point your newsgroup reader to and you'll be there.

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