About Those Awful Apple Ads.....

An editorial by Ralph F. Mariano

Those "testimonial" ads from Apple.. currently running on TV.... they are about as accurate as daily weather predictions offered by The Three Stooges. Why is it, the dead and too stupid to lay down, "wonderful" Apple outfit is being allowed to put forth such blather and not get pulled up for doing so? Are there people in the state and federal regulatory agencies governing truth in advertising ..who own Apple Stock? Sure looks that way.  Maybe.... the fix is in.

Saved Christmas with an Apple

In the ads, one goof sez she "saved Christmas with her digital camera and her Apple". Saved Christmas?? Could it possibly be her "father" was a computer idiot and didn't know where to insert his USB, Firewire or serial connector? And then she calmly says they had to search, unsuccessfully,  for a driver... where'd the father get the camera at a flea market with no docs and no driver CD? Or, was the camera hot?

Can't draw without an Apple

Another sez "he couldn't do graphics files with his PC...." what a goof! Adobe Photoshop, long a mainstay with the Apple platform almost went broke trying to support itself in the Apple arena and ultimately came out with a PC version years ago... it works quite well on Windows systems and.... has more bang for the buck than half an Apple can offer. Not to mention the fact that the PC version does everything the Apple version does and does it better.

Its time this "look & feel suit happy outfit" was called on the carpet for these offensive ads. To mislead the consumer is tantamount to committing suicide. Apple needs a new ad agency or a new marketing goof.... whichever comes first. Ultimately, Apple's stockholders will suffer.

Shame on you Apple

An ordinary PC costs about 1/3 the price of an Apple and will do anything an Apple can do. I might add, in most cases, do it better and for less money. There is approximately 1000 times the software titles available for PC's than Apple can ever dream to have available.  Who is Apple kidding besides themselves? The first time buyer that's who. This type of buyer will fall prey to such outrageously misleading ads. But only one time. Shame on you Apple.

The apple never falls far from the tree

Besides which, Apple is still painting themselves into a corner with their goofy independent OS and heavily copyrighted design. Its foreign to all other computer systems. They will, eventually go the way of the Commodore Pet, Trash 80, Atari ST, TT030 and Commodore Amiga. It'll become a fond memory of days gone by. Of bucks down the drain for a paper weight.

Time for the truth to be known

PC's are the most affordable computer in the world and Apple's are among the most expensive. Yet they have the least to offer.. you can't "skin" the OS, You can't modify the OS, You can't customize the desktop without Apple screaming lawyer.... Apple wants extra money for most every above the OS function one would desire. All accessories for Apple computers have their prices jacked up just like the Apple does. Why not? If Apple can pull the wool over the consumer's eyes at will, why shouldn't the accessory markets be allowed to do so?

If one were to compare component to component from the simplest capacitor to the CPU chip, (Central Processor Chip) one would find just how short changed the consumer is. It borders on criminal malfeasance.

Ego satisfaction factor?

Apple has nothing to really offer the consumer in the way of added value when compared to a PC other than a highly inflated price tag. Unless of course, you are an egomaniac willing to pay a higher price for the same hardware found in a PC for bragging rights.

P. T. Barnum was right.... "There's one born every minute". Suckers that is.