Lives for Oil Rights?

by Ralph F. Mariano, Editor - STReport Magazine

Why are we seeing this proliferation of reasons that make no sense?  Reasons like less than a dozen old, empty shells that could carry a chemical payload? Reasons like hearsay alluding to the creation of nuclear weapons that would never stand up in a US Court?  Reasons like babble coming from third parties about Iraq making weapons purchases from around the world?

Would the USA? I don't think so.

One can only wonder if the world and the USA would react the very same way if another powerful nation were to "Bully-Boy" the USA the way Bush & Co. are prodding, propagandizing and trying desperately  to stampede the country and possibly the world into WW III with the antagonizing of Iraq.  If the USA were being threatened on a daily basis, having its inner most national secrets forced into the open by UN mandate and being made to appear as the world's worst arch-enemy country, wouldn't we be busy posturing, purchasing/making weapons and putting forth an act of defiant defensiveness?  I think so. Should Iraq simply roll over and expose her soft under-belly?  Would the USA? I don't think so.

Must we, as a people, in the strongest, wealthiest nation the world has ever known be forced to endure an almost instant re-play of Daddy's games in the middle east?  Something is rotten, very rotten.

During the exercise called Desert Storm, Bush's father George H. Bush removed Iraq's troops from Kuwait, which by the way, was Iraqi territory until the Brits decided 50 some odd years ago to cut off a portion of Iraq and make a country called Kuwait.  More political bungling. Must our people and children pay for that mistake with their lives?  The west has been meddling in middle eastern affairs for almost the better part of one hundred years.  However, in the last fifty to 60 years the focus has been, either directly or indirectly focused on OIL.  Bush seemingly believes, do whatever it takes to be able to finagle the control of Iraqi OIL, it's flow, cost and distribution has been the bottom line cause of the majority of middle eastern problems.

What has Iraq done to the USA

Here we are... currently on the brink of invading Iraq to serve our purposes under the lofty guise of world peace and security.  What was Daddy's excuse for invading Panama and snatching its leader Manuel Noriega? (Instant replay of Daddy's Gems but on a much larger scale). What has Iraq done to the USA in the last ten years that can be solidly proven to both this country's taxpayers and citizens and the peace loving citizens of the world?  Has Iraq done wrong by having; Supplied the USA with Oil and tried to make a profit? Tried to take back Territory that was theirs (Kuwait) since biblical times?  Tried to preserve it's self-rule and sovereignty? Attempted to maintain its own security and prevent the constant badgering and meddling in its own affairs? If the shoe were on the other foot, the USA would be blazing away with all its firepower at any nation or nations attempting to foist their will upon the USA.  What makes the USA so different when it comes to all of the above?  You can ask George W. Bush and his cabinet of hawks.  All they can apparently see is military action.  Life is far too precious to be bartered away for anything. Not theirs and certainly not ours.

Must we see governments, once again, eat the flesh of their young in the name of world peace? 

Its fairly obvious that the world learned absolutely nothing from WWII..... how many millions were maimed, killed, murdered, bombed, shot and liquidated?  What have we, as a world of people learned?  Obviously, nothing ...for the same political nonsense is going on again.

Where's the Undeniable PROOF?

Iraq, as a nation, enjoys within its territory, vast oil fields containing the highest quality sweet crude oil in the world.  It is coveted by most every industrialized nation in the world and purchased by every nation in the world.  Is Bush & Co. truly pursuing Iraq for the eradication of Iraq's mystery A-Bombs? It's so far non-existent chemical weapons stockpile? Its sinister but not found huge biological weapons laboratories? So far, there has been little or no proof of any of these alleged weapons stockpiles yet we are told everyday they are threat to our nation and our safety.  Why? Because they have the OIL?  You bet!  And I might add, to have "Sonny-Boy" finish, in the world's eyes ....that which "Daddy"  left undone.  The destruction of Sadam Hussein's government and the installation of a US Puppet government under the veil of democracy. All for the ever so precious Iraqi OIL.

The Intelligence Community that let the country down on 9-11

Bush should be told in no uncertain terms; "back off your War stance and threats", allow Iraq and the UN inspectors all the time needed to prove, one way or another, if any of the allegations of the US Intelligence community..... the very Intelligence Community that let the country down on 9-11. So far, all Bush has managed to do is satisfy the appetites of those seeking revenge for 9-11 by bombing Afghanistan, dispersing the Al-Queda and driving Osama Bin Laden deeper underground.  He did not succeed in Bin Laden's capture, he did not succeed in truly installing democracy in Afghanistan, (the Tribal Chieftains still rule) but...... he has managed to have hundreds of US young people killed over there along with thousands of innocents living in Afghanistan.

Now , our attention is diverted to Iraq. I ask again more pointedly, Must we, as a nation, eat our young in the name of profitable oil acquisition and distribution?

George W. Bush is convinced we must do so.  He has already disrupted tens of thousands of lives in the USA by this ongoing deployment.  Mothers worry constantly if their sons or daughters will come home alive and well.  Is this what it is all about? To be born, grow up, enter marriage, have children for our bloodthirsty government under the likes of the Bush clan to send them off to be killed?  I don't think so.... do you?

"There will be a New World Order"

Come on Dubya,  back-off!  Let the World's politicians do their thing and allow our kids to live.  Enough Hawkish propaganda, enough high principled rhetoric and enough jack-boot tactics in Washington DC. Perhaps Daddy Bush was right.... when after Desert Storm, he proclaimed "There will be a New World Order" (hmmm who else in history said that?)  A new world order alright, according to Bush and his hawks. Stop trying to salvage a lousy Presidency, a lousy economy and a Presidency that has limited civil liberties more than at any time in US history with anti-terrorism, magnanimous military actions and flag waving.  The USA should be a partner in preserving World Peace and economic stability not a vicious bully dictating how the World's population should govern themselves and live their lives.