What World is Bush Living In?

An Editorial by R.F. Mariano 01/01/03

In a time when its not easy to see the subtle differences in political and diplomatic expressions, the North Korean Government has made it abundantly clear it is ready willing and able to take on the USA and its allies. Iraq, on the other hand, has repeatedly conceded to UN demands for inspections, peaceful means of ending the Bush vs. Sadam soap opera and has indicated in every way possible that they want a peaceful end to the situation. But George insists upon drawing the specter of Iraq into a bloody conflagration. Personally, I believe Dubya is trying to do "Daddy" a favor and finish what "Read my Lips" left undone.

Dubya, smart money sez; leave the mid-eastern pimple to Israel and pay far more attention to the exploding situation in the far east a place called "The Korean Peninsular".

Dubya "doublespeak"

Meanwhile, at the same time, Bush is telling the US and the World that Korea is "less of a threat than Iraq", that "If Iraq attacks the USA first, it will cripple the US Economy". What? Did I hear that correctly? Am I properly comprehending what Dubya just said? Or, is this more of the grandiose, Dubya "doublespeak"?

No, George... Truth is, North Korea can shut our economy down as quickly as throwing a light switch.

North Korea sits with confirmed Nukes "ready to go". North Korea has ICBMs that are capable of hammering Japan into oblivion. North Korea has told the USA to "buzz off" and has clearly stated that they are ready to annihilate the USA if they invade. What's this from Korea; a friendly invitation to a "Texas Barbecue"?? I see it as a clear and deadly threat to the USA. Not only that drearies, but think of this for a moment or two.... huge crowds of South Koreans are filling the streets protesting that we should get our military out of South Korea, that we should get out of their affairs and that they want a unified Korea. Interesting, since their economy is largely based on the vast quantities of automobiles, textiles, computer electronics and electronics of all descriptions that's marketed and distributed throughout the world and especially in the USA. Iraq can hurt our economy? Not a chance. Korea can literally shut down the US economy overnight.

 If Dubya were to take a real stand in the Korean Emergency, he'd fall flat on his face

Then comes the third scenario.... China has already begun tightening the thumbscrews on Hong Kong with new arch-conservative legislation concerning civil liberties but we all expected that. Here's the point though, the USA's economic contributions to China's gross national product have been nothing short of spectacular. That is, in the eyes of democratic, capitalistic viewpoints. Its obvious to others, possessing a non-capitalistic view, this is just short of "buying peace" with the Chinese. The bottom line is this; if Dubya were to take a real stand in the Korean Emergency, he'd fall flat on his face.

The USA is caught between a rock and hard place in the Korean situation.

The USA is caught between a rock and hard place in the Korean situation. China knows this, Korea knows this and Japan, who also knows this is, at this time, appearing like a single blade of grass in a vast muddy plain agonizingly twisting in the political winds. Japan is in big trouble strategically speaking.  Korea has made it abundantly clear as to how it feels about Japan. Korea still holds a great deal of hatred toward the Japanese for what occurred during WWII.  If the USA were to become pre-occupied with chastising North Korea, China will flow into Taiwan like a cloud of locusts and Korea will devastate Japan under the guise of neutralizing US forces in Japan the minute we take any military action against Korea... Any action against North Korea will take on far greater ramifications than any useless, retaliatory or clean-up actions in Iraq.

In summation, I respectfully submit that Dubya has got it backwards....... Or, he is conceding that the USA cannot, at this time, wage full time efforts on two major fronts.  The truth is, it is KOREA that can shut-down the US Economy with as little effort as flicking a light switch. Sadam Hussein and Iraq can do the USA no more harm than the current administration has.  Oil sources from other nations and our northern regions can counterbalance anything Iraq has in mind.

Someone had better take another hard look and wake up

George had better have another look at his foreign policy, it appears seriously flawed or, Dubya is sorely misinformed by Daddy's old buddies at the CIA.  We cannot and must not allow our fear of the loss of Iraqi oil flow to divert our attention from the real threat to the USA and it's economy.  Something is not quite right with the picture coming from the President and his advisors.....  Korea is definitely out to push the USA out of the Far East and is in a position both strategically and politically to do so.  The USA had better wake up.