When Will the US House & Senate Begin Representing the People?


At This Time, The RIAA Seems to be Running the US Government!

An Editorial Opinion 10/16/02
by Ralph F. Mariano

The alarm bells went off over two years ago.. but the goofs in Washington were to busy sucking up to the Presidential Campaigns in progress. We saw the very same knee jerk reactions by the RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America) and the MPAA (Motion Picture Association of America) a decade ago over the introduction of the Video Cassette Recorder.. They cried "it will kill the industry, it will put the entertainers out of work and it will stop artistic creativity".. Oh my, talk about "The Sky is Falling"... how very wrong they were back then and now in 2002, they are dead wrong again.

The Borg of Berman

The various efforts under way in the US Congress stink of political corruption and back room scheming. Today, for example we discover a particularly offensive Bill governing Net Radio before the Senate was passed in the House after it was introduced at 6:30PM. Incredible!! 6:30pm??? That is Dinner Time! Was it passed by a majority of two? Why was this crippling special interest Bill, written by the RIAA, offered for a vote at such a ridiculous hour?  Easy because most Reps were gone and resistance was minimal, if not absent altogether.

A Cancerous Bill From Hell

Furthermore, why did this Bill grow from a single paragraph to over 28 pages in length? I'll tell you why.. The original single paragraph was virtually accepted by most all the members of the House.... but when it went up for a vote at 6:30pm the benign single paragraph Bill had become a 28 page Bill with a raging, contagious, malignant cancer. A cancer called the RIAA and its manipulative millions of dollars available to buy its way into mainstream America and down the throats of every taxpayer in the USA.

US Taxpayers & Voters Shafted Again

The Net Radio Bill has a great deal more written into it by the RIAA sharpie lawyers than most members of the House and Senate are aware of.. Or, aren't they? Perhaps, in stark reality, the FIX is in. The Justice Department should investigate the campaign contributions made by the RIAA and the MPAA and reveal to the US taxpayers exactly who benefited by the extremely generous RIAA and MPAA contributions. Its been said many times that Rep. Berman and his cronies have been bought and paid for by these two heavily influential organizations. If such is the case, then the US Taxpayer & Voter has been shafted again by lousy, corrupt government.

The RIAA and the MPAA have been the driving force behind every punitive ironclad copyright bill ever introduced and passed by the Congress in the last 15 years. Must the Congress prove time and time again it is bought and paid for by the RIAA and the MPAA?? We see people in jail, on trial and constantly threatened by the new laws passed, within the last two years. Bad laws that obviously ignore the majority of US Taxpayers and favor a minority, well moneyed and powerful pair of political action organizations have been passed time and time again.  Why?

Broadcasters and Artists Unite!

Whatever became of a Government For, Of and By the People? Sure its still there, in principle, but in reality, throughout the last decade it has become a facade, a false front to ease the taxpayer's concerns that the US Government is representing only those who continually contribute heavily to the individual congressional members' campaign coffers and God only knows what else. We are about to see thousands of small WebCasters the world over get shot between the eyes by these crooked politicians. Where and when is it all going to end? Easy.... With broadcasters and Artists united against the RIAA and the MPAA because they too, find it impossible abide by or support them.

He Who Has the Gold, Makes the Rules

The entertainment industry's artists have been forced to contribute to these two political bullies for decades. The amount of money the RIAA and the MPAA have to "play" with is both vulgar and indecent. The money these two cancerous beasts have at their disposal gives them the power to well, almost do as they please including manipulate the US Government through CASH influence in the US Congress. There are roughly 56 elected members of the US Government who appear is if they are completely in the pockets of the RIAA and the MPAA. This is against all principles upon which this country was founded. It's time the people, the media and the responsible Federal Investigative Agencies got involved, in every possible way, to put an end to the corruption.

Justice Blind?

The RIAA and the MPAA are breeders of political corruption and perfect examples of legal extortionists. They take from the public's pockets in thousands of ways, they take from the artists in the most vulgar of insidious ways and they take away the Bill of Rights from every taxpayer in this country. Is Justice that BLIND? You bet!!  Justice investigated Hoffa and the Unions, now its time to investigate Rosen/Valenti and their Unions!

Money, Greed and Power!

Corruption is easy! Sit a man at a desk across from a huge mirror, he'll remain honest as long as he can see himself in the mirror, along comes the RIAA and MPAA who begin stacking up cash in front of the guy, until all he sees is the cash. That's what's its all about folks. Money, Greed and Power.

Let them feel the pain of those they exploit.

One thing is for sure we, the taxpayers and users of the internet will not forget the goofs who voted these awful bills into law when it comes to re-election time. These crooked, money sucking slobs should and will be voted out. They then must be thoroughly investigated and if the allegations are true, lose their Gov't pensions and be fined enough to be reduced to working class taxpayers. Let them feel the pain of those they exploit.

Berman and the rest of the RIAA/MPAA gang in Congress... should not only be investigated now, they absolutely have to go! They have demonstrated they would rather RESENT the taxpayers than REPRESENT the taxpayers. They have disgraced the US Government.