Councilman wants to close clubs at 2am

The City of Jacksonville may pull the plug on Jacksonville's late night life.

Sure, and doing it shortly before the Superbowl arrives is brilliant thinking for the future.  We'll never see another National function here if the City pulls in its sidewalks shortly after midnight!

City Council Member Lake Ray is pushing to shut down all 12 Rave Clubs in the area and force all other bars and clubs to close by 2am.

Ray says many of your kids are hanging our in the wee hours of the morning, drinking and taking drugs. If that isn't bad enough, he says that leads to even greater problems.

Lake Ray, "Some of these problems include murder, parking lots full at 3 and 4 in the morning. People hyped up on drugs and going into the neighborhoods."

Many clubs stop serving at around 1:45 am, but owners say they keep the doors open to let people dance and sober up. If they shut down, club owners say people will simply take the party somewhere else.

The ordinance will go before the Council's Public Service and Health Committee Monday, November 4th at 2:30pm



An editorial opinion by R. F. Mariano - 10/22/02

A losing proposition.....

Is this do-nothing council critter for real or, is he another, in a long line, of those in dreamland seeking to make a name for themselves regardless of the cost to themselves, the Council and the taxpayers?

From proposals of an ordinance about Swimming Pool Inspections..... to an ordinance proposing about how many pets one may have.... we find our current council members quagmired in a sea of frivolous non-sense.  When is the City of Jacksonville going to have a City Council that represents ALL of the taxpayers and voters intelligently?

Here come the Blue Laws Again

Now, we find another "bright eyed and bushy tailed, political professional" jumping up using the City Council as a sound stage.  A stage to foist upon the taxpayers and voters all sorts of grandstanding-like propositions of ill-thought out ordinances that will throw this city back 20 years in growth factor.  Sure, close ALL the clubs & bars at 2:am.  What's next?  Close all package stores on Sundays and then perhaps make sure they're closed at midnight Saturday night to make certain they are not open during any part of Sunday!  How ridiculous is all this nonsense going to become before someone wakes up to the fact its election time and these do-nothing politicians are trying to save their cushy, fact finding Chits, big moneyed, egomaniacal positions.

Is the City Council really doing its job?  Are the various grandstanding council critters making sure the taxpayers and voters know exactly what's going on in the city?  I don't think so.  When was the last time anyone heard any council critter raise sand over the privatization of just about every city service imaginable?  Can we truly afford privatization?

Privatization is the TRUE Enemy

Privatization has practically bankrupted a number of rather well known cities around the world.  Must Jacksonville be next?  Remember the very basic concept of government.  Government begins as a group of people who band together to form a governing body for their community.  They institute taxes within that community so their new government is able to fund itself and operate in an efficient manner.  The concept is.. a number of community members become employed by that government.  Thus, the tax dollars collected by that government that are designated for wages and services are traditionally funneled back into the community creating a positive cycle of cash flow.  This enables the community to thrive and prosper. 

Privatization may initially appear to save government money..... but the true picture is plain to see. Privatization pushes the economic strength of that community out of the area and into the coffers of privately owned corporations in other communities thus breaking the positive cycle of cash flow supporting the government.  The end result is deficits and tax increases to cover the losses.  Do you the reader, really believe Privatization is in Jacksonville's best interests?  I don't and anyone I have asked is totally shocked to learn our tax dollars are leaving both the City and the State because of privatization!

Council Critters Should Answer These Hard Questions

These are some basic but very serious questions to be asked of this City Council.  A City Council that's so busy proposing goofy ordinances to correct situations we already have laws on the books for. 

  • There is a curfew law that, if enforced, will ensure our younger generations are off the streets at a decent hour.  What do we need with this goofy, close at 2:am Ordinance?

  • Why haven't the very same grandstanding council critters who are jumping up with this awful attention getting proposal ever brought the truth out about privatization? 

  • Will any of the proceeds from the "Better Jacksonville Plan" be used to fund privatization contracts awarded to out of county, state & country private corporations?

  • Why is it the City Council was a "Do Nothing" Council for the last two years, except for highly expensive junkets organized to observe what other cities were doing?

  • How about an ordinance against goofball city council critters who waste taxpayer's time and money with frivolous Ordinance Proposals like Swimming Pool Police and Pet Ownership Cops and now, best of all in frivolity, Close the City's night life down at 2am? 

  • We have an extremely professional and very capable Police Department let them work with the late night establishments in cleaning the problems up.  After all, that's the Police Department's Job!!  Group punishment was a favorite of the Nazis must we do that too?

  • Who in the dark corners of City Government is really benefiting from all the brain-dead frivolity?  Who stands to make the most of stringent, ill-thought out ordinances that will most assuredly constrict the growth of Jacksonville Florida, which is, by the way, the fastest growing city in the south.

  • Could it possibly be someone, somewhere in this city stands to make a bundle operating "after hours" private clubs?  What's the real reason for this abrasive and equally abusive proposal?

  • When are the City's lawmakers going to rise to the fact Jacksonville is no longer a small, one horse town?

  • Ten years from now, will the current council critters be remembered as forward thinking, bright minded lawmakers and planners or horseblindered ninnies who tried their very best to bankrupt this city in every possible way one could imagine?

Let's get back on track....  This is the year 2002..... Let's start thinking of the future of The City of Jacksonville and ALL its taxpaying citizens.  It's time Lake Ray woke up .... the sky isn't falling and we do not want "disguised marshal law" in the city of Jacksonville.

Mr. Ray please propose something worthwhile, like an audit of the entire privatization effort going on in Jacksonville.... is it really benefiting the city?  Or, will the Boy Mayor be miffed at you for doing so?  Weren't he and you roomies in college?  Can you separate professionalism from good old boy garbage?  The City Council should be deeply monitoring the development progress and application of the monies collected on behalf of "The Better Jacksonville Plan".

What about the deal where the NEW Proposed Multi-million dollar Downtown library is already inadequate?? Why is an annex needed when the new library is not done yet?  What's the big secret? Does not enough room for the books come to mind??  The trucks cannot deliver to the new library?  Or, is it some more wonderful good old boy politics.... who did the city BUY that downtown property from and for how much?  Who is getting paid by the city to use or buy this now very necessary "annex"? I say the gouge is on... and the City Council is looking the other way.